Conscious Cocoon: a Social Metamorphosis

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Our ancestors have inhabited this planet through times of evolutionary adaptations for the past six million years yet throughout vast changes in civilization, one harmonic factor has been deeply neglected over time- the need for coexistence and interdependence between the individual, the collective, and the environment they inhabit. The persisting and preexisting disregard for other living forms have driven the intentions of our history, leading us to face the lack of social and spiritual harmony. Today we are left to endure the results of this butterfly effect, which not only affects the future outcomes of living, but is currently affecting our present day quality of life. Through the choices, actions and the mental framework of those in positions of power, we are left to face the reality that our society is not ideal for everybody, only those who are most fit to survive its expectations. Coming to terms with realizing the importance of a union fit for all of those within it begins with a change in conscious thought, in which all else will unfold from. This shift in consciousness we are currently embarking alludes to the process described as a ?Conscious Evolution’, meaning a shift in accountability for the betterment of human potential and change in course of action. Unconventional artist Mark Smollin defines conscious evolution as an ethical and philosophical theme of conduct where everyone takes responsibility for the health and direction of human progress [and as] thinking and behaving through methods that are in harmony with nature (Smollin). Conscious evolution will provide our culture and collective the healing that is much needed on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. The formulation for a newly refined, more ideal society does not require painstaking compromise, but instead, a shift in psychological, emotional, social and spiritual framework. An ideal society consists of natural guiding principles for the individual, and the collective that include: understanding the importance of coexistence between self and other beings, awareness of the interconnectedness in all things, and recognizing other fluidity of consciousness beyond self interest. Progressive thinkers within our history have already begun to cultivate an understanding for how consciousness plays a significant role in the prosperity of our evolution; it is in our best interest to apply their higher knowledge.

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“Conscious Cocoon: a Social Metamorphosis”

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A leading cause to why our society as a collective has strayed the path of bettering our collective over the years is considerably due to the lack of regard for other beings, living things, and resources given to us by nature. This lack of coexistence has led to the devastating effects of resources exploitation, species extinction, environmental pollution, and oppression of other beings. The significant point to this argument is the importance of coexisting with not only the other living beings who inhabit the land, but to start living more sustainably in order to preserve wildlife, resources, and secure a wholesome future for the generations to come. On a macrocosmic level, coexisting would refer to understanding and acting receptively to the needs and limits of other wildlife and natural resources found on our planet; According to the Living Planet Report published by WWF (The World Wide Fund for nature) in 2016, the world’s population of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012 due to human activities and if we continue to over exploit our land of its resource at the rate that we do, there will be no viable future for our planet or its inhibitors. (Living Planets Reports) To coexist means to live in a way that is respectful and harmonious with all things within the surrounding, something we are not doing currently. An article by Justice K.N. Saikia titled Philosophy of Natural Law, emphasizes the The need for preservation of Global and regional environments like forests, the seas and space and [the] immense need for Global cooperation to be followed by Global compact and ultimately a Government for the Globe, the home of mankind which helps to infer that there is no true separation nor tolerance within existing, just an emphasis on existing together in the same space for current times and times to come. (Saikia, S.K.) To coexist is to also consider the prolong effects of the route of action taken now, without conscious coexistence, there can be no route of action that will sustain our collective as a greater society.

Another significant factor regarding the shift in mass consciousness is the awareness that everything is connected, and interconnectedness aides the flow of all processes. A debilitating condition that has possessed the minds of beings for centuries is the want for separation and need for competition, which has proved inconvenient for a growing union. Dating back to 300B.C., Greek philosopher Aristotle was one of the first to document curiosities regarding the phenomena of consciousness. During a time in which social order was heavily dominated by the powers and ideas of religious sectors, his views were unconventional and detrimental to the thoughts of others. Aristotle began to truly understand the wonders of nature, and the relationship nature as a force has upon its surroundings, through his own self reflections. According to Giles Hutchin’s Illusions of Separation: Exploring the Cause of Our Current Crisis, Aristotle’s views in which nature is the outpouring of spirit which is active or creative in all things which can allude to the modern day understanding of higher consciousness defined as heightened awareness of nature, self and human experience, as well as awareness of fundamental spirituality in all things. (Hutchins) In regard to social order, Hutchins explains obedience is not found through obedient social commandments, organizational dictum, or cultural charters, but through a conscious attuning to one’s self within nature’s wisdom (Hutchins). Much like the forces of nature carry movement to the physical world, Aristotle also believed it to embody the knowledge necessary to harmonize a union. As stated by an article titled What is Higher Consciousness by The Mystic, to follow these principles, one can attune awareness at will with unimaginable constructive peace and profound knowledge. (What is Higher Conciousness) This Harmony would result in a more balanced way of distributing a leadership system, suited to implement orders in which respect the harmony of all living things, which includes nature and it’s entitled value.

Lastly, and most importantly, the most necessary element to having an ideal society that thrives a whole, is to acknowledge the fluidity of consciousness in and out the human experience. To recognize consciousness is to transform the perspective of all things being perceived by the soul of a being. Without consciousness, there can only be unconscious thought and action which ultimately works against the cooperation and understanding of self and others. A society or collective which undergoes a process of conscious evolution is transforming on an individual level in aspects of emotional, psychological, , and spiritual awareness which then leads to the extension in knowledge which aids the transformation of the collective on a social and environmental level. According to Emile Durkheim’s 1893 The Division of Labour in Society, he coined the term ?collective consciousness’ to mean a set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operates as a unifying force within society which if applied correctly, could be the salvation our society seeks (Durkheim). Connecting back to the laws of nature that would serve as the driving force of the ideal society, having a collective which practices the same principles of conscious living as a group and as individuals would allow all forms of life to thrive for times to come. As Richard Boyatzis states in his book Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting With others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion, great leaders are awake, aware, and attuned to themselves, to others, and to the world around them. They seek to live in full consciousness of self and others, nature, and society. (Boyatzis) The only potential people have in being successfully governed, is if the people in position to govern are qualified to be receptive to the needs and values of all things micro and macro.

This turmoil of time that we are currently undergoing is pointing us in the direction that we need to end the suffering of the human condition of institutionalized systems, exclusive societies, and fear dominated living and enter a new form of connectedness, unity, and awareness. This butterfly effect doesn’t have to be one with devastating results, but one of beautiful transformation. When a caterpillar prepares to cocoon itself, it first equips itself with the necessary cells to form segments needed as a butterfly (such as eyes, wings, and legs) before destroying its current form completely, leaving only these cells to multiply. Like a caterpillar preparing for its next phase in life, our society is currently in the stage of shedding and recreating our form through shifting our thoughts, beliefs, and actions through raising our consciousness. Through this process, just as the caterpillar, there will be moments of destruction and degeneration before the remodeling of new formation can become present. Equipped with the blueprints of what is necessary for an ideal society fit for everybody to thrive, we face triumphs that test our current ways of living only to collectively cultivate an ideal and thriving society that is fit for all things living in it. There is no real solution for creating an ideal society if it does not begin with refining the way our culture believes and behaves outside of self interest. To create a more ideal functioning collective, we must first cultivate an understanding for importance of coexisting, awareness of the interconnectedness of nature to all things, and fluidity of consciousness beyond the bodily self. Our society is undergoing metamorphic change through conscious evolution; we are at a shift in perspective, awareness, and consciousness to create a more inclusive, and more perfect union.

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