Quality of Analysis and Evaluation

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UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA (UiTM) FACULTY OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE AND POLICY STUDIES AM228 JULY- NOVEMBER 2010 MANAGMEMENT PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES (ADS460) INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT FORMAT OF THE SUBMITTED PAPER Front Cover – must have specific title of the assignment, name and matrix no. of students, lecturer’s name, name and code of the subject and date of submission. Written pages - Not More than 20 pages excluding 1st page, table of content and references. References - Must be more than 5 reference lists. These references can come from various sources e. g. books, journals, articles, etc. Please refer to the APA style of citing a reference. Whenever you quote from other’s work or draw ideas from previous studies, you must cite those works. Using other people’s ideas without giving acknowledgement to the original authors is called “Plagiarism”, an act to be avoided at all time. Language – British English. Students must make sure that all grammatical and typing errors are corrected before submission. Font type - (Times New Roman or Arial) Font Size - (12) Paragraph - (1. 5 spacing) Paper – use white, non-erasable bond paper, A4 size, 80 gm. Binding - (Comb) 1 Question for an Individual Assignment With reference to a chosen organization (local or international organizations), you are required to explain the extent in which the organization applies the concepts and theories of management in its operation. Requirements: 1. Write a short introduction (max 1-2 pages) describing the background of the organization; 2. In your report, you should as well include among others; a) The goal, objectives, mission and vision of the organization b) The organizational chart and its characteristics c) The organizational structure d) Communication flow in the organization e) The internal and external factors affecting the management of the organization (you may use SWOT or PEST analysis here) f) And any other elements of management practiced by the organization. Notes: 1) Marks will be given based in the quantity and quality of data/information gathered as well as quality of analysis and evaluation. GOOD LUCK! 2

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