Antigone is a Greek Tragedy

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Antigone is a Greek Tragedy written by Sophicles. Etocles and Poyneices, two brothers, are fighting for the throne. Because of fight between the two brother, Creon becomes the new ruler of Thebes. Creon is also the brother of the form queen, Jocasta. Creon makes a decision that Polyneices will suffer the consequences and Eteocles will be honored. The body of Polyneices would be unburied. Ismene and Antigone are siblings of the Eteocles and Polyneices. In the beginning, Ismene is summoned for a private meeting with Antigone about Antigone wanting to buy Polyneices lifeless body. Ismene is not fond of the idea because she believes that it is not possible to bury their brother. She cannot stop her from burying her brother.

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“Antigone is a Greek Tragedy”

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Creon wants the support from the chorus in regarding the decision of Polyneices body. The leader of the chorus supports Creon. A sentry informs that the body of Polyneices has been given a burial and funeral rites. Creon is very upset with this demand. He tells the sentry to find the person in charge of this decision or they would be killed. The sentry comes back to tell that the body had been uncovered by watchmen. Then Antigone was caught performing funeral rituals. Antigone is then questioned by Creon and admits she did that to her brotherr’s body. She argues with Creon of why she did and why he should a proper funeral and burial. Creon gets upset again and then sees Ismene upset as well. He assumes that she knew of Antigoner’s plan the whole time. Creon then summons her. Antigoner’s sister, Ismene, tries to convince Creon she had no idea of the crime Antigone committed. Antigone Denys Ismener’s claim and Creon sends them to be imprisoned for a short period of time.

Haemon wants to know the situation between Creon and the two siblings, Ismene and Antigone. Haemon tries to convince his father to spare Antigone. The conversation does not go well and they both end up insulting each other. Creon threatens to kill his fiance in front of him. Haemone then promises Creon to never to speak to him again because of what he did.

Creon decided to burry Antigone alive in a cave and to let Ismene live. Because Creon did not kill her, he thinks he will have to pay the minimum amount of respects to the gods. Antigone is brought out of her house and is now feels bad about what she has done. She regrets not following the laws of the gods and not marrying. Antigone is taken away to her tomb with the Leader of the chorus. The leader expresses great sadness for what is going to happen to her.

Tiresias, the blind prophet, tells Creon that Polyneices needs to be buried immediately because the gods do not like his decision. Creon accuses Tiresias of being not honorable. Tiresias tells him that he will loose a son because of the crime of leaving Polyneices body unburied and putting Antigone in a tomb alive. Everyone in Greece dislikes Creon now. The leader of the chorus asks Creon to take the advice of Tiresias to buy Poyneices and free Antigone from her tomb. Someone then informs the leader that Antigone has committed suicide. The informant also informs them that Creon saw the burial of Polyneices. Creon arrives at the cave of Antigone and see his son Haemon standing over Antigone. By the looks, she hung herself.

Creon carries his sonr’s dead body. Creon blames himself for everything that happened and he knows that his actions caused this. A messenger arrives to tell Creon that Eurydice has committed suicide also. Eurydicer’s last breath was her cursing her husband. He blames himself for everything that has happened and asks help from his servants. Creon is still the king and he valued the order so much that it is being protected. Creon did loose his children and wife as a consequence of his decisions as king.

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