Education Matters in Adulthood

I have understood the importance of education since the beginning of my education career at a very young age. My parents were not well educated due to their poor background and they have faced many struggles in their life. This made them to make up their mind very strong to imbibe in me all the importance of hard work, sincerity and dedication in my studies.

I have started my schooling in my native language (Telugu), because my parents couldn’t afford to make me study in an English medium. I am very focussed during schooling in aiming a bright career in future. I made up my mind to study well to get settled in a very good position to look after my parents. My parents have sacrificed many things in their life to make me study though they have many financial crisis. I am the topper of the school during my schooling which grabbed the attention of my principal to change my schooling to English medium with fully funded scholarship. During my high school I was the topper of the school which fetched me the “Prathibha Award” & “Best Outgoing student of the year”. This helped me in getting the scholarship in my Intermediate where I have qualified in my intermediate with a percentage of 96.3.

During this time, I have started working as a tutor to my juniors as a way of contributing financially to my family. I have secured the admission in a good reputed under-graduate college with fully funded scholarship from the government of my state to continue my studies without any financial crisis. With my passion towards entrepreneurship & management I started to work in companies as a freelancer and stated exploring the organization’s eco-system. I have lead teams in organizations and worked for the upliftment of start-ups which fetched me position of Regional Director in APROS INDIA. With social entrepreneurship mindset I have been officially appointed as a STARTUP GRIND CO-DIRECTOR for my city chapter which helped to learn and work with many passionate leaders around the globe. During this time I emerged as a leader in my university in guiding many studies towards entrepreneurship through which I became the head of Entrepreneurship Cell in my university.

Throughout my education career the only barrier was money because of the financial status of my family. Though I was born and brought up in a very below middle class family this back ground barrier could not stop me in my education journey. My passion, hard work, sincerity and dedication towards studies and my dreams fetched me all the ladders in the form of scholarships to climb the higher heights of my education journey. My parents have sacrificed many things for my education, now I have an opportunity to attend an university to pursue my passion of Master’s in Management. I am very much in need of financial assistance to pursue my passion and make my parents dreams come true.

If I was granted scholarship, I will continue applying the same perseverance to my collegiate studies as I have till this point, making education and service as my top priorities. With the help your esteemed university I wish to pave a successful path to my passion to pursue Master’s in Management to become a pioneer in managing organizations and serve better in future by being inspiration to the people. This gives me privilege to learn Chinese culture and very good enterprise and organization ecosystems lively. 

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