Desegregation of the Community

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The Brown v. Board of Education had a big impact on many other cases and the movement of the civil war. This changed the life of every American forever. African American students were required to go to an all black school that was far away, rather than an all white school that is way closer. It was also determined that segregation is harmful to the environment of education. Brown v. Board of Education was a turning point in history because it challenged the ‘separate but equal’ precedent, and changed people’s outlook on segregation in the world.

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“Desegregation of the Community”

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First, Brown v. Board of Education started to help other cases to prove what is right, during the beginning of the civil war. The text states, Brown v. Board of Education began in Topeka, Kansas in 1951 when a group of African Americans parents filed a lawsuit against the local school board demanding desegregation of Topeka schools, (Ends legal segregation). This quote means parents of African American students were getting tired of their student having to take a dangerous route to school, when they could go in a safe route to school. This is a good thing that they sticker up for their kids because without them trying to change this the world now would be the same as if it was during this period in time. In the article it shows, The case consisted of 5 separate cases that all dealt with the legality of segregated schools, Plessy v. Ferguson was one of the case that was overturned, (Opposition to Brown v. Board). The text also says, Many people argued pinning his arguments on the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees all US citizens equal protection under the law, (Ends legal segregation). This quote is proving to the people, why should there be laws and rules but no one is following it. Having these rights are suppose to help people not be ignored. This topic had to be a big deal if there was five cases that was evolved around this main case. Overall, if nobody wanted to stand up for their children and what is right, the world would have been in a different position.

Secondly, the court decision pointed out what’s wrong, but it is not going to be over at the moment, it is going to take a while to minimize the situation. In one of the article it states, The decision stated that having separate educational facilities for racial minorities is inherently unequal, (Gale student resources). It also states, The court argued, segregation itself is harmful to the education of black children because it encourages them to see themselves as inferior to whites, (Ends legal segregation). If the school were not trying to fix this problem, African Americans would have thought they would have no chance to be a better person of themselves. Without having the opportunity of getting the same education and being treated equally they would have not have big goals for themselves because they wouldn’t get the same opportunities. In the text it states, Brown v. Board of education, the Supreme Court outlawed segregation in education, which led to desegregation in many other public places, (Opposition to brown v. board). Another text that proves this is, Even though segregation was made illegal, whites still blocked them, so the president sent national guards to protect the African American students, (Gale student resources). This shows that segregation laws that are actually being taken to perspective is making people realize what is going on during this period of time. Even though they have these law, many whites think otherwise just because the country use to not follow the law so they think is okay, and they have the right to. Overall, desegregation is slowly fixing and getting better, but time is going to be needed.

Lastly, segregation is still going on because the country is not trying to get better and fix the problem. The article says, Many schools in the US have approached levels of racial segregation similar to those that occured before Brown v. Board of Education. However, such segregation is not carried out intentionally. Instead, it is caused by economic disparity in certain neighborhoods and school district, (Opposition to Brown v Board). This quote means, trying to prevent segregation is difficult when a great deal of other problems is contributing to this factor. Having a main problem like economic difference is affecting where the are located, so their neighborhood which goes to the school district. The quote states, A city’s schools may be racially divided because the neighborhoods where people live reflect such divisions, often because of economic issues as well as persistent forces of segregation. Brown v. Board of Education struck down legal segregation, but it was unable to end social and economic segregation, (Ends Legal Segregation ). This quote is proving that what is started needs to be finish. The Brown v Board of Education helped with part of it a long time ago, but the country still needs to fix what is happening now, segregation is not going to end unless someone puts in effort to change it. Fixing the main problem of economic difference would change and fix many other problem on segregation. Overall, desegregation is not an easy job to finish, if it was it would have been accomplished by now but it is not so the country needs to attempt to solve this problem.

Brown v. Board of Education might be a big part of history on desegregating schools, but it challenged the thought of what the court and the people believed in. Desegregation is worth fighting for, people who kept on pushing for what is right for the environment is helping the country in the long run. The problem was not going to be completed right away, they need time to get everyone on the same page. But at the end of the day not everyone is going to agree on the same thing so, there were many small problems to accomplish a big problem. Desegregation is a difficult situation to fix, there were many people, and cases that were evolved. As they go forward, they take a step back so this took a while to get better. The cases that were involved to start people getting involved during the civil war was helping the country in the long run.

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