English Tragedy Script

Something said between love and regret Cast: Charles Ashley Jimenez as Nicholas Gomez Mary Catherine Zoleta as Eddielaine Mae Gomez Alessandra Camilo as Meredith Rivera Denise Dee De Jesus as Veronica De Leon Sigfreed Angeles as Darren Salvador Jay Lemuel Buenviaje as Officer Gordon Ramirez Samantha Bernal as Dra. Fiona Agura Patricia Abiog as Inday Badiday Tasks: Patricia Abiog as the scriptwriter/director/playwright/ Clothing and Wardrobe Alessandra Camilo and Mary Catherine Zoleta as props manager Charles Ashley Jimenez as Audio Visual Manager Samantha Bernal as Co Director Denise Dee De Jesus as Disciplinarian/Beta reader/Co Scriptwriter Jay Lemuel Buenviaje as Beta Reader/ Disciplinarian Sigfreed Angeles as group treasurer/ buyer of materials (Nicholas opens the door to the bedroom and flips on the light. He sees Eddielaine sitting on the bed, waiting for him to arrive. ) Eddielaine: You’re late. Why are you late? You usually arrive at 8:00 p. m. And from what I see, it is already 9:30. Where have you been for the past hour and a half? Nicholas: (closes the door. ) We had a business meeting. Eddielaine: Is that so? Well, I called your secretary a while ago and she said that you left at 7:30 p. . as usual. I also asked her if you had a meeting, and she said that you had none. So where have you really been? Nicholas: Alright. I went out to visit a friend…Happy? Eddielaine: Not really. Who is this friend? Because believe me, I phoned every friend I know you’re friends with, and they said that you weren’t with them. Nicholas: Alright, I had dinner with Veronica. Eddielaine: (stands up from the bed and points her finger at Nicholas. ) Veronica?! How dare you visit her! Nicholas: Why? Is it such a crime to have dinner with a friend? Eddielaine: I wouldn’t mind if you had dinner with one of your friends but Veronica?! You know how she wanted you back then! You know that she almost ruined our relationship! And yet you still have the guts to have dinner with her! Nicholas: Eddielaine, we just had dinner with one another…As friends. We just wanted to chat about things. Eddielaine: You probably consider her as a friend. But I know that she considers you as more than a friend. You know she loves you. You know she’s obsessed with you. And still you have dinner with her? I can’t believe this. I thought that you knew better. Nicholas: What is it with you and Veronica?! She is just a friend. Just. A. Friend. Get it? I would never have had dinner with her if I knew that something was going to happen. And believe me. Nothing happened. We just had dinner. Eddielaine: Then why do you have a lipstick mark on your cheek? Nicholas: I don’t know about that… (Turns toward a mirror. ) Eddielaine: (gasps) She kissed you! You! You…You…. You were having an affair! With her! I can’t believe this. Nicholas: No Eddielaine…I swear. We didn’t kiss. That lipstick mark probably got there when she gave me a kiss when we were going our separate ways. I swear I did not have an affair with her. Eddielaine: I…I have to go. I need to…clear my head or something… (turns toward the door and leaves. ) Nicholas: (angry) Women! When will she ever realize that Veronica is just a friend? (Curtains close. Curtains open. We see Eddielaine and Meredith in a bar drinking martinis. ) Meredith: Eddielaine, it has been a long time since you asked me to go to a bar with you. I thought that you didn’t go to bars anymore because you’re married? Eddielaine: I didn’t go to bars. I do now. I just found out that Nicholas is cheating on me. Meredith: With whom? Eddielaine: With Veronica. Meredith: (spits her drink) Veronica?! As in Veronica De Leon? The woman who almost broke your relationship a few years back? That Veronica? Eddielaine: Yup. That Veronica. Meredith: Whoa. No wonder you wanted to go to a bar. Eddielaine: Bestie…what am I going to do? I have no job, I quit it years ago when Nicholas told me that I didn’t have to…I have no family to go to, and my marriage is falling apart. The only person I can count on is you. I don’t want our marriage to fail. I still love Nicholas. I really do but…Veronica. (sigh) Veronica keeps on wrecking our marriage. Meredith: First thing you have to do is be strong. When your marriage falls apart, remember that you can still count on me. I can help you of course. But for the time being, don’t focus on what you are going to do when your marriage falls apart. Focus instead on the things you have to do to keep your marriage from falling apart. Eddielaine: You speak as if doing that is easy. Well, it’s