Essay ‘Is War Ever Justified?’

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War inevitable brings death, destruction and suffering, which both ruin lives and nations. It all started when Germany invaded Poland, on september of 1939, that’s when France and Britain declared war against on Germany. War is justifiable because there are some countries that need more land or supplies like food and water, Germany needed more land for its people to survive.

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“Essay ‘Is War Ever Justified?’”

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North Korea is a communist rule due to the fact of the Korean war in 1950. Before this all happened the help of countries came along with North and South Korea. On June 25,1950, the North Koreans went with 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean army they passed across the 38th parallel. North and South singed a amendment to be separated the two countries. War is Justifiable because Countries get threatened by other neighbor Countries like North Korea is making threatens to the U.S.A. and Australia. The countries have to be ready to prevent a strike to the country like North Korea testing Nukes. Almost all the countries are at war these days just because they don’t like the laws, want to be a independent country or because of their leader. Also they go to war if they want to change their government from communism to democratic.

Another reason is if you have a dictator on your country. The Cold war started with the countries the soviet union and its allies against U.S.A and its western allies. Almost all the countries were against the Soviet Union. Also the U.S wanted the soviet union to be Democratic not Communist. The soviet Union won the cold war but they changed their nation name and their communist to democratic. This means that everyone was in peace.

Fascism is a political ideology that is led by a dictator, having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism.Fascism is often termed with nationalism and racism. The seeds of fascism were plated the aftermath of WW1 in italy. Bennito Mossolini would rise to power in the early 1920s as leader of the fascist party. In 1922 Italy was in political chaos, Mossolini declared he would restore if he gained political power. Fearing the civil war king victor emmanuel invited him mossolini to form a government, establishing as the world 1st Fascist dictator. War is justifiable because there are some countries that need more resoursers. Fascism rose throughout Mossolini, later gain more population with Hitler.

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