Confidentiality and Cyber Bullying

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Social media today is such a relevant component to our daily lives. Every year, new technology is introduced, causing people to be fulfilled with more excitement than awareness. The advancements in technology today have transformed the way we communicate and function in life. Even the advertisements for the new technology and social media apps appear to result in people being less cautious of what they are post or tweet on the internet. With the usage of modern technology, privacy is not always a given because we are always being tracked, viewed, and listened to. Much like the world nowadays, characters in the novel 1984 have always been watched over through various forms of technology. In 1984, George Orwell is trying to warn individuals about the hidden dangers of technology. In today’s society, people are constantly being brainwashed into newer technology, making them more unaware of the possible effects. George Orwell warns readers about the hidden dangers of technology through the use of telescreens.

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“Confidentiality and Cyber Bullying”

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The main purpose of this electronic device is for propaganda, to spy on the characters, and fully represent the government’s large abundance of power. In 1984, telescreens are used as a secretive form of technology because they are hidden in various places and are not visible to the naked eye. People slowly let technology consume them without even noticing, and this is why Orwell uses telescreens as a warning, solely because they are hidden from society. Everyday, characters like Winston, take the life changing risk of being seen having illegal interactions with Julia through a telescreen. Orwell warns readers of the telescreens when Winston says, “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen.

The smallest thing could give you away”(Orwell 62). Here, Winston explains how the slightest movement or thought can create danger for a person through the telescreen technology, similar to how the smallest action on social media can cause destruction to a person’s life. Winston’s context makes it obvious to readers that there is little-to-no privacy in the dystopian society. Orwell’s purpose in the hidden telescreens is to advocate to readers the dangers that humans can face when they are not careful of their actions in terms of technology. Slowly but surely, Winston unexpectedly allows the technology in 1984 to take over the life of his own. George Orwell also uses microphones to warn individuals about hidden dangers of technology.

Similar to the telescreens, microphones are concealed throughout the cities in order to listen in on people’s conversations without their approval. In the novel, microphones are able to pick up a person’s voice, and the voice can be traced back to a specific person. These are used to ensure that the members of the Party are not having different beliefs or thoughts. Orwell mentions the microphones specifically when talking about the safety of the countryside vs. the safety of London. In Book Two, Chapter II, Winston says, “There were no telescreens of course, but there was always a danger of concealed microphones by which your voice might be picked up and recognized”(Orwell 117). Here, Winston describes the purpose and use of microphones in the novel.

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