Coping with Procrastination

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Most people in todayr's world procrastinate because they want to achieve something that means most to them. Achieving something can be things, such as winning a national championship, finishing a 10-page essay, or passing every class with all Ar's. Trying to do at least one of this can lead to a person procrastinating. When someone procrastinates it can cause burnouts, fears, and setbacks. In my opinion, procrastinators do not feel themselves procrastinating, but can feel themselves feeling stressed out over the thing they try to achieve. When a person is burnout they are usually tired, stress, or overwhelmed about the things they are doing. No one wants to be in a position in being burnout because most days they would want to sleep and lay in bed, instead of going out and enjoying life.

For example, having 2 days to finish a project that was assigned weeks ago and knew just starting it. Even though they had weeks to finish a project, they will still procrastinate about finishing a project in 2 days. They would start to get stress because they dont know what to do the project on. Not only being stress about the work, they will feel the presentation will be terrible because of little preparation which can hurt you physically and mentally. As Moore, Baker, and Packer stated in their article Overworking yourself for too long without mental and physical relaxation is a sure way to run out of steam(Moore, Baker, Packer 571). In my opinion, fears can be the number one cause when procrastinating. Having fears can be things, such as going to an interview to get a job, or a football team preparing for a championship game. Both of those reason can cause fear in a person in different ways. Starting off with an interview, everyone would like to go into a place and a boss shaking their hand and saying they got the job. Of course that would never be the case people will have some fear when coming in for an interview.

For example, people changing multiple outfits to look for a good appreciation or getting nervous because they would not know what to say, can be a cause in having fears. Moore, Baker, and Packer stated, we set standards that are too high and then judge ourselves too critically(Moore, Baker, Packer 571). Just by going into an interview and being yourself can make it easier on getting the job. When preparing for a championship game can be a different fear. Not the fear of being scared but the fear of something that a team have been preparing for since May and would do anything to win. Why is this a reason is procrastinating? Because a team have been practicing for months, 2-3 hours from Monday-Thursday, winning games' week by week, and ;finally, with all the hard work they can play in championship. It can be a fear of being the last game of the season and for most people being the last game they will ever play. In the same way, setbacks are another reason for procrastinating. Going back to being burnout and feeling tired, having setbacks can be the same but is different.

In my opinion, when being setback it can cause people not to do anything at all or catch up on things that they have not started yet. You will start to forget a thing, such as turning in work, not finishing work, or complete forgetting to even do the work. In my opinion, when a person is setback from something they are usually tired or stress, and just want to take some time off from the work. No one wants to be stress so for that not to happened people will take time of whatever they are doing, and most sometimes it can be a good thing. In closing, most people would like to achieve their goal without being burnout, having fears, or being setback. No one wants to be stressed, tired, or depressed when trying to achieve goal. Moore, Baker, and Packer stated, Learning to balance your time and set realistic expectations for yourself will prevent burnouts(Moore, Baker, and Packer 571). Not only does that quote can prevent burnouts, but it can also prevent fears and setbacks. It can prevent fears and setbacks because when learning to balance your time people start to finish things and have free time. With setting realistic expectations it would make it easier for someone to not be afraid and just doing what they love the most without worrying about someone judges a person.

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