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Kafka's story, The Metamorphosis, was created in 1912. It is famously remembered. He criticizes modernism in society. He experienced fame and popularity with his writings during the Great Depression and political problems of the 1930s. Kafka used his sense of humor, and in some instances told of the anxiety and isolation concerning modernism. People dealt with issues living in their alienation from a higher power, like, God. Critics forever remember how Kafka used sardonic humor with social language in telling stories. Four themes in Kafka's story include humanity, existentialism, modernism, and transformation. He is not included in human communications. By reading this, I understand that Gregor believed that he is undistinguished and unappreciated by everyone. He works but that money helps him pay off his parent's debt. He does not like it. Before he became an insect, he still didn't think his family ever understood him. His family notices him and perceived him in a disgustful and disappointing light. He had lost the love and support that families normally have for one another. There were perceptions of reproach and vexation. The reason for this, they believed they had been disillusioned by their son, Gregor. He had changed into an ?it' (Kafka, 1880-1913). According to Gregor, he lost his physical and humanity. He lost his identity and found he was just an insect, a bug. A small insect in a great big controversial world. When he awoke thinking he had dreamed a ?monstrous' dream, he realized he was facing reality (Kafka, 1880-1913). It was real. His transformation clarifies the intolerable nature of the life he was living. Concerning his professional life includes an unkindness, antagonists, and not wanting to stray from the normal path. Gregor's humanity is ascertained by a distressed ?insect' nightmare that ends with his sad passing. Morphing into an insect or a cockroach is a metaphor for humanity. Kafka questions what comprises man-kind and how it is defined. When fog is mentioned and is surrounding Gregor's room, it shows zero distinction between what is considered human or not. Now, this is a symbol of mirroring the desolation and sorrow of Gregor and the acceptance that he is an insect. Existentially speaking, he loses human feelings. The sections of his insect body segment his body and mind. It conveys the concept of human existence. That which was held together appeared rational, now it being separated is irrational. He sat unyielding on his picture, unveiled the hopelessness and vanity Gregor displays as his consciousness is derivatively transformed into an animal and his own existence is characterized by the move of humanity (Kafka, 1880-1913). He lost his aspiration in life with having to pay his parents debt. The author projected that the protagonist had a desire to escape from human interaction (Kafka, 1880-1913). Kafka bared the sentiment along with the wit, in accordance, to what happened. His novella is popular in today's world. At times, however, he was not well-liked. Kafka was quite the modern influencer. He divulged the emptiness that can lie at the heart even of a busy life in a crowded city apartment (Kafka, 1880-1913). With having read Kafka's The Metamorphosis, he depicts the dissociation and disaffection of modern man. People are sometimes indecisive about freedom and responsibility to both family and society. Guilt resonates from this and in conflicts society faces. When one faces any type or too much conflict, escape is an answer and a way to not come to terms with it. In how Sigmund Freud perceived things, he believed that our behaviors are attributed to our unconscious mind. The growth of the unconscious mind likely endures or continue to grow healthy. He locked away himself in his room. There was a conversation Gregor had with his dad, it went something like Between us there was no real struggle; I was soon finished off; what remained was flight, embitterment, melancholy, and inner struggle (Kafka 1880-1913). I understand why he felt feelings of self-loathing. Kafka uses sardonic humor throughout his novel. Human existence and the economical world are muddled. There will always be a fine distinction with what is human and how one is cultivated by Pre-Modernistic concerns, plausibly, by the church and the centralize on rationality.
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