An Examination of the Book, Ain’t i a Woman by Sojourner Truth

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Reading can take you to a place that you cannot imagine. Authors have a way of transporting you into their story so that you can believe you were actually there. You can live a full life just by reading a story, a book, a novel, or a speech. You get the impression that you are in the situation that they are portraying.You feel so many emotions, and that is when you are truly drawn to the writing of the author.

From reading the title "Ain't I a Woman?" I postulate the reading is going to be about a woman in the time of slavery, when women were not treated to the same degree. During this time, women were viewed differently from men and judged by the color of their skin. White and black women had different rights and jobs to maintain, as they were ordered to do so. Everyone should be treated equally, no matter the color of his or her skin, race, or gender. This reading, I would imagine, is going to contain facts and thoughts about the topic of equality during the time of slavery.

The content of the book can be subjective, depending on your beliefs and views. This content was not surprising to me because I have read and heard much about this topic throughout my years of school. However, I thought parts of the content were interesting because I have never heard it explained in that particular way. "He says women can't have the same rights as men because Christ wasn't a woman," for example (Truth).This part piqued my interest because I had always assumed that they simply did not believe women were as strong and powerful as men.The message of this reading is very powerful and serious. I felt a little of what women had to deal with during this time period.

This style of writing by Sojourner Truth is very informal. In this reading, it feels as though the author is having a personal conversation with you. I believe this is a representation of how she would have spoken in real life. I enjoy reading speeches such as this one because it gives you a sense of what life was like during those times and what the people actually thought. The passage is a very serious piece explaining to the people her interpretation of how white and black men treated women and how they believed they should be treated. Sojourner appears genuinely enthusiastic about the topic of her speech, which is ideal because you want your audience to be interested in what is being discussed.To me, this style of text is very persuasive in catching a reader's mind, and it makes you think back to what it would have been like.

The significance of the subject in "Ain't I A Woman?" to me personally is that I am a woman myself. If we did not have women like her and many others who spoke up about this topic, women would still be treated that way. If life were how it was during slavery, we would not have the freedom of speech or the ability to get a job or an education. My life would have been drastically different if we lived in the world she has described.

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