Cannabis Vs Alcohol: which is Worse 

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The legalization of cannabis in a number of states has been a popular move across the United States. Many like to argue whether it should be or should not be legalized. I am here to argue that alcohol is worse for the human body than cannabis — both in which have been legalized in the state of Michigan.

Dating back to 6000 B.C., cannabis was first used for food and textiles. Cannabis has been used for many beneficial purposes. Some of which include bettering health complications, and the use of the cannabis in clothing. More recently, legalizing cannabis has become a trending topic between the states. People have argued both sides in hopes that it will or will not be legalized. However, many are not educated enough to know the effects cannabis and alcohol can have on the body.

Cannabis can be saw as a harmful drug. People say that it is bad, however, my assumption for that is because it is called a ‘street drug’. Many people can argue that it is harmful to the body. It is believed to cause financial issues and the effects it can have on the body such as impaired driving make it to where people who use cannabis are looked down upon. Many of those who do not want cannabis to be legalized are concerned about its use with teens and the younger generations. Statistics have shown that cannabis does, to an extent, affect the learning ability and possibly can stunt brain growth for children and younger adults. Although cannabis can affect the body in not great ways, alcohol is statistically and physically worse.

Alcohol can have some positive impacts on the body. For example, when drinking lightly, alcohol can actually make it so there is less of a risk of heart disease. However, most of the time, alcohol does nothing but bad for the body. Heavier drinking can do the opposite as light drinking, causing there to be more of a chance of developing heart disease. When consuming alcohol, it can, overtime affect the liver, causing it to make it harder for the liver to get rid of harmful substances in the body. According to HealthLine, “drinking can damage the tissues in your digestive tract and prevent your intestines from digesting food and absorbing nutrients and vitamins” (Pietrangelo and Holland). This can affect one’s body in such a way that malnutrition can occur.

Both cannabis and alcohol can affect the development of the human brain. Alcohol can cause the brain to shrink its frontal lobes. The frontal lobes in the brain are what controls your memory, problem-solving, general motor skills and one’s social behavior. If alcohol is consumed at a younger age, its effects on the body may be worse because of the body still being in the midst of developing. Not only can alcohol affect the brain and its functions, but it also can cause cancer. However, in some circumstances, cannabis has been shown to fight against cancer.

One main concern and one of the biggest differences between alcohol and cannabis has been the idea of which substance could kill you first. By far, alcohol is way more easy to die from versus cannabis. It does depend on someone’s body and how it can take each substance. However, statistics show that alcohol has caused many deaths compared to cannabis. According to Erin Brodwin, from BusinessInsider, in just 2014 over 30,700 people died from alcohol consumption. In the same year, there had been no reports for any deaths caused by cannabis. In fact, to overdosing on cannabis someone would have to smoke a total of 1,500 pounds of cannabis in a total of 15 minutes in order to possibly die. After looking into multiple studies, Brodwin stated, “A 16-year study of more than 65,000 Americans, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that healthy marijuana users were not more likely to die earlier than healthy people who did not use cannabis” (Brodwin). But, for alcohol, it is proven that people who drink heavily can have more of a chance to die earlier than those who do not drink.

When it comes to the two substances, cannabis, and alcohol, many say that a person can get (chemically) addicted to cannabis. But, there are no chemicals in cannabis that can cause one to be addicted. However, the only way someone could get addicted to cannabis is the mental addictiveness. This occurs when someone forms a habit of something. It is not that people are chemically addicted to cannabis, but it could be the motion of smoking that they are attached to. This issue can be solved by something such as a fake cigarette or an item that can resemble the product that one is addicted to.

Being apart of a family where alcoholics are present makes it easier to understand the good and bad of alcohol. Alcohol can easily become addictive. This happens when alcohol is consumed, it changes chemicals in the body such as dopamine. When dopamine is released, it creates a happiness and warm feeling to the consumer. However, drinking creates more dopamine than the body can naturally produce causing you to become happier than normal. This feeling can be addictive to those who have low self-esteem, and those who are depressed.

One concern that people have that is linked to the legalization of cannabis is the fact that underage kids will be able to get their hands on the drug easier. As German Lopez, from Vox, stated “Opponents of legalization worry that fully allowing recreational marijuana use would make pot far too accessible and, as a result, expand its use and misuse” (Lopez). However, alcohol has been legalized for decades. Kids can get a hold of alcohol just as easy as they can with cannabis. Legalizing cannabis does not affect whether underaged minors can get to the drug or not. Just because alcohol is sold in stores, in Michigan, unlike cannabis, that does not mean it is harder to get. By legalizing cannabis, this does not affect how easy it is for a child to find and use the drug. Although cannabis is being legalized, it should not be frowned upon unlike the way people look at the use of alcohol.

Whether it be the effects cannabis and alcohol have on the body, or the legalization of a drug many look down upon, cannabis is not as bad as some people may think. Alcohol is bad, causing more damage to the body than cannabis can. But, in the end, there is more to a story than just one side.

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