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INTRODUCTION Cafe Coffee Day is a chain of coffee shops in India having it’s head quarters in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. A division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), it is commonly known as Coffee Day or CCD. It opened its first cafe in 1996 on Brigade Road in Bangalore, and today has the largest cafe retail chain in India – with 650 cafes in 110 cities. Headquartered in Bangalore, a majority of its cafes are also located in Bangalore. The cafe chain has had much success riding, and to some extent creating, the cafe culture wave that swept across metropolitan India following strong economic growth resulting in an increase in youth spending power. It has even tied up with WorldSpace and Microsense to enable its cafes with satellite radio and Wi-Fi, respectively. Its first Wi-Fi cafe was opened on Lavelle Road, Bangalore. CAFE COFFEE DAY VALUES- PRISM [pic] PRIDE – I take pride in my work and in my organization. RESPECT – I respect my customers, my subordinates, my peers and my superiors. INTEGRITY – I will show the highest level of integrity towards my work and my company under all circumstances. SELF – DISCIPLINE – I will imbibe and practice self-discipline in all my daily activities. MOTIVATION – I will always be motivated to give the best for my organization, my team and my customers. COMPANY HISTORY Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (ABCTCL) is an entrepreneurial venture of Chairman, Mr. V. G. Siddhartha.

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His passion for coffee coupled with the opportunity provided by the deregulation of The Coffee- Board in 1993 created the perfect timing for the launch of this company. Their visionary Chairman could foresee the demand for Indian coffee abroad and ABCTCL began exporting coffee to coffee connoisseurs across USA, Europe & Japan. The “Coffee Day” as brand was born in the year 1994. In the year 2000, Coffee Day exported more than 27, 000 tones of coffee valued at US$ 60 m and for the second time in a short span of 7 years retained its position as the largest coffee exporter of India. In this short journey of 12 years, the company has grown into six divisions and has overtaken one milestone after another without looking back. Mr. V. G. Siddhartha has a vision to further expand ABCTCL in the domestic and overseas market. COMPANY BACKGROUND Coffee Day sources coffee from 5000 acres of coffee estates, the 2nd largest in Asia, that is owned by a sister concern and from 11,000 small growers. It is one of India’s leading coffee exporters with clients across USA, Europe & Japan. With its roots in the golden soil of Chickmaglur, the home of some of the best Indian Coffees and with the vision of a true entrepreneur nurturing it, Coffee Day has its business spanning the entire value chain of coffee consumption in India. Its different divisions include: Coffee Day Fresh n Ground (which owns 350 Coffee bean and powder retail outlets), Coffee Day Xpress (which owns 251 Coffee Day Kiosk), Coffee Day Take away (which owns 7000 Vending Machines), Coffee Day Exports and Coffee Day Perfect (FMCG Packaged Coffee) division. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) pioneered the cafe concept in India in 1996 by opening its first cafe at Brigade Road in Bangalore. Till about the late 1990’s coffee drinking in India was restricted to the intellectual, the South Indian traditionalist and the five star coffee shop visitor. As the pure (as opposed to instant coffee) coffee cafe culture in neighboring international markets grew, the need for a relaxed and fun “hangout” for the emerging urban youth in the country was clearly seen.

Recognizing the potential that lay ahead on the horizon, Cafe Coffee Day embarked on a dynamic journey to become a large organized retail cafe chain with a distinct brand identity of its own. From a handful of cafes in six cites in the first 5 years, CCD has become India’s largest and premier retail chain of cafes with 251 cafes in 58 cities around the country. Cafe Coffee Day introduced the cafe culture in India with its first cafe at Brigade Road in Bangalore in 1996. There has been no looking back for their company from then till now, in fact they have grown from strength to strength.

Cafe Coffee day is the regular meeting place for 18 to 35 year olds, both male and female, who are waited on by friendly and informed staff, and are offered the best made, hot or cold , in an invigorating ambience. They provide invigorating ambience and excellent customer service clubbed with excellent coffee to their customers. Each cafe depending upon its size attracts between 400 to 800 customers daily. The following are ABCTCL 6 divisions: Exports – India’s largest coffee exporters. Currently export over 30000 tonnes of green coffee per annum, i. e 15% of India’s coffee exports.

They have also ventured into specialty coffee exports. Coffee Day Fresh and Ground- Maior player in the roast & ground filter coffee segment. It provides a unique assortment of blends at affordable prices. The coffee is freshly ground in front of the customer and sold to him. Cafe Coffee Day – It is a place where customers come and rejuvenate themselves. It is a meeting place for the young and the young at heart. In the cafe Hot and Cold coffee as well as merchandise are sold to the customers. Coffee Day Vending – To serve the man on the move who though hurry does not have to compromise on quality of coffe he drinks.

Coffee Day has its vending machine placed in vendor outlets in major cities. Coffee Day Express – Bridges the need gap between the leisurely cuppa and the bite at the cafe and a quick drink at the vending point. In this segment you would notice kiosks strategically positioned where a customer can not only drink coffee but also grab a quick bite on the move. Coffee Day ‘Perfect’- For mass-in-home consumption section where filter coffee is consumed everyday. The filter coffee is sold in packaged form to the customers. MISSION STATEMENT CAFE FORMATS Cafe Coffee Day has been experimenting with cafe formats for quite sometime. Backed by the motivation of providing customers with exciting choices as well as constantly redefining ‘the cafe experience’, CCD has ventured into the following formats: Music Cafes provide customers with the choice of playing their favourite music tracks on the Digital Audio Jukeboxes installed at the cafe! There are around 85 cafes with such jukeboxes. 32 cafes also provide customers with the visual treat of watching their favorite music videos by means of Video Jukeboxes.

Book Cafes offer the perfect solution to people who think that the coffee experience is incomplete without browsing through the bestsellers or reading a classic. CCD’s book corners accentuate the age-old combination of ‘coffee and books’. This exciting concept has been successfully tested at 15 cafes in 12 cities across India and the numbers are set to grow exponentially. CCD has tied up with English Book Depot, one of India’s leading book distributors for placement and rotation of reading materials appealing to Cafe Coffee Day’s discerning customers. Highway cafes presents the traveler en route not only with good coffee and scrumptious snacks amidst great ambience but also with clean restrooms to get rid of that weariness from the road! Lounge cafes at Hauz Khas, Delhi and Southern Avenue, Kolkata(Southern Avenue) and Hyderabad (Jubilee Hills) combines the style and luxury of a lounge with the lively ambience and comfort of a cafe. With exquisite interiors, exotic menu and thematic music, CCD Lounge offers a whole new experience to the connoisseur while assisting the latter through its team of hostesses who are poise and style incarnate and are looked upon as fashion icons. Garden cafes combine the joy of rejuvenating amidst verdant landscapes and pots of coffee. Cyber cafes combine the urge to surf, & not to mention get connected through the internet while enjoying perfectly brewed cups of coffees, both domestic as well as International blends! These are of course just milestones. CCD is about to launch Sports Cafe, Fashion Cafe & Singles Cafe…….. LOGO For a brand to stand out and be successful there has to be a personal commitment from staff at all levels. The target customers must identify with it. It should be vibrant and have a “life” of its own.

