Causes of the Korean War

For 3 years the Korean War was a savage and brutal mess with no means to an end. It all started on June 25 1950 when the communists invaded the capitalists. First, Japan and Russia were fighting for control over Korea. It then came to a stop when the Japanese empire fell on the 2nd of September in 1945. Instead of Korea being one as a whole they were split into 2 countries. South Korea being the capitalist side who was owned by the United States and North Korea being the communist side which was owned by the Soviet Union. While losing many lives in the process South Korea fought against North Korea’s attacks with the help of the United States.

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“Causes of the Korean War”

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In the beginning Japan and Russia were fighting for control over all of Korea. When Emperor Sunjong, the last Korean leader died. Japan took control over Korea for some time. The Japanese empire disassembled when world war 2 ended, Korea suffered during the cold war. This made Korea split into 2 spheres, in the center was the 38th parallel. The United States controlled the South of Korea while the Russians controlled the North. ( North Korea, China and the USSR).

Russia was heavily involved in the Korean war. Russia played a major role when it came to the invasion of South Korea. They came up with the strategic plan to invade as well as the diplomatic support to invade South Korea. Another thing the Soviet Union did was give them supplies to fight. They also supported North Korea by helping train the air forces of North Korea and China.There had been 400 United Nation aircrafts that were destroyed when the war came to an end. ( Korea: A History Of The North-South Split).

After the third day North Korea crossed the 38th parallel President Harry S. Truman sent in troops to help South Korea. There were American soldiers that were sent as well as British soldiers. Since the United States sent troops to help South Korea they have now officially joined the war. Truman lead the United States Air force to single out military zones in North Korea and bombed them. He also told the United States Navy to block off North Korea’s waterfront. (History Editors).

North Korea invaded South Korea on the 25th of June 1950. South Korea was caught off guard during this attack. North korea invaded and controlled most of South Korea. While this was happening, The United States demanded that the Security Council refer to the United Nations Charter. To show that North Korea invading South Korea was a means of invasion and thus deeming them as attackers. The North Korea was quickly invading South Korea, they were set on taking control of Pusan because of the resources and soldiers it’s providing to the war. (Michael Hickey)

For the three years the United States had spent in the war they have provided support for South Korea. Almost half of the support the United States were sending are ground forces. The rest were air forces or sea forces. Close to 55 thousand Americans had died when the war ended and more than 100 thousand had been injured. The amount of money that was spent on the war could possibly exceed 20 billion dollars.

In the end things were the same as it used to be. Half of Korea was owned by the United States and the other half by the Soviet Union. Many lives have been lost and The North and South Korea still do not like each other. (History Editors)

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