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Steve job is the co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Apple. He didn’t get this life style very easily behind their success there is lots of efforts and struggle. He belongs to middle class family but he worked hard and at the end now everybody know that Apple is a Big company. Apple is working since 1976 it’s a very innovative and emerging company now a day. In starting he working is car garage after had some problems with his partner he left the Apple company than Steve start a new company but after some time he rejoin the Apple because his partner don’t know how to handle the company than after some time he came back to Apple and after coming back in company they face very hurdles but the time change within 10 years it come on the top rank in business week 50 in 2012 It also get success in iPod market and then apple started the journey of its success and still its making a good products and give the best quality to his customers and Apple is also working on style and functionality of the their products and In the market of computer , Laptops , IPod , iPhone and other electronics products. They are going towards the success.


Basically Apple company is known as a Apple Incorporation in Market the first PC of company is make on 1st April 1977, and integrated the company is 3rd Jan 1977 in place of California The Founder of that company which name is Steve jobs who was expelled in 1985 and return as a seat of the CEO in 1996 with the innovative and smart ideas and after the lots of work he come up with the idea of IPod player in the year of 2001 Then Apple proved again that it’s a Best brand the entire world and they give them best quality , Best versions , best operating system and Best offer to his customers and If we talk about the latest era of that company they make all product on based of on its own Operating System which is IOS they Install this software in all Its devices and everybody know that now Apple is a biggest technology market in the world They earn $65 Billions according to the 2016 Now its about more than 49500 employees working in a different type of offices , Branches and Headquarter in the entire world It also get selected for Fortune magazine which is most admired company in United State in the year of 2012.


We have believe that we are now the face of the world for produce a best production in the electronic world we also believe in the collaboration with our employees or in our groups which is allow us to innovative the skill of that particular person or company employee we believe in team work because in our view no one get the success alone we choose the professional people which are best in their field we give them a work according to them strength , weakness and skills which is very useful for increase a efficiency of our workers , engineers and company employees.


Now we have mission to work on the technology that is coming in future and now we also working on a best personal computer in the world which come along with OS X, iLife, iWork and other professional software which will be very helpful for personal work and a small business as well we also introduced a magical iPad which can have ability to define our costumers the future of mobile and it can also tell them a computing devices.


Basically this company is very famous for team work and team building as well it all about creating a new thing which will be helpful for people and also get the things done in a short time with the help of customers’ demands they fill up all needs and wants no matter what’s a rate is because they have a great goodwill so with the nonstop demand the team of this company is not working on individual it believes on team work the company consider a many aspect which can helpful for create a new product as we all now that it’s a big brand so according to marketing its also very far better than their competitors they advertise their product in a very decent and a good manner so lets a look of team work basically in this company if you have a idea to product a new product so you have to make a team first than they working together for a same product which is increase a efficiency of a employees a in the owners view teamwork dependently trust on group and team which can working on develop a program or any system of the Phones and the other thing is that I the same way they manage a production in a group as we know that k co-founder of that company is Steve but on the back hand is team that is work on their products Basically they have several steps for team.


  • First is only one person in a charge
  • Second is team of project must meet the owner at once in a week
  • Third is team will be start at the top organization
  • Fourth is trust is also a key of success
  • Fifth is components have authority to a wonderful argument
  • Sixth is decision making in the hand of people of employees
  • Seventh is arguably is also very essential for team


In his view the greatest thing in the business are that it’s never done by one person. They done by one team of the people or employees (Steve Jobs)

Apple have a zero community they organized everything like entrepreneur when he or she going to take a new start-up we distributed work one person is charge for a hardware one person of charge is other thing as same as one person of charge is for marketing and one person is charge for finance that’s why they organized like a start-up and I’m sure that it is a biggest start-up on the planet and then they meet in every week it’s a three hours meeting on that meeting they telling the new ideas, innovation and other ideas that their employees find in the previous week and then Team work beginning we all sit together a try to collaboration with every person in the team work so for example if we making a phone so the man that working on software who have a great collaboration with his other employee in his view team work is all depend on trust on the others because the thing is not every team member watching the other members because it’s not possible so we have a great trust among it that’s we done it very greatly some time they have a several times for the same project its possible just because great effort of the employees or members so what the Steve job do they just go to meet every person means we can also say who led the team we also work on problems as well.

Team work is also rule of his co-founder in 10 rules of his company.

In his co-founder view team increase the efficiency of employees because not every person has all skills that is required for production of any product so they believe in team work in the team some people have some difficulties for making any project but with a team you can show skills that you have and the other person also can do some work for you if you have any difficulty in it so that’s a good thing a team work if you are good in software so you do work on software if you are good in hardware so can do work on hardware but in the case of individual if you have a difficulty in a individual work so you don’t have any option to solve it you have to be done by yourself.



In my view strength of that company is that now it have goodwill people trust them that it’s a best company for electric devices just like watches, Phones, Computer & operating system as well.


The biggest weakness is the high prices because some of the people thing but they can’t buy that just because of high prices this company must need to decrease the prices of their so then their production will be more go up and they can earn more profit.


It’s a growing company and as the GDP is increasing so the consumption of their product is also increase is a opportunity if they maintain the level of quality so they sells will be more than right now so they start plan of Increase their business where the population is increase but it’s must a develop country like Australia, Canada, England.


So now it’s time to talk about a threads of that company literally they don’t have any thread but it’s just have thread of their competitor for example Samsung is a big brand if Samsung release a more better phone or any device so the sells f the Apple will be decrease so it’s just only a thread.


Apple have lots of competitors but in the market of smartphones It’s have a competition to Samsung and other famous brand if we talk about a computers it’s have DELL & HP they are big brand that can compete with Apple some people like IOS but some people like Android if customer want to buy a Android so they consider a Samsung and people don’t like android so they have a best option of IOS means IPhone and in laptops they have competitors of SONY, Samsung and Lenovo as well so there is big competition among them.


It is a thing that organization have a way of doing work so if we talk about this company for their strategy they have strategy to focus on quality more than quantity because once its founder said “Quality is better than quantity” so that is strategy for just focus on quality and the second thing is they every member should be participative in every project in the strategy term they are stars in the world which is grow and still growing very fastly Its also have strategy to continuously developing a new ideas and technology and place in the market that they also add a simplicity in their devices if you take a look of any devices of that company then you will find out that this is simple amazing.

Second is uniqueness in their products and they don’t consider a price war in where strategy the first thing that why they doing or plan as it’s a need or requirement of their customer after get the answer of this question thy go for a how they do this thing they calculated all available resources and finance as well and after the work why & how at the last the thing what they have to do the thing that can complete the wishes of their customers and they start working or their plans, goal and other targets their can provide a product.



In a short term now they are working on IPhone XI which is going to release in 2019 as we know that duration of the short term planning is minimum 1 year so that’s why they now working on XI and like every time on this time they also add new features and functions in their Phones and they also work on the software which name is iworld, ilife and other function this a new feature by Apple that expected to come in IPhone XI and also going to upgrade the IOS version.


In a long terms planning they working on upcoming technologies which can more helpful for humans so that’s a long term planning on the other hand they also working on their software like as a mention above that ilife and iworld is upcoming software of Apple then after the success of their software they work on upgrade their software like upgrading the versions of IOS.

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