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There are many leaders in the world, but only a small percentage can actually lead. The book, Lord of the Flies, is a novel written by William Golding. The story is about a group of young British boys who have experienced a plane crash. And as a result, they end up on an unknown, uninhabited island, and they stay on the island for quite a long time before they get rescued by a British navy officer. During their time on the island, they are threatened by the imaginary beastie. With the threat of the beast, it changes how the two leaders of the boys, Ralph and Jack, lead their own groups. Throughout the story, Ralph and Jack both lead very differently, and they both have great qualities for being a great leader. Overall, Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he understands people's needs thoroughly and he also establishes rules to organize his group.

Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he understands the needs of his people thoroughly. After the election of the leaders, Ralph wins and he notices that Jack is upset because not only does he lose the election but also he loses the power that he had over the choir boys. By understanding Jack's need, he knows that he is in charge of the choir, so he lets [the choir] be what [Jack wants] them to be (Golding 23). By knowing and understanding Jack's strong desire for power, he shares some power with Jack to satisfy him. This demonstrates that Ralph can understand what Jack needs, and he provides him with a solution.

Later, when Ralph calls for the assembly to address some problems that they have, he brings up the need of the shelters, because if it rains like when [they] dropped in [they'll] need shelters all right (Golding 52). Here, Ralph wants to build shelters for his people to prevent them from getting the rains, and he also wants to make the littluns to feel safe so they don't get nightmares that often. The littluns will also feel protected from the beast. Ralph knows what the needs of his people and the littluns are, therefore he provides them with a solution which is building a shelter. Understanding people's needs is important because if the leader doesn't solve the problem that the people want him to solve, then he won't be a great leader. Here, Ralph not only understands his people's need but he also provide them with the solution by building shelters. Ralph really illustrates that he understands his people, therefore Ralph is a better leader.

Besides being able to understand his people's needs thoroughly, Ralph is also being able to establish rules to organize his group, another crucial skill that a great leader should have. During the boys' first assembly, Ralph establishes a rule in which [he'll] give the conch to the next person to speak and [the speaker] won't be interrupted: Except by [Ralph] (Golding 33). Here, Ralph creates a rule which anyone has the conch gets to speak during the assembly and have their voice heard by all the other boys without getting interrupted by other people. Ralph simply creates a democratic society which everyone has equal rights despite their age and their physical strengths. With this rule, the littluns' voices can be hear by all the other boys without being interrupted.

It also benefits Ralph to hear every voices from his tribe, so he can make any necessary adjustments and not leave any important voices out. It highlights Ralph's excellent leadership skill by establishing fair equal rules for everyone. In addition to the rule of speaking, Ralph also establishes another rule that helps him to organizes his tribe very well. During an assembly, Ralph comes up with another rules which is when his people needs to use the restroom, they will have to go behind a rock. Therefore, Ralph tells them that If [they'll] taken short [they] go right along the beach to the rock (Golding 80).

Here, Ralph comes up with another rule which is when people needs to use the restroom they must go behind the rock. By coming up with this rule, it displays that Ralph wants to keep the place clean instead of messy. And that helps Ralph organizes his group because if they all don't go to a certain place for restrooms then the place will be filthy.By coming up with this rule, he also puts restrictions of where people should use the restroom, therefore all the people will do the same thing, and his tribe will never runs out of order. An excellent leader like Ralph will always try to prevent things to run out of order, therefore Ralph establishes rules to organize his group and keep all the things in order. So, Ralph has excellent leadership skill in terms of establishing multiple rules to organize and manage his tribe really well.

However, some people may judge it from a different perspective and think that Jack is a better leader only because he has experience as a leader. When the boys are electing a leader, Jack thinks that he ought to be the chief...because [Jack's] chapter chorister and the head boy(Golding 22). Here, Jack does have an advantage of having past experience of being a leader in a choir. Whereas Ralph who doesn't have any leadership experience before, therefore having an experience does give Jack some sorts of advantages for being a leader.

Even though experience can help someone to be a great leader; however, the experience that Jack has does not help him to be a great leader in this situation. Leading a choir is disparate from leading a group of young boys at different age level to survive on an uninhabited island with no help from any adults. In this situation, a great leader will be able to come up with rules to organize his group and being able to understand his people's needs thoroughly. Those are the crucial requirements for being a great leader for the tribe, and the experiences that Jack has are not going to make him a better leader in this situation.

Besides having experience, some critics will still argue that Jack has excellent leadership skill because he can bring unity into his tribe. To be honest, Jack does bring people together as a whole. When Jack and his people are doing the dance during the feast under a scary thunderstorm, the boys found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society...that hemmed in the terror and made it governable. (Golding 152) Here, Jack brings unity into his tribe by providing his people with meat, and he also creates a dance that makes his people feels secure.

Jack is doing a pretty good job of making sure that everyone is full and feels secure. However, the boys are only united and feel secure when they have the meat; which means the meat brings unity to the tribe, not him. Once the people doesn't listen to him, he will start using force and violence on them as in Wilfred's case. Although Wilfred angers Jack, however Jack should never use violence on him just because Wilfred doesn't listen to him. On the other hand, when Jack doesn't listen to Ralph and decides to leave, Ralph doesn't put any violence on him and he also doesn't forces Jack to listen to him.

To become a great leader, Jack shouldn't put any forces and violences of any kind on his people; because in the long run, people will start to get angry for the way Jack treats them and a revolution can occur. Instead of using violence, a leader that knows how to lead should always try to understand what his people is thinking, and try to comfort them by providing them with the solution that his people requests and bring the people together this way. Likewise, Ralph does a good job in trying to understand his people thoroughly and also tries to provide them with the best solution to their problems.

It's true that Jack brings unity to his group but the ways that he uses to bring unity into his tribe isn't the way which an excellent leader will use. Therefore, Jack doesn't have the qualities that will make him a better leader than Ralph.
Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he understands people's needs thoroughly and he also establishes rules to organize his group.

Ralph understands what the littluns' needs are therefore he provides them with shelters. Ralph also understands that Jack needs some sorts of power to satisfy his desire for power, therefore he gives Jack the power for being the leader of all the hunters. Some might argue that Jack is the better leader because he has experience of being a leader for the choir; however, the experience that he has doesn't help him to lead the boys and survive on this uninhabited island.

In addition, some critics will still argue that Jack has better leadership skill in terms of bringing unity into his tribe; however he uses the wrong way which is using violence and force to bring unity into his tribe. Therefore, Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he has excellent leadership skills in terms of being able to understand his people's needs thoroughly, and being able to establish rules to organize his tribe.

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