An Importance of the Spiritual Faith

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Death has perpetually been the common debated discussion concerning human's belief. As we all know death is the closing journey in life; hence, all living beings will inevitably die. It is part of nature, yet a mystery nobody has endured telling. It is said to inspire people's works. Although, death is still a story as the entire human community still wonders how it runs on people's lives. Nurses perform an essential role in caring for dying patients and their families. Because of this, nurses need to evaluate their beliefs and feeling of death before providing care to patients.

Personal Experience:

Back in 2011, I was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) I was carrying for one of my patients who was neared to death and had a status of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR). 68 years-old female was diagnosed with bone cancer taking treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. But the therapies were not helping help, so she decided to go on Hospice care. Her family was unhappy with her decision and was not readied to let her go yet, but she was prepared to go to heaven. A few years ago, during one of her hospitals stays she had filled out an advanced directive. She entirely agreed with her decisions that she made. However, she was dying and did not want her life to be continued any longer than it had, because she understood the severity of her condition and knew that her life would nevermore go back to what it used to be.

After one and half month on her final days, a hospice nurse came to give her morning bed bath. I was her CNA, and I still remembered when I was helping the hospice nurse giving her morning bed bath she was skinny, pale, her mouth, and eyes were dry, her body was cold, and skin appeared to be weeping and moist. Her family was at the bedside with her to say their goodbye and they knew she would be passing any time. Now that I got the news, I undergo all the stages of depression and grief. As I learned about postmortem care during my nursing school, I clean my patient and prepare a person for immediate viewing as wanted by family members. I quietly stay with family for a while to support them. I found her family was still holding her hand, crying, and pleading with God. It addressed me understand that life is too short. I gave families unlimited time and provide privacy.

Personal Faith and Death:

Inside the United States, we ought to consider Immigrants from across the earth that various traditional cultures including religious faiths. Being health care professionals, we necessarily possess in-depth knowledge regarding diversity. To speak about culture including the holy faith one has just enough skill of religion and spirituality. As a health care professional, it's essential to know the fundamental component about each faith to implement that best possible care to each of the patients. However, it's impossible to be knowledgeable about all religion presented to healthcare workers. In order to give optimal care, it's imperative to evaluate our patient spiritual faith also its part in their health care.

We all grew up beside loved ones alone around us; it is our families, friends, also pets, and several times we do not deem that we will ever lose them. Placing me in the dying position my biggest fear would be leaving my family behind. The feeling of being never seeing them after death is unexplainable. But either way death and dying is a normal part of human being life. It is a natural part of a person's life, in that what has a beginning will ultimately come to an end.

Nurse's Rule and Post-Mortem Care:

Caring for a dying patient is a necessary part of each nurse's duty. However, it is now a fact that caregivers frequently have struggled in dealing with such activity. Throughout the end of life care nurse should recognize an end-of-life care plan, advanced directives, including caregiver support (Potter & Perry, 2017). The nurse's primary role in caring for a patient before death includes talk to the person even if the person does not respond because they can hear you. Keep the perineal area clean and dry, the position for comfort, administer medications to maintain symptoms of pain, restlessness, avoid noxious stimuli and do not force a person to eat or drink.

The nurse's first role in caring for a patient after death is clean the patient from head to toe, removed all equipment, indwelling, and tubes lines such as feeding tube. It is a nurse responsibility to applied identify name tags on person and closed the eyes if its open. Documentation the entire event and notified provider, chaplain, and mortuary. Dress a client for transport to the morgue or funeral home per facility contract.

California Advance Directives:

Most people think that advance directives are for older adults that however are just not true. Advance directives are a way for our families to make medical decisions for us when we are in a critical state. I appreciate my quality of life. I have always wanted to support other people that's why even though after I die, I planned to donate my organs because some peoples in the world are waiting for organs to received and live their life. I believe becoming an organ donor after death is not merely an essential decision for myself. Still, it is further a necessary choice for the life that I may have the ability to save.

Nurse's Role in the Dying Experience

One of the most remarkable things as nurses we can do for patients that are dying is to implement the best reasonable care for them and their families and friends through the last phase of life through death. It is necessary that the nurse performs thorough assessments, rapid response to changes in status, rapid titration of medications, and timely discontinuation and an introduction of interventions aimed to promote comfort (Potter & Perry, 2017). Make sure you maintain the patient essential dignity and respect during the last phase of life. I deem training will help, and respecting patient's wishes and dreams for ending of life care need to be in considerations.


Caring dying patient was an excellent experience for me to see because situations like my patient she was willing to "go to heaven" but a family was not ready yet to phase that phase. As a nurse, in the future, I most likely be caring for a few patients like this, and it is good to see different situations. Some patients may have family that agrees with the patient, some may have family that doesn't recognize when the patient wants to be on life support, and some may be like the case I had. My practice will prepare me to understand with the patient's family during the end of life care. It is testing to deal with the loss of a loved one, but acceptance makes it a bit smoother to move on.

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