Liveliness, growth, fun and passion depicts our brand, our customers, our staff and our future – this is embodied in our design and colour. Our LOGO colours embody: Red Square= Leadership, passion White Swirl = Purity of purpose, invigorating properties of coffee Green Stroke = 125 years of coffee growing heritage of this vertically integrated Group BUSINESS ASSOCIATION CCD has emerged as an interactive alternative media for brands to communicate with the ‘young at heart’. Other media, such as electronic, print and outdoor, offer brand communication through visual and audio modes to a large section of the populace, both relevant and irrelevant.

Cafe Coffee Day offers a much more interactive, targeted communication, sometimes adding even a taste dimension to a brand idea! Various in-cafe collaterals used to impart visibility to a brand inside a cafe or to add the element of interactivity to a campaign are Posters, Tent Cards, Danglers, Leaflets, Brochures, Coasters, Drop boxes, Contest Forms, Stirrers, Standees etc. Over the years, CCD has successfully promoted a number of brands/products/events through various innovative tactics and promo ideas. Cashing in on its mass captive audience AWARDS AND ACCOLADES

• Cafe Coffee Day was named Food Services Retailer of the Year and Exclusive Brand Retailer of the Year at the 1st ICICI Bank Retail Excellence Awards function in 2005.

• Cafe Coffee Day was rated the No. food services brand in Business World and Brand Equity surveys in 2004.

• Cafe Coffee Day was ranked as the 3rd best” Retail F 6t B” chain in India in the Brand Equity survey in 2004.

• Mr. V. G. Siddhartha, Chairman (Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited) received the ” Economic Times – Entrepreneur of the year 2003 “award.

• Cafe Coffee Day has had a hat trick victory in the India Barista Championship. For 3 years in a row, 2002, 2003, 2004 CCD has won all the top awards and its representative has gone on to represent India at World Barista Championships, winning silver medal in 2002 and 5th place in 2004 for the country. DEPARTMENTS AT CAFE COFFEE DAY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The team decides upon a suitable site where the cafes can be set up. They identify, shortlist, and finalize a site by negotiating with property owners. A significant effort is involved in getting legal clearences and statutory compliances.

After all formalities are completed, the site is handed over to the projects team. PROJECTS: The team comprises of some of the best designers who ensure that the coffee culture is spread across the country through beautiful outlets. All new cafes are built with a standardized design and the look of the cafe is in sync with the brand positioning. They aim to build cafes in the shortest possible time, at the least possible costs to capital outlay. A recent innovation is the Lounge cafes which are set up in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. OPERATIONS: This team achieves their sales objectives and is responsible for the daily running of their cafes in a profitable manner. Customer interaction is very important for this team, as they are the ones who interface with the customer and provide them with a satisfactory service and product experience. Cafe managers train all their employees who are involved in day-to-day operations. The cafe staff is their brand ambassador. The brand image of cafe coffee day is and will be reflected through them by the way they dress, behave and carry themselves , both within the organization and outside.

They are the face of the company since they will be the first point of interaction with the customer. FOOD AND BEVERAGES {F & B}: CCD are a lot more than coffee. Apart from serving the best coffee in the country they also serve a wide assortment of savories and desserts. The various coffee concoctions that they serve are the creations of their F team. They also ensure the highest level of hygiene and food quality. They impart training to the team on the preparation of the best quality of coffees and food at their cafes.

The F team sources and manages vendors who supply food to the cafes. MARKETING: The marketing team is responsible for the brand positioning and all brand building activities that result in increased sales and greater visibility. They are also responsible for the various sales promotion activities and tie-ups. This team designs and manages the merchandise category, which is displayed and sold at their cafes. They constantly track loyalty programs and promotions at the cafes to help minimize sales. The cafe citizen program is a unique customer loyalty tool which helps us to create new customer and retain existing ones by rewarding them with handsome points which can be earned and redeemed at the cafes. HUMAN RESOURCES AND TRAINING: The HR team deals with all matters pertaining to people within their team. They are responsible for recruitment and selection at all levels from team members to the management staff.

They are responsible for employee salaries, career development and councelling. Constant efforts are made for employee upgradation in terms of improving skills and job satisfaction to meet the aspirations of all employees. ACCOUNTS: They look after the day to day accounting and financial activities and also provide them with the financial reports, which will help them, find out the profitability of the outlet.

They help them reduce the costs and ensure compliance and fiscal discipline at the cafes. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM: Their function is mainly to update the point of sale software and the cafe website and provide MIS reports to aid management. They also look into any other system malfunctioning, repairs, and replacements at cafes and offices. The cafe staff is trained on the billing software by this team. Their new initiative is the phased roll – out of the Wi Fi point of sales billing system. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: This is the team which ensures that all stock keeping units of items used in the cafe are received at stores from vendors and distributed to the cafes on time. They receive store orders and maintain the inventory of stock keping units so that cafes do not run out of critical supplies at any point.

Business development team: Cafe Coffee Day have a department-the business development team- who are in touch with a lot of property owners who are interested in franchising and licensing CCD. They normally take up places on long lease. Company finance CCD is a privately held company. The group turnover is expected to touch about Rs three billion now. It was Rs two and half billion last year. Advertisement department The advertisement department tied up with various companies to promote CCD. They also tied up with a channel called Zee English with a ground programme for a popular show called Friends. All the six lead characters were shown often visiting a coffee shop and a lot of youth like watching the programme. That is why they had a contest running where you could win Friends’ merchandise.

The linkage was that it was that it is a youth based programme nd it had a coffee house. They were also involved in a lot of ticket sales in quite a few events, Enrique being one of them. they were involved in WWE, Elton John ticket sales. These acts are very much appreciated by the consumers. The ticket sales is the organisers’ benefit.

They need to tell people where the tickets are available and single Cafe Coffee Day logo says it all. CCD always ask for a certain amount of tickets around which they have a contest. Couples can win ticket for free. This in turn raises the awareness level as cafe staff approaches the consumers to inform them about the contest. There is not a better publicity mechanism then the guy who is serving you telling you about the same. Besides that they also tie up lot of the youth brands. their promise to the customer is that a lot can happen over a coffee. So every time they try to ensure something good happens to the customer. So they have a contest going on with Levis, another one with Scooty, and latest contest with Liril. CCD still doesn’t believe in mass media promotions. But they want to be involved in all the areas of serious consumer passion.

They are doing it with music. About 80 per cent of their cafes have a juke box and a few of their cafes are now book cafes. Next big consumer passion is Bollywood, so they have decided to be associated with movies. they had a Hindi movie Bas Yun Hi and a couple of Telugu and Tamil films with prominent Cafe Coffee Day brand placement.