not. Meredith: I know. You just have to try hard. Eddielaine: Well, I’ve got to go. It’s already 11:00 p. m. , and my husband will probably be worried if I don’t get home early. Meredith: You call this early? Well, if you must… Eddielaine: (finishes her drink and stands up from the bar stool. Good bye Meredith… Meredith: bye Eddielaine… (Curtains close. Curtains open. We see Eddielaine enter the living room where Veronica and Nicholas were. ) Nicholas: Eddielaine! You…You’re home! Eddielaine: Why Nicholas? Are you surprised? I see we have a guest. An unwelcome guest. Veronica…why are you here? Veronica: Well Eddielaine, Nicholas called me and told me to come here, so I did. Eddielaine: Nicholas! Nicholas: I just told her to go here so that she could tell you that we don’t have an affair. Eddielaine: I don’t care what she says! It is obvious enough that you are having an affair with her! Veronica, get out! Veronica: What if I don’t want to get out? I mean, this isn’t just your home you know…It is also Nicholas’s home. And he’s the one who invited me here. Eddielaine: I don’t care. Veronica, get out! Get out or I swear I will personally carry you outside! Veronica: Fine. (Stands outside the open door. ) Happy? Eddielaine: Very. (Slams the door in Veronica’s face. She then turns to Nicholas. ) Nicholas? What the hell were you thinking, inviting that woman in our home? Nicholas: I wanted her to explain. I wanted her to explain to you that we didn’t have an affair. I wanted you to trust me again. Eddielaine: (sarcastically) well, congratulations! You really made me trust you again! Nicholas: Eddielaine— Eddielaine: You know what Nicholas? Save it. I’m going to bed. Don’t you even expect that I’m going to let you sleep beside me tonight. (Gets out of the audience’s sight. Kunwari umakyat sa bedroom. ) Nicholas: Well this is ridiculous. Couch, here I come. (gets out of plain sight and curtains close. ) (curtains open. We see Nicholas going in his office. ) Nicholas: Good morning everybody. Staff: Good morning sir. Veronica: Good morning my dear Nicholas Nicholas: good morning Veronica. Now, would you please assemble the sales committee for a meeting? Veronica: Sure, but I wanted to talk to you about something… Nicholas: (cuts off Veronica) Later. We’ll talk after the meeting. (Gets out of the audience’s view. ) Veronica. All right… (Gets out of audience’s view. Marches in the opposite direction. ) (Curtains close. Curtains open. We see the sales committee, Nicholas, Veronica, and Darren having a meeting. ) Nicholas: Good morning everyone. Staff: Good morning sir. Nicholas: Now, I assembled this meeting for us to talk about our monthly sales for this year. I also wanted to see how our company is doing. Now here is Darren Salvador, our sales manager to present to us the yearly statistics. Darren: (stands up and points to presentation. ) Good morning sir Nicholas, good morning team, this is our yearly statistics. During the month of January, we sold a total of 2,760 pieces of furniture. 50 percent of which were chairs. During the month of February, we sold a total of 5,510 pieces of furniture. Now, as we could see, our sales had doubled that month. During the month of March however, we sold a total of 1,704 pieces of furniture. That month, our sales had decreased dramatically. During the month of April, our sales bounced back. We sold a total of 13,204 pieces of furniture due mainly to the furnishing of a new hotel. During the month of May, we had sold a total of 3,907 pieces of furniture. During the month of June, our sales had dropped. We sold a total of just 1,353 pieces of furniture that month. But, during the month of July, our sales had increased. We can clearly see that our sales had increased from 1,353 pieces of furniture to 8,903 pieces of furniture. That was mainly because of the repairing of some schools. Now, last month, the month of August, we sold a total of 24,059 pieces of furniture since a new mall was built. Now, the amount that we earned monthly. During the month of January, we earned 543,030 pesos. During the month of February, we earned 840,285 pesos. During the month of March, we earned 390,204 pesos. During the month of April, we earned 3,094,509 pesos. During the month of May, we earned 653,309 pesos. During the month of June, we earned 174,305 pesos. During the month of July, we earned 1,290,403 pesos. Last month, we earned 9,480,305 pesos. Nicholas: Okay Darren, thank you. Now, I want to know how we are doing this month.

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