Empathy in ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is a huge presence of Android, so the concept of android is known. No one has to fear android just because they are something new, a human race to challenge human supremacy. The relationship between humans and android is more established and mature than humans and monsters. Android has been around longer than the monster. We have never seen anything about the original human response to robotics, just a complete developmental relationship. But some androids were breaking the law of them that they could not injure a human being.

Deckard, a bounty hunter, is a person who can imagine the struggle that human beings on earth were caught in, at least mentally, at the moment. By wearing a lead-based bar code, he protects his genes from radiation degradation. If he does not do this, he may fail in the compulsory test and thus lose his humanity. He was recruited by the police department as a bounty hunter, tracing and retiring from android. This is, in a way, a very 'human' job, although it requires doing nasty things like shooting down android. Android works just like humans, looks like humans at least on the surface and does not present a personal threat immediately to the bounty hunters. However, society considers them a threat, perhaps at least partly because of the fear that android will overtake their construction age limit in a few years and become a new race for the contest with everyone.

Although the reader does not know much about Irmgard, we find that she can also sympathize. With Pris, she has no guilt or sadness when cutting her spider legs so we can say she has the 'like android' qualities, but when the other three decide whether to let Isidore lives Irmgard was the first to say that Isidore should live because he could help them. Here the android girls match the typical female models of nurturing, caring and feeling. We can see Roy's main survival instinct as the group tries to decide what to do with Isidore. When it came time to vote, Roy simply said, “I vote we kill Mr. Isidore and hide somewhere else” (K. Dick). Roy Baty, the leader of the runaway, has been credited with trying to achieve something like self-reliance and others with a variety of mind-altering drugs. A cold android, hoping to experience, an experience from which, due to a deliberate integration error, it is still excluded. We never knew what Baty knew about fusion or what he thought they would get out of it. The whole thing mentioned in passing by the human police is ridiculous. On the other hand, if Baty is thought to have no emotion, why would he want to achieve fusion? If he does not have emotions, the whole 'merging' exercise with others to sympathize with them seems utterly meaningless. It seems to me that one must possess at least a certain amount of emotion to realize that empathy is the desire. Another possible explanation is that Baty, only tried to understand empathy to eliminate bounty hunters. On the other hand, if that's the case he could also just be a fake response that does not really feel anything. Roy also set up a security system that uses a Penfield moody organ that causes panic in organic life, including Isidore. He explained that it would put Isidore at risk but gave them a cover.

According to the society in this book, it is empathy. To begin with, not everyone is empathetic, or at least they do not follow it. What other way to explain the treatment of so-called “chickenheads”, whereby society allows the old, the weak and the stupid to be stuck on a dying planet? In addition, the suggestion is given that android may have more emotions than they had intended. So where on the human spectrum do that leave the men killing them for a living? 

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