The Seven Deadly Sins in Canterbury Tales: in the Grip of Temptation

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As every character in these stories, respect is an important part of these situations. An important character that fulfills this quality is the Knight. He is a chivalrous man, which is very generous, respectful as I said and will always speak with the truth.
The knight was accused of rape. He had the opportunity to be spared, if he gets to find or discover what the woman desires. The knight in his search to the secret of what women desires. he turns to a horrible, ugly and incredibly old witch. The knight asks her what women desires? and then she told him sovereignty over men that is what women desire. He was happy to finally have the answer, which could spare his life.
The knight obtained his answer, but at what costs. The witch demanded him to marry her. He agreed and they are living happily. While one day, they were laying down in bed and she asked him would you wish for me to be ugly and yet faithful or be beautiful and faithless? He answer was that it's her decision to make. She took the decision and she choose to be beautiful and youth. They lived forever happily ever after.

There were three drunk men, they are very good friends. The three friends set out a journey to destroy Death. The reason is one of their friends died. They wanted to destroy it on his honor. In their journey they found a man, the man tells them you guys can found Death under an oak tree in a grove. Once they get under the tree, expecting to find Death. They found a pile of gold. They the controversy starts. Everyone wants the money, and then two of them plot a strategy to kill the other one. They killed him, and then they celebrate that they only have to split the gold between two parts. They opened a bottle of wine and didn't know, the bottle was poisoned for the third friend they killed, and they also died too.

The Death of three friends for the cause of avarice. They first starts to do a journey for a friend's Death. The journey starts to disband at the moment they arrive under the oak tree and find a pile of gold. Then the distrust starts and death comes along with it. First, their friendship died. Second, they all died, because avarice took over and couldn't handle it. And finally avarice it's a friend that becomes your worst enemy.
The carpenter john is a wealthy and very overprotective with his eighteen years old wife. While a student from Oxford named Nicholas aboard together with them.

The young Nicholas and john's wife Alisoun like to flirt a lot when John is not around. There was also a moment in where Alisoun and Nicholas were left alone and Alisoun promises Nicholas they will have their moment to sleep together when the time is right. There was also a young man from the church named Absolon who was also interest in John's wife. Alisoun had a secret romances with both of them, cheating on her husband John. Nicholas creates a plan to have that special moment Alisoun promises him. He told John about a God's vision he had foreseen a terrible upcoming event. John fear for his wife and that's exactly how he wanted to react after hearing such news. He told him that there was a way to prevent this from happening. Nicholas tells John to fill three tubs with food and attach an axe to the roof. As soon as they went to help john they sneak to john's bed.

Once accomplish of their beautiful night together cheating on john. Her other lover Absolon was passing by to get a quick kiss. He suddenly reach for his lover a kiss and accidently or maybe on purpose he kissed Nicholas butt chicks. And then he was mad and left to the blacksmith to get red hot iron pocket. Then Absolon knocks again and Nicholas try to do the same thing again, but this time Absolon burned him with the iron pocket. Then Nicholas starts to yell for help. John heard these noises and accidently the axe falls and breaks a tube and the tube falls on top of John and poor unfortunely he broke his arm. The people from the town heard all this commotions and approach to see what is happening. And he starts to tell the story, Nicholas prepared for him. Nobody believed in him, Nicholas and Alisoun acted like they didn't know and let him believe he was getting crazy.

The church was pretty wealthy in their times before the Black Death. Most church was Catholic, which governed over Ireland, England and basically the entire Europe. There are some different views on the church. After Black Death, the people started to question their priorities. People were choosing a different path. Some started different movements to uncover the truth behind the really objective of the church.
‹Everyone was so godliness to god and the church. To follow Jesus Christ in his path. They were all so committed to it, nobody had ever had sexual interaction. Meaning they are all virgin. If they are virgin how will be more virgin be made if they don't do what is approve by god. Their understanding is that if they commit this type act, called Sex will be a crime to their religion when it's not.

The most benefited of the church was the Pardoner and the Summoner. The Pardoner uses the church power and influences for his greedy, corrupt and abusive intentions. The Pardoner openly admits to take advantage of his position for corruption. The Summoner was the one persuading people for his bad and greedy intentions. This is how the two of them were making the church's image and reputation. Bringing down people's expectation from the church.

Using such religious and something so important to everyone for profit it's so wrong. Taking advantage from the good to use as way for their corrupting objectives. Also knowing the Pardoner had a relationship with the Summoner. Also the Summoner was also known for be preaching for the wrong side, be praying against god from his sacred house The Church.
‹Basically there social status in the pyramid was at one of the highest. This is most likely structure with three different classes; those who pray such as the clergy, those who fight such as the nobility, and those who work such as the commoners and peasantry. A knight represents the highest class in the group, but he also followed by the Miller the lowest in the group.

A woman that not only had traveled a lot through the world just as much as experiences. She had married five husbands. She has experiences the world in others perspective as it is as love and sex. This woman is very tasteful and rich, all her clothes is very expensive from far you could tell who she was. Through her experiences with her husbands, she has learned how to provide for herself in a world where women had little independence.

Maybe she was destined to be this way. Unfortunately she went thought a lot with so many losses in her life. Very unlucky with this beautiful feeling we called Love. But through this she makes something out of it. Really wealthy and very important in this fashion life, everything she wears was very expensive and luxurious. At least something good came after such tragedies from her pass marriages.
‹Between John and Allison was happening everything, except a healthy relationship. Their relationship was to damage for something to ever happen again. It was more like a business proposition for both. He likes her, because she is young and beautiful. She only was with his for his wealth. They were been used by each other and didn't know or didn't wanted to see it.

After that accident with the axe, it was meant to be separation. She was using him. While he works and takes care of her, she was cuddling with her lover Nicholas. Taking advantage of poor Absolon too. If I was John I wouldn't be near here anymore, there is no way, after such thing everything could have a solution or see things differently.

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