Coaches and Parents of the Turner County Recreational League

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Athletic events, especially at the youth and recreational sport level, is a learning experience and a privilege that allows our children to indulge and observe in their athletic skills, while also strengthening their social and academic skills and so much more. As a coach and/or a parent you are to represent yourself as a role model on and off the property of the recreational league.

Responsibility holds you accountable to need to know that integrity, fair play and respect are lifetime values taught through athletics and are the principles of good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship can be defined as “ INSERT QUOTE” (CITE). To ensure good sportsmanship, we need:

  • To prevent violent action towards officials, opponents and other spectators which are becoming commonplace in today’s society and sports.
  • To decrease the emphasis on just winning and losing an athletic event.
  • To promote ethics, respect and integrity in all aspects of life.
  • To promote the ideal of intrinsic rewards of athletics.
  • To learn the attitudes necessary for responsible behavior.

I acknowledge that I am a role model to the players, parents, officials and boosters. I understand the meaning, value, and principles of good sportsmanship, which includes but not limited to: INSERT SHIT. I pledge to teach beyond the skills of the game and ensure the players know how to win and lose with dignity, respect and grace. I also pledge to be clear and firm about rules concerning our conduct and behavior while serving as a coach for the team and to explain the importance of good sportsmanship to the players and their parents too. I understand that recreational sports are meant to be fun and educational without pushing a winning-only mentality. I hereby accept my responsibility to be a model of proper and respectful ethical behavior, integrity.

I acknowledge that I am a role model, not only to my own child but to others around as well. I understand the importance of showing respect for all players, coaches, fans, booster/support groups, officials, etc., as it reflects on how the athletes behave too. I will be encouraging to opposing teams and players, and participate in uplifting all those involved, including opposing teams. The spirit of fair play is crucial to the well-being of the sport and I am fully aware that good sportsmanship is 100% expected at all times by our coaches and community. I pledge to adhere to the rules concerning the recreational departments conduct and behavior guidelines while viewing or participating in any recreational department activity or game. I also pledge to ensure my child knows and understands the meaning of good sportsmanship. I hereby accept my responsibility to be the best role model I can be and exhibit my best sportsmanship qualities that comes with being the parent of an athlete of the Turner County Recreational Department.

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