The Hunger Games Vs. Divergent Final Draft

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The Hunger Games and Divergent are two thrilling movies, and they share many similarities and differences throughout the screenplays. Both movies have similar plots and follow the same plan as the stories unfold for the audience. The movies share a dynamic female as the protagonist who faces many obstacles as they fight for righteousness for their communities. The protagonists, Tris and Katniss, battle adversity in their own unique settings. The movies compare and contrast with their protagonist, political system, and setting. Both movies entertain movie goers with an exciting tale of two brave heroines. In both The Hunger Games and Divergent, Katniss Everdeen and Beatrice Tris Prior are brave characters. The characters are both credible and authentic to the moviegoing audience. Although the characters are similar in their will to make the society better, they each have their own reasons for wanting change. Tris chooses to go against the government in Divergent when she makes the choice to challenge the ways and laws of her community. When she makes the decision to seek reform, she feels the framework of the government is corrupt. At this time the community is divided into sections that they called factions. The community is suffering from a war among these different factions. The community divided, and Tris feels that she can make a change. The factions were divided according to a person's specific personality strengths. Tris is defined as divergent. This meant she possessed diverse personality traits. The different traits allow Tris to help her community as a leader because of her diverse skills.

In the movie The Hunger Games, Katniss faces hardship herself when the government chooses her sister, Prim, to go to battle for them. Katniss volunteers herself in order to protect her sister and go in her place. At first, Katniss does not want to take on the government. However, to send Prim to The Hunger Games would be too hard on her family. As Katniss begins the games known as the Hunger Games, she realizes that her purpose becomes more than just protecting her family, but she is going to eventually save all Panem. Everyone would benefit from a change in the governmental structure that Katniss would fight for. The individual motivations of Katniss and Tris are different in the beginning. However, in the end their societies are both improved by their efforts and heroic acts. The settings of these two movies also have similarities and differences. Divergent and The Hunger Games both take place in societies that have sustained universal destruction. However, both films also contain some differences in detail. In Divergent, the setting is in Chicago. It is post war Chicago. The city is in ruins and has obviously been shattered. The community is surrounded by a wall. It is then divided into parts called factions. The sections are determined by a test given to the citizens. The civilians with similar traits are grouped together. The setting is in a smaller, confined very specific area which is in contrast to The Hunger Games which spans throughout all of North America. All of the districts in The Hunger Games make up the society of Panem. Both movie settings are after an apocalypse and appear destroyed and weakened.

The setting of both movies is similar in the destructive way they look, but Divergent is confined to one city and The Hunger Games reaches all across North America. One more aspect that can be compared and contrasted throughout the movie is the political framework. In both stories, the citizens live in an oppressed state. In Divergent, the government is centrally operated. The government does not tolerate the society to have different opinions. The conflict or war is waged between the government and the citizens. The main character, Tris, wants the society to have the honor of having opinions to express and rights. The government in The Hunger Games is also centrally operated known as totalitarian. The society is not divided into factions but is broken into twelve districts determined by each individual's wealth. The citizens have to fight for goods such as food in order to survive. Both protagonists want to improve the government structure that is controlling each of their communities. The desire for change was initially different for both Katniss and Tris. Divergent and The Hunger Games are two science fiction novels that were adapted into movies. The movie plot follows the stories of the two main characters, Katniss and Tris. Both young women battle for reform in war torn communities while facing many hardships caused by the political system they find developing around them. Through the similarities and differences, the movies both explore the theme of perseverance and determination as moviegoers enjoy a thrilling tale.

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