Later they took a conscious decision of being seen in certain movies like Khakee and Main Hoon Na and Bluffmaster being the recent hit. Another placement area that happened accidentally was with HDFC. They wanted to promote their debit card and they choose us. So all the 21 cafes had debit card machines, just during that month. The ad was shot in a Cafe Coffee Day premises. A lot of serials are shot in Cafe Coffee Day. Recently, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii was shot but they have no prominent tie ups. What they are offering is just a location to shoot in. They do charge a very small amount, which is the direct revenue loss for that period.

They have done ads but all through barter deals. If they get a good deal from any other media, they will definitely go in for a marketing deal. But as an advertisement option or as a marketing spend, they are not looking at mass media. Quality checks Quality checks take place all the time and in several aspects. The operational in-charge will go around checking business, record keeping, service and check the feedback forms. The food in-charge will look at the way food is being stored, coffee is being made, what is the time take to extract the coffee and so on. Marketing person will go about checking displays, how the merchandise are displayed. CAFE COFFEE DAY IN COMPETITION If you are talking about Cafe Coffee Day as meeting place then the park bench is their competitor, if you are talking about in terms of food and chain then McDonalds is a competitor and so are other coffee chains like Barista And Mocha. In fact they are aiding each other in creating and growing the coffee culture. They are not trying to be some one else. They are not trying to be an upper class coffee shop where you can walk in only if you have certain amount of money in your pocket.

These are the upper end coffee shops that have hookahs and the works. They are about an every day hang out. They are about being the third most frequented place after home and workplace or college. So they are like the coffee chains overseas but with about affordable fun. they have a distinct identity; they are about coffee and about hanging out and about nice time spend. HYGIENE & FOOD HANDLING

• Employees use tongs or wear gloves to handle food items. They cannot USE BARE HANDS.

• Cutting Boards and knives to be washed and wiped dry every hour.

• They always have to use clean and dry plates and bowls, cutlery while serving food.

• Clean the refrigerators before opening, and while closing.

• Cannot use chipped plates, cups.

• Cant open the mineral water bottle, tomato sauce sachets, before and also at the time of service

• The racks (where crockery are kept) should always be clean.

• Pantry area should be clean and dry all the time. Food Usage:

• Use first in rust out method.

• Order on a day-to-day basis.

• No food should be kept beyond the shelf life.

The display has to be clean all the time.

• Only the fresh food received has to be used for display.

• Stack foods neatly on display plates.

• All the food, which is supposed to be microwave, has to have a paper underneath and then transferred to a new plate.

• All items stored at room temperature to be covered at all times either by a toed cover or wrapped in cling film.

• All the cakes will be cut when they are received in the morning by the cafes.

• A clean knife dipped in hot water and then wiped to be used to cut the cake. Rinse the knife after each cut with hot water. The appropriate cutlery and accompaniments have to be provided along with the food.

• The food should not be heated along with the cling wrap.

• The food has to be taken care of while packing up the food for parcel order.

• Thumb rule to be followed while storing food in the coolers. (Display as well as back up ones) (All the pastries on the top shelf the vegetarian Savories on the center and the non-vegetarian Savories on the bottom shelf. )

• Reject food items which appear damaged while receiving food.

• Date/Color code stickers should be placed on all food. COMPENSATION & BENEFITS PAY PERIOD: Cafe coffee day’s employees are paid on a monthly basis. One shall receive one’s pay by the seventh working day of the subsequent month. One can access salary slip by logging onto cafecoffeeday. com/attendence, when the window opens click on the “GO” button.

One will have to enter the user name and password. One’s employee code is the user name and password by default.

Once login they can change the password by using the change password option. MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY: Cafe coffee day had a tie-up with insurance agencies with policies such as the group personal accident insurance and group health insurance policy. This is only applicable to employees who are conformed in the organization. Details of the same can be availed from HR department. STATUTORY DEDUCTIONS: EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND: All full time employees who are appointed on the company’s rolls are eligible for the provident fund schemes, which is a social security fund payable to on retirement. As per the provisions, employees must contribute 12% of their basic salary and an equal contribution will be made by the employer. The nomination form {Form 2} is filled at the time of joining. Yearly returns will be provided.

Please collect PF number from regional HR resource. It may take around 15-20 days from the time of filling and submitting the form. EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE: This is provided to employees who’s gross salary is Rs 7500/- p. m. or less and the benefits provided under the scheme are for sickness, maternity etc. the employee has to contribute 1. 75% of his gross salary and the employer contributes 4. 75% of the employee salary under the scheme. The completed ESI form along with two post card sized full length photographs should be submitted for ESI registration. Please collect ESI card number from regional HR resource. GUIDELINES FOR PERSONAL GROOMING AND HYGIENE Clean uniforms have to be worn everyday.

• Store dirty uniforms and linen away from food items and clean linens.

• All male employees should come well-shaved, short haircut, trimmed moustache, and clean and short nails. No full beards or French beards are allowed except for religious reasons.

• Wear a light deodorant to mask perspiration odour.

• A hair net should be in place for ladies with long hair.

• The cap is a protective hair gear. Please ensure that hair is well concealed within the cap.

• All employees should regularly wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap before beginning duty and after taking breaks. Spitting, smoking, chewing gum, betal leaf or supari is not allowed within the cafe premises.

• If smoking outside the cafe premises, use a breath freshener and wash hands after smoking.

• Those with infected wounds, cuts, open sores, boils, intestinal illness, any infection, bruises, coughs or colds should not prepare or handle food. HOW A CAFE COFFEE DAY CAFE IS MAINTAINED? INTERIORS:

• Wall finishes are washable.

Clean them whenever necessary.

• Do not hang merchandise from electrical conducts on ceiling. These are of a clip-on type and loading them will pull them off from their saddles.

• Do not keep wipe pads on the counter top. If terra cotton pots are being used in cafe, they are to be painted with red oxide paint once in 3 months.

• Do not force shut the glass doors, but allow it to close of its own accord. Forcing the door shut damages the spring inside.

• Do not place merchandise on top of wall visuals/mirrors.

• Outdoor cafe floors need to be washed more often. LIGHTS: Red cube lights and cove lights above the servey are to be kept switched on always. GENERATOR:

• Check the water/oil/fuel levels in DG regularly.

• Always allow a fifteen second time gap between switching on the DG and flipping the change over switch. OUTDOOR: Umbrella’s should be opened fully and made taut. They should not sag.

• Umbrellas and awnings should be washed with water once a week.

• Doormats have to be cleaned at regular intervals with water. REWARDS The management believes that rewards offered by the company should be meaningful and valuable to the employees.

The rewards are always based on attainable goals, they believe in SMART goal stetting { S- specific, M- measurable, A- attainable, R- realistic and T- time bound}. The rewards are clear, understandable and open to all. The main focus of the rewards is to recognize performance and motivate the high performers. TYPES OF REWARDS:

• An employee is chosen based on criteria such as excellent customer comments, and maintenance of quality product standards that will be publicized well in advance.

