The Community Care Plan

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Englewood has many issues now to which it feels like it’s a hopeless situation to the citizens living there. Gang violence, poverty, having no job has become the way of life and many individuals feel powerless and unable to change the situation they are in. There are multiple systemic community programs that best place the strengths and needs of the community, like:

1. Members of the community can campaign for extra police officers in their community to prevent ongoing crimes and gang pressure. Members of the community can also from a resident patrol that can help fill in the gaps with law enforcement unable to be present most of the time.

2.There should be many community activities offered for families like, supervised after school- programs for kids who parents are not at home.

3. There should be a large amount of awareness with the members of the community, along with what organizations and programs are available to them. How can individuals go to them if they don’t know that the programs exist? Kids in the Englewood community could get involved in after-school stuff like, sports, school clubs and more. Children are missing out because they haven’t heard about these.

4. Arranged community meetings should be a frequent thing so that residents living in Englewood can talk about concerns they have, current issues, and work together to find a situation. Networking with others can be successful to promote changes.

5. Englewood over the years, has experienced a remarkable amount of population decrease, a good amount of cultural change, and now a very diverse resident group lives there. This has caused friction in the past, but with individuals coming together and start networking and becoming positive the community can change for the better.

6. Residents in the community could do a lot better with their situation by frequently reaching out to different community outreach programs and try to get others involved as well. Like for example, joining a club of some sort.

7.Help members find employment through job center, so that it cuts back the poverty in Englewood.

The Potential outcome would probably happen is the interventions along with the resources that are listed above could be safer, lower-crime in the community with fewer gang involvement and violence. When given the chance, individuals will sometimes take advantage of it and rise to the occasion. Some families in Englewood want to live in a safe community and have the same advantages and opportunities that some other families have. The more individuals that can get involved with the community, the more they will become successful. Having the right interventions and hard work, it is possible that the Englewood community could turn around and become safer and be a happy community for everyone who lives in it.

The systemic community analysis tool that I decided to try was based on the social, cultural, economic and education needs of this community was the ecogram. The ecogram gave the most data about the community. It also gave visual representation of the ecological network effecting the individuals living there. This map is useful because it helped to decide the support and intervention that is available in the community.

The assessment, I obtained is that the community has a slight relationship with their ecological environment. Almost every margin of the network is stressed. The issue that is critical and affecting the community (i.e.: gang violence, crime, poverty, transportation problems, unsafe education, poor education, not enough funding for the community to improve, public safety, etc.) are serious problems that should not be ignored. The strength of this community is that all families that live here want to see it change and many residents are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Finding ways for community members to participate in groups in the community or take part in activities like community outreach programs should be one of the plans to strength the community. Families are what makes a community and the strong families that work together are more likely to obtain a healthy and sounding environment. With plenty of work and the right interventions, and improvements of the community this could be a possibility.

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