Biblical and Spiritual Connection

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The readings for this assignment are from week 4. The theme I chose focuses on a biblical or spiritual connection. Being a religious or spiritual person is similar with being someone whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others. In most experiences the energy of love creates us and sustains us. Self-Identity, Freedom, and Death are brought about in “”The Story of an Hour”” by Kate Chopin. This short story introduces a woman’s position as she deals with the sudden death of her husband. The second choice I was drawn to is the poem “”To my Dear and Loving Husband”” by Ann Bradstreet. The love being described relates to fairytales. The genuine love for her husband is clear and evident. In the poem “”To My Dear and Loving Husband””, (Bradstreet) we have a devoted Christian woman that can’t openly express her love but wants her husband to know it. In the short story “”The Story of an Hour””, the author talks about a devoted wife that loves her husband on the outside, but inside her feelings can never be known.

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“Biblical and Spiritual Connection”

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In Kate Chopin’s “”The Story of an Hour”” it is written as a short story. In this short story, the author portrays a complex display of Mrs. Mallard’s emotions as she is disheartened yet blissful. Mrs. Louise Mallard needed to be free from her husband, her inner feelings of course, she has had to disguise the confining disposition of her life at this point. The husband’s apparent train accident has happened in the springtime. The author notes the birds were singing and that flowers were blooming. Normally, you would associate death with darkness and cold. Chopin word choice symbolizes Mrs. Mallard’s newborn freedom when brought this news of the train wreck. This quickly languishes once her husband Brently is discovered to be alive. The alleged accident, she realizes, has released her from the confinement of the demesticated life she has lived, bringing with it a freedom she did not recognize she has wished for. Louise Mallard immediately dies once Mr. Mallard returns home unharmed. Keeping in mind, that most women were under the control of their husband. during the 19th century. Louise recognizes an opportunity that she now can escape from this burden. In this story, the death of her husband was her escape. There is melancholy tone being the unspoken happiness that seems to rule her life and is realized only when she receives word of her husband’s death. Mrs. Ballard is spiritual in her feelings, but a devoted wife non-the less.

The poem “”To My Dear and Loving Husband”” by Ann Bradstreet, begins with a description of a wife depicting herself and her husband as united beings. She implies that there is no one in the world that is as proud of her husband as she is. The author takes us on a more spiritual aspect, letting us know that nothing she can do can repay her husband for the love he has shown. The wife hopes that Heaven can give him a reward for that great of love. In many educated teachings, love is all that that is Heavenly. The writer talks about reaching the heavenly afterlife and regaining the lost love once one that has passed from this earth. This poems tone is passionate, emotional, and endearing. The speaker of this poem talks about her affection regarding money and riches for two distinct reasons. Now and again, she utilizes the riches that is esteemed on earth to indicate how unimportant material belonging are when contrasted with emotions. Bradstreet uses imagery to describes the love between her and her husband. Her deep and genuine love for her husband is very clear and truthful. Clearly, the author wants to portray a devoted and spiritual being.

Each poem or short story this week held a biblical connection. Each writing developed a spiritual nourishment for the reader. Here readers draw conclusions from the love of wives, conjugal love and devotional love. It is a great feeling for a significant other to know that despite all the hardships of life, it wouldn’t want to be experienced with anyone else. Following traditional beliefs, passing love and light to everyone we encounter, will make for a wonderful world.

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