• The “employee of the month” will feature in the cafe magazine “cafe beat”.

• Select “cafe of the month” that will be featured in the cafe beat.

• Select “employee of the month” that will be displayed at the cafe.

• Certificate of appreciation from the regional head.

• Participation in city/ regional/ national cafe managers context.

• Consistent and loyal employees with a good performance will be rewarded with employee stock options. MAJOR RESPONSILITIES TEAM MEMBER Responsibilities Customer service

• Serve the customer with a Smile, to their satisfaction.

• Should collect their handheld from the Docking station wear its belt on their necks and park it in the pouch.

• Provide speedy and effective Customer Service.

• Follow all service standards laid down.

• Ensure customer feedback forms are collected on a daily basis.

• In case of complaining customers, take suitable action to solve the complaints.

• Keep Cafe Manager informed of all complaints.

• Responsible for table turnover.

• Never get into an argument with customers. Should constantly employ suggestive selling practices to make customers aware of new products and current promotion. Cashiering

• Printer is in working condition.

• Cash pouch has minimum float to start with.

• Handheld terminals and batteries are in good condition.

• Manager is intimated about the login password.

• Logout and hand over proper physical count of cash and the terminal to the next person – in the presence of the Cafe Manager- every time you leave the cafe.

• Bills are made for every order.

• Transfer- in and GRN entries are entered for the day. Cold Coffee Products/Food Service Recipes of cold coffee and cool drinks are adhered to.

• Pastry cooler display is setup using appropriate tent cards.

• The temperature of the refrigerator, freezer, and ice cube machine is of desired level.

• Microwave, Mixer, Griller and Oven are in working condition and kept clean and hygienic.

• Shelf life of food is followed strictly and FIFO is maintained for storage.

• Food is dispensed at standardize service temperature.

• Food is handled using disposable gloves and tongs and never bare hands.

• Servery is kept clean and hygienic and avoids all sources of contamination. Cafe Opening Duties

• Setting up the counter for the day’s operation.

• Receipt city store items like coffee beans, cold coffee mix & cups and stationery and perishables like food, milk.

• Check on equipment (pastry cooler, AC, microwave, mixie, refrigerator, ice cube machine, and freezer) for cleanliness and ensure they are in proper working condition.

• Cleanliness of the cafe interiors, exteriors and servery.

• Before they are handed over the terminal, it is the team member’s responsibility to see to it that the terminal is in good condition.

While taking the terminal, if there are damages noticed, Team member shall report it on the register counters signed by cafe manager or his nominee.

• If the terminal batteries need to be changed or recharged then team member shall hand over the batteries to the cafe manager or his nominee and collect charged batteries from him. Cafe Closing Duties

• Cleanliness of all equipment and thorough cleaning of the cafe.

• Checking the physical stock with assistance from the cafe in-charge.

• Ensure food beyond shelf life is discarded and food to be retained overnight is stored t proper temperature.

Assist the manager in compiling reports and updating registers etc. Part Timer/Weekender

• The responsibilities of a Part Timer/Weekender are similar to that of a team member.

• Every Part Timer/Weekender should stringently follow these duties with a smile with utmost diligence, zeal and application.

• The duty hours of the Part Timer/Weekender will be as specified by the City Manager/Area Manager.

• As you grow within the organization, you will be briefed about new role and responsibility. Brew Master Responsibilities

• All standard recipes of coffee are strictly adhered to and maintain uniform quality of these recipes at all times. Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders and dispensers are cleaned and maintained well and all preventive maintenance procedures are carried out.

• Hot coffee is prepared as specified by the F&B Department.

• Excess coffee is stored in airtight containers at the end of the day.

• Grammage and flow of espresso is as per standards.

• Ensure speedy production of pending orders.

• Knowledge about storage and shelf life of coffee and food related products.

• Proper closing and opening of pantry and keeping the work area clean and hygienic.

Manager In Charge Of A Cafe Responsibilities Should maintain a positive image of CCD (cafe coffee day)

• Sport a smile always, as you are the Brand Ambassador.

• Achieve sales in a focused and planned manner.

• Achieving sales target daily.

• Table turnover and efficient customer handling.

• Handle pressure during the rush hours by ensuring proper pre-rush preparations.

• Allocating assignments and targets to the staff working in the floor area.

• Constantly review all suggestive selling practices employed by the cafe staff.

• Ensure all items on the menu are available at all times.

• Responsible for customer feedback forms. Forecast orders accurately to minimize wastage.

• Maintain legally required licenses and others documents as required by local authorities.

• Implement other assignments delegated by the city manager from time to time.

• Should coordinate with the regional head and marketing department for various products launches and other marketing initiatives to improve sales.

• Be responsible for all materials and machinery.

• To ensure that all the terminals are docked to the docking stations when not in use.

• Have complete knowledge of all standard operating procedures governing the cafe and implement the same at all times. Maintain all records, reports and vendor/utility bills correctly.

• Maintain all opening & closing forms and formats.

• Adhere to all opening, closing, quality & consistency standards laid down by the company.

• Accountable for maintaining the stocks for smooth operations.

• All service standards, hygiene standards and cleanliness of the entire floor areas are maintained.

• Maintaining all product standards, coffee standards and recipes as specified by company policy.

• Planning the counter and ensuring proper workflow is maintained.

• Speedy products of all hot coffee, cold coffee, food, other beverages and desserts. Ensuring all machines including the nurit terminal and the kiosk behind the counter are in working condition. Intimate the cafe manager immediately in case of any breakdown.

• Food standards and hygiene are maintained all times.

• Responsible for depositing the daily sales proceeds of the cafe in the bank.

• Ensure all stocks and inventories are properly accounted for.

• Practice wastage control and spot audits so as to have control over the raw material costs.

• Take the responsibility of charging the batteries and docking the terminals. When the cafe manager is not present, only a senior team member designated by the cafe manager shall take responsibility of charging the batteries and docking the terminals.

• Coordinate and leave messages in the logbook regarding pending jobs for the next shifts manager.

• Ensure fresh recruits get both on the job and classroom training.

• Ensure appropriate briefings and meetings are conducted to disseminate information and collect feedback.

• Conduct regular appraisals on the performance of his/her team member and discuss strategies for improvement of their performances.

• Solving customer problems amicably. But if unable to do so, inform the reporting authority.

• Handle waiting customers efficiently.

