Food Insecurity in America

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Poverty is an ongoing issue affecting millions of Americans every day. Not having the ability to support their families, people who are impoverished live very difficult and stressful lives. In addition to not being able to pay bills, families whom are impoverished also struggle with food security. The food you eat produces fuel for the body, and it is extremely important to engage in healthy habits when it comes to food and eating. According to the article, Feeding America: Food Insecurity and Poverty in the United States— with findings from the USDA and U.S. Census Bureau, due to a lack of funding and income, approximately 40 million Americans are unable to afford adequate food. Among this 40 million, it was calculated that 12 million of these people are children (Feeding America).

Insufficient food intake causes several other health issues that could be avoided with a cleaner, healthier diet. People who are below the poverty line, however, don’t have the access to adequate food. Tis is due to low incomes, at an average of, “~$25,100 for a family of four” (Feeding America). The thesis of this article could be considered the title, Feeding America: Food Insecurity and Poverty in the United States— with findings from the USDA and U.S. Census Bureau. All of the findings regarding supporting arguments, illustrations, data, and anecdotes relate back to the main idea presented in the title. There is also support given based on where the information in the article is coming from.

In the article, there are several examples of data the help in supporting the main claim relating to food and poverty. For example, the poverty rate for individuals that are disabled is, “2 times the national rate” (Feeding America). This means that people who have a disability are more likely to be impoverished than people who don’t. In addition, “rural food insecurity among households has remained higher than urban rates,” (Feeding America). Meaning that living in rural areas, people are more lively to live amongst poverty. Another statistic states that single women households are 2.5 more likely to live in poverty or food instability than an average family. Unemployment and poverty also have a strong correlation with food insecurity. Although, the rates of food insecurity, poverty, and unemployment have declined over recent years. Defining who is food insecure is very difficult, as there are many aspects that effect this instability.

In total, there are approximately 15 million households, 6 million with children, and 3 million with a senior that are food insecure (Feeding America). Depending on location and race, there are several statistics that correlate to food insecurity. People of color are half as likely to experience food insecurity, and 40% of households that are unable to afford adequate food live in southern states (Feeding America). Income and poverty also relate directly to an ongoing concern with affording food.

With the median income rising, people still have trouble balancing the costly aspects of life; such as, healthcare, food costs, bills, transportation, and living arrangements (Feeding America). However, among the 40 million food insecure Americans, 10 million are unable to receive any aid due to having incomes that are considered too high (Feeding America). In order to assist these individuals, it is important to maximize the use of federal programs supporting food security and fighting national poverty, such as SNAP and WIC in order to keep these programs alive and running (Feeding America). There are no valid exceptions to the data presented in this article.

The conclusion of the article provides helpful government programs that assist impoverished families with the costly living conditions when they are considered under the poverty line. After explaining the various statistics relating to food insecurity and poverty, it was effective to conclude with the programs that assist these families. Not only were the programs explained, but the article expressed the importance of these programs, and how much they truly help families in need. In keeping the federal programs afloat, it is important that they are funded and used to the maximum efforts in aiding needy families of America (Feeding America).

Prior to reading this article, I did not know much about poverty or food insecurity. This is not something that I have ever had to worry about, so it was interesting to me to understand the circumstances that these individuals face on a daily basis. I am also more aware of the programs that assist these people, and hope that they stay valid. It surprised me that almost half of Americans are food insecure. I don’t think there are any arguments that could be considered. These facts presented by the USDA and U.S. Census Bureau are daunting and alarming, and there is a lot of work to be done to decrease poverty and food insecurity in America.

The point of view presented in the article informs my own beliefs, thinking, and communication with others as it educated me on a topic that I did not know much about prior to reading the article. I always though that poverty was a lot less of an issue, however, it effects 40 million Americans (Feeding America). In the past on Thanksgiving, I went to a local food kitchen for community service, so I always thought the amount of impoverished people was a lot lower. I hope to see this number decrease, and hope to get back to the food kitchen in order to help people in need.

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