Concerns about Food Insecurity in McDonald’s

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There’s controversy everywhere regarding food, food companies, food regulations, etc. You’d think that with how much of an issue food seems to be and with all these companies and government establishments created to “regulate” what’s going on with all this, but there’s so much we don’t know or see, or even have control over when it comes to food, for example, like what is actually in our food. Yes, we trust companies with the food we put in our bodies, and choose to buy their products, but often times we don’t realize some of the promises they make regarding their products are actually inaccurate.

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“Concerns about Food Insecurity in McDonald’s”

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For example, back in 2010 the chain restaurant McDonald’s started making their apple pies with potatoes instead of actual apples because it was cheaper. Also processed food is usually genetically engineered meaning they have genes from other species of food. Many companies don’t want any labels that will make you not want to buy their food so most people don’t know what they are eating. Companies put out misleading information that will catch a person’s eye, which ends up benefiting the company with sales, even if it is false information. They do not want to put every single genetically engineered ingredient because consumers won’t buy it and they won’t make any money. That’s where the misleading advertisements come into play, which is basically a way for companies to cheat their way into more sales.

Some of this however, isn’t always the fault of the company. People with allergies to certain things or people with just a preference of what they consume, could also take it into their own hands to take time and read the labels of products. Say if someone has an allergic reaction to something, and they try to come after to the company and sue them for money, if they chose to buy the product and the label clearly states that it has whatever that person is allergic to in it, there isn’t really anything the person can get out of the company, because it’s their fault for not taking better precautions. Some companies have chosen to not let people know if the food they consume is grown with genetically modified organisms or not with the permission of government officials.

There’s nothing we can do about the government but all we are asking is to stop using modified organisms or give customers all the information on what they are consuming. People deserve to know what they are putting into their body and feeding their family. With the correct information we can become healthier and make better decisions. The majority of corn and soybeans have been made to tolerate being sprayed with weed killer. Customers who have no knowledge of it typically won’t wash off their fruit and will end up eating the weed killer with no idea.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said that glyphosate, was “probably carcinogenic to humans, and we still eat this without knowing.” Yes, people know these problems concerning food and pesticides and GMOs exist, but do they really take it into consideration when going out grocery shopping? That isn’t always the case and this could end up having a greater impact on the nation than it already does. Congress should respect people’s wishes and stop failing the people by refusing to tell us what is in our food. 

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