Fund them a seat and making sure that they do not go away. HANDLING RUSH Typically 80% of the business happens in 20% of the time & cafes will have distinct ‘lean’ & ‘rush’ periods. CCD cannot prepare rush hours during rush period,& therefore they have to prepare well in advance & have the cafe ready in all respects. PRE-RUSH PREPARATION To ease workload & handle rush hours better

• Forecast the sales for the rush period

• Accordingly, ensure there are no stock out situations of any item on the menu. All the stock items or the food items should be well within reach & enough to last during rush hours

• Staffing should be adequate & work should be allotted well in advance & there should be no confusion about who is doing what

• Any breaks for the staff or change of old shift to mew shift staff should happen before rush time starts

• Pep up the staff

• If needed have one staff taking care of table turn over & ensure guests are received & seated

• The counter should be set up in a way that can help reduce clutter, crossovers between work areas & reduce the possibility of staff making mistakes. TIPS

• Portion out cakes , brownies etc.

• Refill sugar bowls , tissue box , straws & food stocks during free time

• Make sure all the cutlery & crockery is washed ,wiped & ready for use

• Re-arrange spoons & plates size wise

• The cold coffee powder dispensers should be full & new packets should be well within reach

• Steam & keep enough milk in the refrigerator for cold coffee

• Clean the milk steamer for good froth

• Fold & keep readily 6 to 8 T/A boxes & 2 to 3 parcel boxes

• Wipe & keep the counter clean & clutter free

• Ensure the servey & seating area is well cleaned . Mirrors , glasses ,table tops etc should be wiped down & floors should be swept & mopped clean

• Place importance on cleaning outside the cafe & replace fresh garbage bags in the garbage bins

• There should be enough diesel in the generator & in storage

• Check air conditioner for efficient performance

• Check water level in the storage tank

• Check water level in the boiler of Espresso machine

• Make sure have enough change in the cash drawer Once pre rush preparations are done, ensure you have a positive mental attitude & work on speed consistently . Enjoy work & be self motivated to beat the rush. Be calm & in control of the situation. A well planned counter, which is set up in preparation for rush hour, will go a long way in providing speedy customer service . A cross trained& multi skilled team member can rotate between work stations to ease any pressure points. PROPER RUSH HANDLING WILL ENSURE: 1. Excellent service, top notch products & a great ambience for customers 2. The operation is well planned & products are kept available readily & we do not get into run out of stock out situations . This means all team members will find handling the RISH ROUR very satisfying & fun 3. That you always evaluate how the last rush period was handled & correct any past mistakes. SEVEN STEPS OF GREAT SERVICE 1. WELCOME THE CUSTOMER Acknowledge customers presence at the cafe. A smile goes a long way. That is guaranteed.

• Open the door to receive a customer & greet him courteously with a smile

• Meeting greeting & seating the customer in a warm & friendly manner sets the ball rolling for the service that follows . It will reflect in voice

• Check whether the customer wants a takeaway or will be seated at the cafe

• Take his preference if possible & direct him to available vacant tables. Request the customers to be seated & introduce self. 2. TAKE THE ORDER & PRESENT THE BILL A confident demeanour & good menu knowledge will help you to assist the customer to his satisfaction

• Hand over the menu to the customer & if not ready return to take the order in a few minutes

• Help the customer choose the right coffee or food by explaining in detail the attributes of the product. It is important that you recommend special product & add – ons & combos of food & beverages to the customers.

Suggestive selling will help you offer customers a better choice of their products.

• When the customer is ready to give the order , use handheld terminal. Choose “SELL” amongst user functions. Enter the table number & the number of people. Take the order.

• Check if the customer is the cafe citizen ,if not, enroll the customer in the cafe citizen program

• Inform customers at what time they should expect order to be served. For eg. ” order will be served in 10 minutes. Sir”

• Print the order confirmation cum bill & place it in the folder on the table. TIP: use one liner terminology to describe product & its benefits to the customer. 3 . SALVER SERVICE Serve the customer at the promised time & know the products that you are about to serve . Pride in products will enhance the customers confidence in their brand.

• Arranged the readied products on a salver

• Serve the food first & serve the cold coffee , hot coffee or other beverages later.

However check the customers preference. For eg. “Can I serve the food items first, Sir or would you like everything to be served together?

• In case of no specific customer preference serve food first followed by coffee/ beverages

• Announce the name of the product while you serve the product

• Remember who ordered which coffee / food in case of a group & serve the items accordingly

• If there are four people gathered at a table, then bring the coffee two at a time.

Else, if you wait to bring all four together, the first two will not retain their temperatures.

• In case there are any delays after announcing the time of service, please keep the customer informed of delay. TIP:Ensure that you have served all the mandatory accompaniments with the food & beverages like sauces , cutlery , napkins etc.. 4. VERBAL FEEDBACK & REPEAT ORDER A feedback on existing service would help you improve performance in future . Also, the customer will feel more valued & important.

• Keep an eye on the tables in allocated section

• Check with the customer if they would like some more coffee , snacks or desserts

• Interact with as many as customers as possible & get their feedback on the service & product. For eg. Hope you liked the coffee Sir! I hope you found the service friendly & prompt. Is there any way we can improve our quality of coffee, food or service TIP: If you ask for feedback, you are sure to receive comments from customers 5 . CLEARANCE Prompt clearance of the tables ensures that customers find the cafe seating area clean, hygienic & presentable when they are seated at the tables

• Clearance should be very prompt

• Clear empty plates, cups & soiled napkins from the table using a salver

• Ensure that the surface & edges of the table is wiped with assigned scrubber . Use a spray gun to dampen the table with a cleaning agent prior to wiping the table. 6. BILL SETTLEMENT & CUSTOMER FEEDBACK MAKE THE POST SERVICE WAITING PERIOD EASY & FAST FOR THE CUSTOMER

• When the customer is ready to leave check the amount of the bill from handheld & tell him the overall amount payable

• Once the customer places the cash, remove the bill folder from the table & clear the transaction promptly

• Request the customer to fill up the comment card. ”I would be delighted if you could kindly fill up our customer comment/ feedback form while I return with the change, Sir! ”

• Present exact change to the customer & collect the comment card. ” change, Sir!

• In case of any negative comment , tackle the situation before the customer leaves the cafe . Acknowledge good comments too. 7. PARTING REMARKS Show customers that we value them & want them to return. A pleasant parting remark would ensure that customer comes back to cafe

• Thank the customer for choosing CAFE COFFE DAY. And how delighted you are to be of service to him. “Thank you for choosing CAFE COFFEE DAY, Sir! It has been a pleasure having you over. ” TIP: It is not what you say , but how you say it! PRODUCTS AT CAFE COFFE DAY Description of various Food and Beverages: Hot Coffees One Line Descriptions: Espresso : Strong black coffee extracted at high pressure and optimum temperature. Espresso Americano : A shot of lightened Espresso diluted with hot water. Macchiato : A shot of Espresso topped up with milk foam.

