Bibi Moore Campbell is a Woman you Can’t Help but Admire

Have you ever heard of the book Singing with a Comeback Choir? This is one of the many books written by Bebe Moore Campbell, an author who wrote five successful novels, two nonfiction books, and two picture books. She worked as a freelance journalist for five years. She also inspired others to start writing their own books. Black history month is where you learn about the past of really important African Americans. I think Bebe Moore Campbell should be recognized because she was an inspirational writer, she faced and overcame many challenges, and she tackled tough issues that African Americans experienced.

Bebe Moore used her ability to write to help people with social conditions. She helped with issues of racism and with the mentally ill. She wrote about how African Americans need to help one another by connecting to one another. She used to write about how people that connect heal each other. “Her body of work illustrated courage, determination, and commitment.”

“She was one of the greatest writers of our generation because she wrote so specifically about our generation, those of us born just as Brown replaced Plessy. She also wrote about the ways black people connect in the social landscape that was just newly created with our generation,” says Adrienne Ingrum, a friend and the editor of one of Campbell’s first books. On the day of Campbell’s death best-selling author Terry McMillan said, ‘I just think she was one of the smartest writers we have. People loved her kind of work. Some people remember her as the petite dynamo. “She had a strong need to fix things,” says a longtime friend of hers. It has also been said that “she thought that there was always a way to fix something.” Bebe Moore was not the kind of person to do things halfway or just settle. She would go to whatever necessary extremes to complete something. She was a person of intense focus. She was the kind of person that wanted to line up the stars.

Probably the greatest challenge of Bebe Moore’s life was her battle against brain cancer. Even in the midst of this battle she was determined to continue to use her platform of writing as a voice of influence and change. Many thought she would be to weak or tired to write in her condition, but she would not let it stop her. This shows so much about her character, her love for others and her passion for helping people. It’s clear that Bebe Moore was a very determined and courageous person.

These are some reasons that I admire Bebe Moore Campbell and think she is worthy of recognition for black history month. She fought for the African American community and many others, she helped them overcome important issues, she was an inspirational and successful author, and she stood in the face of adversity with courage and integrity.

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