Importance of Nonverbal Communication (essay)

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Nonverbal communication is as important as a verbal communication. However, it conveys a stronger message when communicating than a verbal communication.

“Nonverbal communication is the deed of communicating a thought, emotion, or knowledge through physical gestures, posture, and facial expressions.”

In an article by Fred C. Lunenburg of Sam Huston University, entitled “Louder than Words: The Hidden Poe of Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace.” The writer stated that “we communicate as many messages nonverbally as we do verbally.” Nonverbal communication comes in many forms which we do on a regular basis without even knowing we are communicating. The main means of nonverbal communication is through kinesics, this form of communication is done so frequently and we are not even aware of communicating. Kinesics is the process by which we move our bodies. Facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and movements are some ways of how we communicate without using words.

The writer defines nonverbal communication as a “silent form of communication.” Nonverbal communication is frequently used to show ones emotion, feelings and to express thoughts or ideas. It is used to convey a more meaningful conversation but can be rather misleading. This misled is due to the fact of how we socialized and differences in cultured.

Too often I am misunderstood by my gestures or facial expression because of my culture. If I walk around with a frown on my face persons are of the assumption that I am angry or sad in most cases I am not. Therefore, I normally tell my students or colleagues that my facial expression is not a true reflection of my feelings or emotion. I’m from a culture where we do greet everyone with a smile.

Physical communication is important but it can be misleading. Although it is the most used form of nonverbal communication, it is of utmost importance to understand a person nonverbal communication cue that way you will not misunderstand the individual feelings or emotions.

Body language or facial expression can send a very strong message regardless of what you say. There is a famous quotation “action speaks louder than words.” Hence, we need to be cognizant of what our action is saying.

After reviewing a scene from the movie Drive it was clear that the actors used several nonverbal communications. The scene that physical communication was more evident was in the elevator. Therefore, when comparing the science of reading the nonverbal communication in the two articles and the scene from the movie, they are basically saying the same thing. Hence the science of reading nonverbal cues is very important. Once you have developed that communication skill you can have an effective communication with an individual without uttering a word and this is what is being displayed in the journal articles and the movie.

In concluding, I am of the belief that nonverbal communication is very important and although there are different ways to communicate nonverbally, the physical or kinesics is the most effective way to communicate nonverbally.  

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