Cappuccino : Strong milk based coffee with a shot of Espresso, milk and milk foam. It is one of the most popular hot coffees at Cafe Coffee Day. Cafe Latte : Milkier hot coffee, mild and goes best with coffee flavoring syrups. It has a very thin layer of milk foam. Chocochino : A blend of Chocolate ice cream and Espresso garnished with a dollop of milk foam. It is neither a hot coffee nor a cold coffee. It is a warm coffee. Cafe Mocha: Chocolate flavored Cappuccino. Goes best when served with whipped cream. Garnish it with a dash of cocoa powder.

Irish coffee: A light Espresso flavored with a choice of Irish Cream/ Hazelnut/ Caramel and topped with Whipped Cream. Caffeine Kick: Double shot of espresso diluted with hot water. Black Velvet: A’ristretto’strong coffee served around 5-20 ml. Kenyan Safari : An international coffee with the hidden flavor of Blueberry. Colombian Juan Valdez: Rich, mild international hot coffee with fruity flavour. Ethiopian Qahwah : International hot coffee with a hidden mocha flavour.

Hot chocolate : Lots and lots and lots of chocolate. Cold Coffees Tropical Iceberg : Ice blended cold coffee with notes of chocolate. It is the most popular cold coffee across the country. Tropical Temptation : A Tropical Iceberg topped with whipped cream and a shot of chocolate sauce. Cold Sparkle: Ice blended cold coffee with a sparkling taste of coconut, it is among the earliest cold coffees introduced in their menu. Iced Eskimo : Ice blended cold coffee with notes of coffee and cream balanced in right proportions. Arabian Heights : Ice blended cold coffee with a distinct flavour of cardamom.

Vegan Shake : It is made of 100 % pure vegetable fat and does not contain any animal fat & dairy product. It is unique and is being launched for the first time in the country by CCD. Cappachillo : Coffee with sweetened creamy milk served on the rocks. Mochachillo : Chocolate flavored coffee with sweetened creamy milk served on the rocks.

Cafe Frappe : A judicious blend of ice cream and coffee that gives a smooth and creamy effect. Almond frappe : Almond flavored rich, creamy cold coffee with whipped cream, garnished with almond flakes. Choco Frappe: A Cafe Frappe with an extra scoop of Vanilla ice cream and a shot of chocolate sauce, garnished with cocoa powder. Devils Own : A smooth blend of cream and coffee drenched with chocolate sauce and topped up with a shot of whipped cream. Kaapi Nirvana : It is their ultimate signature blend, very Indian with hidden Caribbean taste, won the silver medal in the in the world barista championship held in Oslo 2002. Rich coffee taste, heavy body with creamy texture and does not require any additional flavors.

Fruit Frappe : A judicious blend of ice cream and fruits having different fruity flavors and thick cool texture. Mango Frappe, Strawberry Frappe, Pineapple Frappe, Lichi Frappe, Cold Chocolate). Teas Assam Tea : A strong Tea grown in the best tea estates of Assam. Masala Chai : High grade Assam tea in combination with a Masala bag which is meticulously prepared with pepper, cardamom and cinnamon to give an ethnic feel. Ice Tea : A flavoured cold tea served with lemon juice on the rocks, garnished with a slice of lime. Granitas / Cremosas Granitas : A cool slush drink in different flavour variants Pineapple Crush : Pineapple flavour.

Cool Blue : Orange & hidden flavour of mint. Blood Orange : Orange flavour. Smoothies : Ice-drinks blended with ice cream to give it a creamy texture, which gives a smooth creamy after taste Strawberry/Mango Colada : A smoothie, flavoured with strawberry/mango garnished with whipped cream. Cremosa : A fizz drink served with fruit concentrate, soda and Ice Cubes Served on the Rocks. (Flavor options: Litchi, Ginger Spice and Pina Colada) Desserts Mousse Au chocolate : A double layered Chocolate mousse with a combination of milk a dark chocolate & subtle coffee flavor for all the chocolate lovers. Mocha Pastry : A fresh coffee sponge cake flavored with Coffee cream and syrup. Chocolate Fantasy Cake : Rich Chocolate Pastry pampered with a rich garnish with chocolate truffle swirl.

Pineapple Gateaux : Delicious cream and pineapple-flavoured cake, very light and refreshing. Chocolate Mousse : Creamy, Fluffy, Smooth, chocolate flavored dessert, ideal with coffee. Black forest Cake : The all time favorite Choco pastry with cherries suited to our Indian palate. Sugar/chocolate Doughnut : A deep-fried dumpling doused with cinnamon flavoured top dipped in sugar or chocolate truffle. Date & Walnut cake : Rich butter base Cake made of delicious combination Dates & Walnut. Chocolate Brownie : A rich dessert made with the combination of chocolate, butter, walnuts best with coffee. [TIP: Tastes best with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. ] Banana walnut cake : Delicious teacake flavored with bananas and walnuts Marble cake : A delicious combination of chocolate and vanilla butter sponge best with tea or coffee, topped with pure chocolate.

Try with a scoop of choc ice cream, vanilla ice cream, nuts & chocolate sauce. Cookies : A crisp sweet snack accompanying all coffee and teas with choco chips, chocolate ginger, peanut butter and coconut macaroon flavour options. THE LEVI’S CAMPAIGN The 6” Below the Naval Jeans campaign, the Sykes Reversibles (Ulta Pulta) campaign, the Levi’s 501 campaign, the TLTT (The Levi’s Torture Test), the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ campaign etc all are some of the successful in cafe activations designed and executed for Levi’s. Every season CCD becomes an important media for Levi’s to launch its new range of apparels.

Along with providing tremendous on ground visibility in terms of wall visuals, tent cards, danglers, posters etc. , a contest (wherein customers could win Levi’s clothes) is designed to inject customer interactivity and to add excitement to the entire campaign. The cohesiveness of the entire campaign is accentuated by creating a new drink and christening it as the Levi’s drink for the promo period! [pic] THE SUGAR FREE CAMPAIGN In order to promote Sugar Free, CCD launched a “ Low calorie menu” in association with the former for the calorie conscious. The new menu consisted of a wide range of Low calorie Hot coffees, International coffees, Tea, Tropical Iceberg & a range of veg. and non-veg. food as well as deserts like Lemon Souffle to name a few. This menu was communicated to the customer by means of Sugar Free branded menu boards, menu cards etc. Also, a few bottles of Sugar Free were displayed at the counter to serve as a pointer to the on-going activity. [pic] THE TVS SCOOTY VALENTINE CAMPAIGN The Valentine month in 2004 witnessed an innovative campaign for TVS Scooty. CCD promoted TVS Scooty by means of a creative promotion which besides adding visibility and customer interactivity also conveyed the brand attitude to the end customer and helped them relate to the same. Through the ‘TVS Scooty Valentine Singles Campaign’, customers were asked to enter the contest of why they would rather be single and make TVS Scooty their Valentine that year. To add to the festivities of the Valentine month, CCD created 2 special combos called the TVS Valentine Combos– Hot & Cold (2 ice blended Cold coffees/2 Cafe Mochas with a Chocolate Fantasy). The contest was of course made attractive by the no. of freebies like Sony Discmans & MP3 players etc. which customers stood to win.

