A Short History of the Korean War

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United States got involved beacuse they did not want communist to over grow. They were having problems with the Soviet Union so they joined the South to bet them. Truman, the President of the United States at the time was scared of the Soviet Union. The President called in the NSC-68. The NSC-68 was a military force to contain communist. The United States wanted peace, so they went to war. The United States wanted to move the communist out of South Korea, and back into North Korea

The Korean War had many different armed forces. Six-million soldiers fought on both sides. Three million communists came from the North. The North had Chinese and Russian soldiers in their side. South Korea had 3 million soliders. The South Korean army had soliders from United States, United Nation, and Australia. North Korean's army started with 200,000 soliders. The North fought against the South when they only had 100,000 soliders. The South had 1,100,000 solders when the North Korean's had 1,200,000. The Soviet Union had medical unit's sent for the North. Both countries kept training more troops druing the war time. Both armies would have the soldiers for so long and then would trade them out for new and ready troops. The replaced ones would rest and take a brake for awhile and then go back into war. United Nation's army would have their soldiers and air units get replaced after one year of fighting.

The Australian Air Forces 77 squadron served through the whole war, but they also replaced people. The Royal Austrailian Navy only served 6 months to a year for the whole war. Nine Austrailian ships were in the war, but they only had one at a time they never had more one. They took their time during the war to wait it out to see if it would end. Austrailian troops had 17,000 go into war, but they only let 4,000 soliders go out at a time to keep training the other soliders. At most time the South Korean army could barely hold their own because of how they were handleing the war. The South Korean's army had a lot of soliders and air units, but would only send as much as they needed just to hold them off.

One of the major battles during the Korean War was the First Battle of Soul. The First Battle of Soul was an attack on the South from the North. The North wanted to capture the capital. It started on June 25, 1950, the Soviet Union and China helped. They attacked is because they wanted to end the war fast.. The South Korean's destroyed the bridge that went over the Han river. They did this because they tried to stop the attack, but they killed a lot of their own. The North Korean's took over the South's capital in only three days.

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