Discourses of rank in Shakespeare′s Othello

Foucault defined discourse as the ways of constituting knowledge, attached to the social practices, forms of subjectivity as well as the power relations that exist in the knowledge and relations between them. They circulate the nature of the body, unconscious and conscious mind as well as the emotional life of the subjects. Discourse provides the […]

Cause and Effect

Introduction In our daily lives, we normally come across many activities that requires us to take actions either immediate or delayed in nature. When we are faced with any critical event and we are alone, we definitely know that it is our responsibility to act on them failure to which the outcomes will blame on […]

Mental Case

Mental Case is an original imitative piece that depicts the life of people who are affected by mental dilapidation. It tries to explain in details the so-called mentally affected persons. The piece has three stanza where the first section gives a picture of the persons who are seen to have sagging and wicked tongues that […]

Water Rescue Techniques

Rescuers should possess a broad range of skills in case of the water emergency. I have taught this lesson to colleges and scout students over many years. Water rescue techniques are skills used to save someone in trouble while in the water. Most of the individuals drown while others are watching not realizing that they […]

Cultural impact of Jesus Christ Superstar musical

Introduction Jesus Christ Superstar musical was produced in 1970 as rock opera with the music being done by Andrew Lloyd Webber while Tim Rice did the lyrics. The musical first made its debut in the year 1971 after it had been in existence as a rock opera concept album. The musical adopted a way of […]

Joh Ronson’s, “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”

In the book, “So You’ve been Publicly Shamed,” Jon Ronson explains the historical antecedents of online shaming through his exploration of online public shaming experiences. Notably, public shaming is identified as being popular during the colonial era but was slowly phased out years later. However, the shaming phenomenon re-emerged, especially because of the growth of […]

American History in the 19th Century

American History Early in the 19th century, America was experiencing a rapid economic growth; as a result, the white settlers faced hindrance in their expansion to the south because the area was occupied by Indians. The Americans and the settlers viewed these Indians as a hindrance towards economic progress; as a result, the federal government […]

Little Red Riding Hood

The three stories are of a young woman who is sent to make a delivery to her old grandmother by her able mother. The little girl is sent out with directions not to divert on the way but rather make a direct journey to granny’s place.  In the woods, she meets up with an evil […]

John Fowles’s novel “The Collector”

According to psychologist Andrew Newberg, words can change someone’s brain. He says that one single word can influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress. (Newberg, 2015). In the novel, Miranda a highly educated girl from a wealthy family uses a diary to keep words as memories. She is intelligent enough to […]

Hamlet story: “Why did it take Hamlet so long to avenge his father′s death?”

The story began with castle battlement in Denmark. This is where the guards observe the dead king’s ghost who is the father to the hamlet.  For most people Hamlet delay is frustrating, and though people feel sympathy for Hamlet due to his struggle on his suicidal despair, the audience views Hamlet as being the procrastinator. […]