Not to mention the Mega prize of a 4 stroke TVS Scooty for 2 lucky winners [pic] THE CHANNEL V- GET GORGEOUS HUNT CCD was the exclusive on ground partner for the national hunt for the most gorgeous female models by Channel V, wherein candidates could drop their entry forms with portfolio at any CCD outlet. The event was heavily promoted by CCD through in cafe branding and on air by Channel V. CCD also launched a new range of ‘Get Gorgeous drinks’ as part of the promotion. Innovative collaterals like branded stirrers etc. were used to add that extra element of surprise. So much so was the success of the campaign that Channel V has chosen CCD to be the on ground partner for ‘Get Gorgeous- Part [pic] THE HIMALAYA HONEY CAMPAIGN The Himalaya Drug Company had recently entered into a tie up with Cafe Coffee Day to promote their honey. This honey was made available through over 100 Cafe Coffee Day outlets across 7 cities, in a 3-month promotion where Coffee Day customers experienced the taste of pure of honey in innovative ways. Honey Cappuccino, Honey milk shake, rich chocolate cake and ice cream topped with honey and nuts! Four unique dishes were conceptualized by Cafe Coffee Day, each enriched with the goodness of pure Himalaya Honey. These were an instant hit with the customers. In addition to honey-based items, bottles of Himalaya Forest Honey were also available in all Coffee Day outlets pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] MOVIE TIE-UPS CCD has become an important national on ground partner for Production Houses to promote movies better among the masses by means of colourful collaterals like – posters, tent cards, danglers et al. Interactivity is ensured by conducting exciting contests around the movie wherein customers with the correct answers stand to win movie cassettes, CDs, movie tickets as prizes and also through a Lucky draw get a chance to win a ‘Coffee date with their favourite movie stars’. Hence, the ‘touch & feel’ experience to the movie. The ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ Promotion: The contest, starting July 10, 2004 ran across 168 cafes in 42 cities for a month, where any customer billing a ‘Shagun’ amount of Rs 301 was guaranteed to win at least one prize ranging from audiocassettes to movie tickets and a chance to enter a lucky draw, which would win them a coffee date with Priyanka Chopra. To heighten the excitement, CCD even created an ambience of ‘Shaadi Season’ with cafe staff wearing heart shaped badges with ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Contest @ CCD’ pinned on their shirts. Creatively designed posters and tent cards in the wedding card format were used as tools to encourage customers to be a part of this contest. [pic][pic] [pic] Cafe Coffee Day in ‘wi-fi’ tie-up with Microsense Cafe Coffee Day, the country’s leading chain of cafes, has tied up with Microsense, provider of wireless computing solutions, to wi-fi enable its coffee outlets across the country. BANGALORE, DHNS: Partnering with Microsense, Cafe Coffee Day has already wi-fi enabled 50 of its outlets across Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. The number would increase to 100 by March, Cafe Coffee Day Chief Executive Officer Naresh Malhotra told newsmen here on Monday. In a phased manner, all the Cafe Coffee Day outlets, spread over 50 cities, will be wi-fi enabled, he added. Pointing out that the cafes had been attracting huge number of business customers, he said the partnership would enable laptop and PDA owners to hook to the internet while sipping coffee at its outlets.

Microsense Director N V Krishna said the wi-fi service would feature plug and play functionality VPN support and always on connectivity. It would be provided through post-paid and pre-paid access accounts supported by a central authentication and billing platform developed and operated by microsense, he added. CAFE BEAT MAGAZINE Cafe Beat reaches more than a million smart, receptive and upwardly mobile youth of India every month. It is one of the most widely read YOUTH magazines in the country and is a part of one of the largest Indian retail youth brands – Cafe Coffee Day. CAFE BEAT FACTFILE: 12 pages, all colour, monthly tabloid. Available at all cafes across the country (226 cafes in 55 locations as of Today! ). Available FREE of cost to customers for in-cafe reading. Many customers also carry it away for their referrals. 38% of the customers at CCD read Cafe Beat (survey conducted in Aug. ’04 in the 4 metros. ). CCD gets around 3 million walk-ins in all its cafes per month. Essentially a youth magazine covering topics like movies, music, travel, lifestyle, e-dating, books, career etc. which interest the youth. Displayed on magazine stands/counter at the cafes.

The new issue is kept on the tables during the first week for greater visibility. Readership profile: Students and young professionals, mostly. SEC A and B. INSIDE CAFE BEAT – CCD’S OWN PROMOTIONAL MAGAZINE pic] Every month Cafe Beat brews a story for the ‘young’ and the ‘young at heart’, a tale that they can relate to, a phase that they have experienced or are doing so and a decoction, which makes them feel FOREVER YOUNG! [pic] Check out the FQ (‘Funk Quotient’) of college bands in ‘Phat Noise’ and witness ‘The Ticket’ review the movies coming to the theatres near you. [pic] Be informed about the list of exciting events just around the corner. You simply can’t miss these [pic] Know more about the latest Cafe Coffee Day launched in your neighbourhood and find the expert, Harish Bijoor throw light on how the cafe of tomorrow will look and feel! pic] Is Sandra Bullock still congenial? Is direction Antara Mali’s cup of coffee?? Get your dose of gossip while navigating through the grapevine. [pic]Mr. Bean talks to the troubled hearted. [pic] Add more Gadgets and Gizmos to your wishlist with the G! [pic] Know who all have bean modelling this month? CUSTOMER PROFILE (TARGET AUDIENCE) The cafe is a meeting place for 15-29 year olds, both male and female who are served the best coffee by friendly and informed staff, in an uplifting and invigorating ambience. [pic] CAFE COFFEE DAY – MERCHANDISE Every one likes to cherish good times with a hope that they last forever. CCD make this a reality, in the form of merchandise, specially chosen and created for the customers to carry a piece of the good times spent at Cafe Coffee Day! So visit your nearest CCD to pick these trendy items of merchandise today!! Funky Caps, Cool T-Shirts, Bags, Mugs, Coffee Filters, Mints. Coffee Powders Arabicaah, Perfect , Charge , Dark Forest . New Introductions Malabar Monsoon premium Coffee Powder Varieties in coffee mugs Funky T-shirts and Caps CCD’s guide to Active Holidays (A travel guide focusing on adventure sports) [pic] Travelguru & Cafe Coffee Day promise holiday shopping [pic] Cyber cafe’ gets a whole new meaning as Travelguru, India’s leading travel portal, today announced a tie-up with Cafe Coffee Day to offer enticing gifts over coffee and cake. A steaming cup could bring with it a holiday in hot Goa … a chilled frothy glass a cool getaway in serene Leh. Travel shopping has become little more than a coffee session thanks to two of the country’s most innovative and youthful brands! Starting December all the way to February 2007, select Cafe Coffee Day outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Chennai and Hyderabad are offering a Travelguru gift voucher with every purchase of Rs. 200/- or more. Every such voucher would take as much as Rs. 1000 off on hotel bills and vacation packages and Rs. 200/- off on air-flight costs.

