The Canterbury Tales is the Contrast

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The Canterbury tales is the contrast of realistic and exaggerated qualities that chaucer entitles to each of the characters.
The wife of Bath is one of chaucers most enduring characters and one of the most famous. She is loud, self-promoting, and extremely aggressive. She begins explaining her story about her life and her beliefs. She is one to follow her own experiences instead of everyone elses. The wife of bath has been married an exceptional five times and marrying all these men makes her think she is an expert on marriges and reationships. The Squire is a young man who's father is the almighty Knight. The Squire is one of the secular pilgrams, of the military group. The knight and the squire have the highest social status. We placed the Wife of Bath and The Squire together because, the squire woud be trying to hit on the wife of bath conidering she was a sexy women and he was a lady chaser. The wife of bath has quite some experience and is currently looking for another man.

He made his household free to all the county. His bread, his ale, were the finest of the fine and no one had a better stock of wine. Franklin is unique because he is a middle class free landowner that is wealthy, acts as the county sheriff and is the local accountant. Many a draft of vintage, red, and yellow, He'd drawn at the bordeaux while the trader snored. Skipper, sometimes known as the shipman, is the fairly straightfoward character who calls things as he see's them. We put the squire and Franklin together because they both enjoy the pleasures of life and this would provoke very many risque stories.To some, people might take the stories the wrong way, while others will think it quite funny.

Her cloak, I noticed, had a graceful charm. She wore a trinket on her arm, a set of beads, the gaudies tricked in green, where hung a broach of brightest sheen. Her real name is Madame Eglantine and she is the first religious character discussed in the book. Her size and forehead are large, yet her mouth is small and her nose is quite fine. She carries a rosary of bright coral beads and has a deep passion for her dogs. It was not fitting with the dignity of his position, dealing with a scum of wratched lepers, nothing good can come out of commerce with such slum and gutter dwellers. Friar is a very religous character that listens to confessions like a parson or priest. We put these two together beacuse they both work at the church and are religious. They can also discuss their own personal beliefs.

His only care was study, and indeed he never spoke a word than was need, formal at that, respectful in the extreme, short to the point, and lofty in his theme. Oxford Cleric is an insightful and thoughtful man. The clerk is a thinking man which means he is pensive. The doctor is a very good surgeon and very skilled. He has certain connections who hep him get the medicine he needs. He is very wealthy and healthy as well. We sat these two together because they are very well-educated and it is possibe they might start arguing since they have different opinions about what they do.

He could make a good thick soup and a tasty pie, but what a pity it seemed so to me that he should have an ucler on his knee. The cooks real name is Roger of War. Being a cook is years of training, a lot of had work, and occasionally low pay. The cook is slightly rotund with dark skin and hair and wears a hat and apron. He also has a good sense of humor. Riding a trot, finally myself-that was the lot. The Summoner does not like the friars what so ever. He is more like the devil. We put these two together because they would both talk about the disgusting wounds all over their body in which to everyone else would be quite gruesome. This would provide an interesting conversation.

A most distinguished man, from the day on which he first began to ride abroad followed chivalry. The knight out of all is most valued and treasured due to his loyalty and honor. The knight is populated with gods and heros of ancient Greece. With a forking beard and motely dress; high on his horse he sat. The merchant is an older man who seeks a women to be his beloved wife. We sat these two together because they would have to focus on other conversations and not much on their own. These two arent very similar besides the fact that there knights.

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