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In the book 1984, by George Orwell, he presents a society that is heavily monitored and is restricted in many ways. In this book so may constitutional rights were not present and by removing these rights they were able to control the people. This paper will discuss some rights that were taken and how it affected the society greatly. It will also show how that certain right is being guaranteed in U.S. government and how having a certain right helps create a free and democratic society.

In his book Orwell is presenting a totalitarian society, where they have absolutely no say in what they can or can not do. They have to follow the rules that made by the leader know as Big Brother and if they don't they could be in big trouble. No one is allowed to talk about politics or anything related to it, essentially the party leaders do all the thinking and talking for them. A person is not allowed to have any sense of individuality because it could cause rebellion. The party goes as far as to change the society's language and history in order to benefit themselves that change history in order to always be right and they make anew language that has no political words so that no one can talk about politics and no disagreements can be made. In order to maintain everyone under control they are always monitoring everyone. The main character is so against the rules that he starts to become rebellious. His first act of rebellion is by having a diary where he writes all his rebellious thought about the society and everything that he is against. No one in the society is even allowed to express love or anything sex related so when the main character fall in love he has to hide it and keep it hidden behind closed doors although that doesn't stop big brother from finding out. When they are found out an army of men come I without permission and they are arrested. The army of men did not posses any warrant and they had no probable cause to arrest the couple but they did it regardless because they had the power to.

In this story there are many constitutional right that are broken and not taken into consideration. One of the rights that they have been robbed of is their freedom of speech that is granted under the 1st amendment. The 1st amendment grants everyone the freedom of speech, which allows anyone to express their feeling on any issue. In the book this right is taken away by the part because they think it will cause the people to become rebellious. In order for the party to make sure that it doesn't happen, they monitor them all day and even create a new language that can not be used in regards to politics. In the U.S. government our freedom of speech is taken care by allowing us to express or thought without being punished by the law. Any one is allowed to say what they want even if it might offend someone else because they don't necessarily agree with that person. Through our freedom os speech, we essentially are helping create a place with a freedom of individuality. If everyone is allowed to express their thoughts and ideas we build an identity for ourselves and for the society. Through this amendment we are creating a free and democratic society, where everyone can have a a say in what is important to them and they can even help change something in the society that many people are against. The book helps show how not having one right can dramatically change a whole society and a by removing a constitutional right a leader now hold power over everyone because they will fear breaking the law.

The constitution states under the 4th amendment that a person has the right to be secure in their person, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause…(US Constition) Every aspect of the book violates this one amendment in everything that it mentions. The people aren't secure in their persons because the party is intruding in their person by prohibiting free thought and all their expressions of individuality. The people aren't allowed to have any thoughts that went against the party. In the U.S. government no one can come and intrude in your person physically or mentally. If a person tries to so something like this they will be punished by the law. In the U.S. government an example of this is cults. They are punished because they brainwash people in order for them to join their group. The U.S. government does it's best to try and help protect a person's identity. The U.S. constitution also makes it possible for is to feel safe in our own homes and not have to be worried about none coming in and attacking us. In the book that is exactly what happened, the people where enjoying their time at home when this army came in a and started to ransack them for no apparent reason. If that were to happen t a person for real, the person could sue them because they are breaking their 4th amendment rights. If a police officer doesn't have any kind of search warrant than that person doesn't have to let them inside their house or anywhere near their premises. If the pope officer or anyone tries to force them selves inside then they can get in big trouble because they are breaking the law and the U.S. constitution is doing everything it can to help maintaining us safe and free within our own home.

The fourth amendment is one of the rights we have that allows us to have so many freedoms because it allows us to have a place that we consider safe and where we can do anything we want without having someone judging us or watching us. Through this amendment we create the democratic society that we are today without this amendment then everyday we would be living in a place where we could randomly be searched fo not reason. Our houses would be turned upside down just because the leaders feel the need to, and they would how as far as to install cameras in our homes just to endure that we are dog everything that they want us to do.

This book made it easy to see how much freedom we have in our society. Orwell made is easy to see how certain little changes in the way government it in forced can change the way that a whole country is controlled. 1984 is a great book that we should learn from, because it shows us how easy one person can creat a totalitarian society in order for them to achieve what they want in life. This dystopian novel is a great way to compare our democratic society with one here they have no say so that a person can see all the rights they have and how they come together and create a place of freedom.

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