Both offers are valid for three months. To add to the excitement around the festive season,Travelguru is the sole sponsor for Cafe Coffee Day’s month-long ‘Cafe Coffee Day Santa’ contest. Running through the month of December, covering over 350 Cafe Coffee Day outlets, customers buying two CCD gift certificates may send an SMS message with the bill number to 9880COFFEE. Travelguru will hand out loads of travel gift vouchers to the winners of a lucky draw. One lucky couple will get to enjoy an experience of a lifetime, by winning the Grand Prize – a 1-night cruise experience for two people, courtesy Travelguru. “Travelguru’s partnership with Cafe Coffee Day, the leading vendor in the lifestyle retail space, is an exciting opportunity to market travel,” said Devyani Nagpal, Chief Marketing Officer-Travelguru . This strategic partnership will allow Travelguru to offer customers phenomenal deals on weekend getaways, vacation packages, cruises and hotel stays across 72000 hotels and resorts across the Globe … bargains won over a cup of coffee! ” Cafe Coffee Day Director Naresh Malhotra echoed the enthusiasm: “We are very excited about this strategic partnership with Travelguru, India’s largest hotel consolidator.

This partnership will help us offer our customers the best in travel deals across hotels, vacations, cruises and airfares and meet their holiday needs. This makes their visit to Cafe Coffee Day more experiential and rewarding. Looking to the future, we anticipate offering many innovative travel shopping options, in conjunction with our travel partner Travelguru”. The partnership aims at ultimately providing a unique travel shopping experience to Indian travel customers and making travel very accessible to them. For now though, the crowd that “chills” out at Cafe Coffee Day can go shopping for great value deals on India’s widest range of hotel and vacation options, through Travelguru by just buying their favorite cup of latte! Sourced From :Indian Public Affairs Network AIR DECCAN TAKES CAFE COFFEE DAY TO THE SKIES With Starbucks expected to enter the Indian market sooner rather than later, it seems logical that India’s leading fine coffee-cafe chain Cafe Coffee Day should take to the skies, courtesy the country’s pioneering low-budget airline which now links up more urban centres — 46 at last count — than the competition. Both Air Deccan’s parent company Deccan Aviation and Cafe Coffee Day took off in the same year from India’s Garden City.

Cafe Coffee Day, a division of the Rs 300-crore Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading conglomerate, will now be the single-point vend or supplying snacks and beverages on board all of Deccan Air’s 186 daily flights. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) estimates that when the roll-out is in full flow, the four million passengers on board Deccan Air flights could add up to Rs 20 crore a year to its annual turnover, at an average of Rs 50 per passenger. For Deccan Air, the tie-up could enable the airlines to provide its passengers with reasonably priced snacks and beverages of a standard quality. Which is what its passengers are said to have indicated a preference for in a recent survey. The CCD service will begin with the Bangalore-Chennai flights, and will be extended to other sectors rogressively. Since CCD has a pan-India footprint, the strategy can be implemented seamlessly even in smaller hinterland towns, where the competition —in both aviation and the fine coffee cafe segment— does not have a presence.

The MoU to this effect was signed today by Air Deccan managing director Captain GR Gopinath and Cafe Coffee Day director Naresh Malhotra. Speaking on the occasion, Capt Gopinath quipped that another factor he and Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading chairman VG Siddhartha and he owned neighbouring coffee estates. [pic] pic] Cafe Coffee Day outlets dot on pilgrim’s map Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), a part of the Rs 300-crore Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co Ltd (ABCTCL), pioneered the cafe concept in India in 1996. From a handful of cafes in six cites in the first five years, CCD has today become India’s largest retail chain of cafes with 300 cafes in 68 cities around the country. CCD is now betting big on temple towns as areas with higher footfall catchment to push business volumes. It records 30-50% higher sales from these areas vis-a-vis regular outlets. With a range of products customised to suit the needs of the travellers, Sudipta Sen Gupta, senior general manager marketing, CCD in an interview with Bosky Christopher of Food & Beverage News spoke about its plans to take the number of outlets further up to 500 by June 2007. Excerpts: Nothing catches the eye as much as a swank CCD outlet as one enters temple towns. Identify these outlets and are there any plans to open more such outlets? In 1996 with the chain’s first cafe at Brigade Road, Bangalore, the company realised that the urban Indian youth was looking at a place to relax and unwind and CCD filled this need gap. The largest retail chain of cafes has today become one that every customer relates to as his/her neighbourhood ‘hangout’. There is an element of familiarity that prompts one to visit the outlet while one is on transit, thus CCD has outlets at airports, gas stations, highways, tourist destinations and what’s more even popular temple towns such as in Katra there are two cafes (en route Vaishno Devi), Amritsar there is one cafe (the Golden Temple), Bhubaneshwar there are three cafes (en route Jagannath Temple at Puri), Mathura highway has one cafe (birthplace of Lord Krishna), Madurai has one cafe (the Meenakshi Temple). Also within metros there are certain cafes right opposite holy places, which show a marked increase in sales on certain specific days. For instance, the cafe opposite the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai records a marked increase in sales on Tuesdays every week or during the eleven days of Ganesh Chaturthi. In Bangalore, opposite the cafe at Malleshwaram there is a Sai Baba Temple that draws a good number of pilgrims on Thursday/Friday particularly in the first week of the month; Sabarimala, a place that is frequented by pilgrims from November-January culminating in the rare view of a sacred ‘Jyothi’; at Manipal which is close to the Udupi Lord Krishna temple, is frequented by pilgrims who visit here during the Janmashtami and last but not the least the churches which are nearby the Panjim/Miramar cafe in Goa include Old Panjim Church, Dona Paula church , St Inez, Caranzlem, Teligao that are very significant religious places for travellers from Europe, etc. CCD has immediate plans to open outlets in Tirupati, Varanasi and Allahabad.

What is the volume of business at these outlets? CCD has been tracking results and it has been observed that there are about 500 walk-ins per day. Also the average daily sales at these outlets en route holy places are 30-50% higher than the regular CCD outlets, not counting the flagship ones. How are the products customised to suit the needs of the devotees? Typically a pilgrim walks into a CCD outlet en route the holy place owing to recall of the brand. Most domestic pilgrims at some point in their own city or town have visited a CCD outlet, therefore they walk into a CCD at a holy place most of the times knowing what to expect. However, since most are traveling, dry, take-away foods like cookies sell more. While the potential at such places cannot be underestimated, are there any concerns pertaining to logistics and cold storage? At certain times there are challenges owing to certain cafes being at high altitudes and transportation being sparse, however, over time we have learnt to tackle these issues better.

What is your strategy on the marketing and promotions front? Interesting promotions with youth-oriented brands invo

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