Fairy Tale ‘Beauty and Beast’

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Beaumont wrote the famously known fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast.” Throughout the story, both Beauty and Beast try to find true love, in fact, it risks the life of Beauty. Beast was thought of as an ugly monster to everyone that he once knew or knew at the time in the story. However Beast still found that Beauty had a strong love for him; despite his ugliness. The fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast” teaches readers that everyone, no matter what they look like or what reputation they may have, they can still attempt to be successful in their journey to fulfill their dreams.

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“Fairy Tale ‘Beauty and Beast’”

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Beauty’s father, the Merchant, goes out to find work after his wealth was terminated. He ran into Beast whilst roaming the forest. Beast states: “One of your daughters must come live with me.”(Beaumont. 184) He chooses the youngest and the prettiest, Beauty. Beast was a ‘Monster’ to all of the realms. Towards the end of the tale, both of Beauty’s sisters watch Beauty in awe as she mourns over Beast as he lay dying in the tale. However, Beauty and the Beast do end up marrying on another despite the dreadful looks of Beast. Many can relate this story to many everyday events happening right in front of everyone.

This story could actually be used to encourage teens and children to never give up on their dreams, no matter how hard they may be. In the tale, Beast seemed to have never given up on his quest to find true love. It was a hard and narrow path to get to love, due to his looks and lack of women that he respected. He eventually succeeded in his quest and married Beauty. Another similarity is someone trying to find true love even. Again, Beast tries to find love, he did end up finding love.

In today’s life, teens and children give up on their dreams when they find that the path leading to success is too hard for them to complete it. Beast’s path to true love was similar, his path was narrow and hard, but he still was successful. One quote from the story,” No dear Beast; you must not die, you must live to be my husband.”(Beaumont. 191-192) This states that even Beauty was supporting Beast in a way to show that she really loves him. Others teens can support each other to help them succeed in their path to fulfill their dreams. Not only can you relate real life, but some can also relate it to another fairy tale.

In the fairy tale, the ‘Princess and the Frog,’ is a relatable story to the tale by Beaumont. In a similar fairy tale, the Frog is considered to be the monster, and the princess kisses him turning her into a frog as well. Basically, they find their true love. Princess thinks that the frog is a nasty bug, but ends up kissing him anyway. This is similar to Beauty finding Beast to be a horrific creature, she lives with him in a trade essentially, and they end up marrying and living forever. Beast is a monster, similar to the frog leading up to the kiss in the Princess and the Frog. Beauty and the Princess kind of fall into the same category, even though Princess turned into another frog, her and Beauty still found true love.

Beauty and the Beast can be almost relatable to one of my favorite movies, Super 8. In this movie, a monster antagonist gets released after a horrific train crash, leading to him killing almost every single known character in the movie. Then, two of the kids find the monster’s true will for killing everyone, it just wanted to go home. But it was a narrow path for the monster to find a home was too hard and almost impossible. However, he made it happen and was successful in the building of his ship and finding his way home.

Beast was similar to the monster in the movie, but it was trying to find a completely different thing besides home. He completed his journey finding true love when he finally got Beauty. He lived happily ever after with Beauty. The monster from Super 8 also lived after he completed his journey to find his home, just like Beast finding true love.

Beast does kind of relate to me. Similar to how he relates to today’s world. Beauty and Beast both have hard and difficult paths to find love. They didn’t give up until they found it. I have a lot of hard things in a certain path I want to pursue. However, I choose to never give up on anything that comes in my way to try to get me to give up and walk the bigger path with a lot fewer challenges. I never gave up on being successful at rifles, I started off terrible and found it to be too much work, I continued to work hard and I ended up being one of the best in the Nation.

People who would read this would more than likely claim that this is not a ‘love story’ or that my information and ideas are off topic with the story. Knowing some of my audiences’ choices to talk about, there is a whole lot of counter-arguments they could come at me with. How my proofreading is incorrect, my information is incorrect. I can come back with their counter-arguments with proven examples of my information I give. How Beast tries to marry Beauty and how much he really loves her. Even when Beast seems to be dying, Beauty still wants him to marry her even throughout all she had been through with him. “There she found Beast stretched out, quite senseless.” By Edmund Evans. (Beaumont. 192)

To recap, Beaumont knew about the work made and had a very good idea on what was being written. Overall Beauty and the Beast is a very good story. It is relatable to many other fairy tales and even some real life things. This story was and is very interesting and terrific to many things.

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