Ancient Aztec Religion

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This research paper will explore the Aztecs geography, politics, social structure (socio-economics), economy, religion, and inventions/contributions. The Aztecs were mostly practicing human sacrifice. As a result of them doing human sacrifice they were always on the move and getting kicked out of places. Until they found Tenochtitlan, the new aztec empire.


During the time Aztecs were around and settled down there were a largely amount of buildings such as houses and temples. They also have bridges so the can get to the mainland from Tenochtitlan instead of using boats. Even though they do use boats to get to their floating gardens in the water. The Aztecs were one of five major civilizations in what is now called mexico. It covered about the same area that Mexico covers today. They built Tenochtitlan in the valley of mexico on islands in Lake Texcoco. As told in Louis Warburton's book, Aztec Civilization, Huitzilopochtli, the sun and war god, told the Aztecs that an eagle on a cactus was a sign that their long journey to find a home was over. In the book, What the Aztecs told me, written by Krystyna Libura she states that the aztecs walked in the order that they go to war in: first the priests, a day later the captains, and finally the warriors. In Peter Lourie's book, Hidden World of the Aztecs, he teaches us that the aztec empire is getting dug up and put together by archaeologist to find untold stories.


Politics is the debate and activity involved in governing a country, there are many beliefs and views in different times and states. The political structure was the palace of Moctezuma their ninth emperor which is his home, private room, on top and an administrative center on the bottom as shown in the book, Aztec Civilization, written by Lois Warburton. Their emperors were elected for life by a group of nobles not pasted down from their fathers. They were a government type called monarchy because they had an emperor which was like a prime ruler. The Aztecs politics

Social Structure (socio-economics)

Many schools now are free but in the aztec time they were all free. All the kids learn skills of what they might do when they get older. For example, boys learn how to hunt and fish and girls learn how to cook and weave. Education was very important and the punishment was severe. The parent would put their kids over a fire so the smoke would get in the kid's lungs or you can be left in a puddle tied up. Aztec social structure is way different then our's now.


Modern people today don't trade as much as the ancient aztecs did back in their time. They used to trade for mostly anything and not pay until the made money. Now, we use dollar bills in California but they used cacao beans and quills filled with gold dust as money as stated by Tim Wood in his book, The Aztecs. This showed a big difference with aztecs and modern day.


Ancient Aztecs were polytheistic, having many gods and goddesses. They believed in the following gods and goddesses: Chalchiuhtlicue the goddess of the lakes and streams, Chantico the goddess of the hearth, Chicomecoatl the goddess of maize, and Coatlicue the goddess for the pain of life. Also, Huehuetectim the god of fire, Huitzilopochtli the god of war, sun, and the nation, Mictlantecuhtli the god of the dead, Quetzalcoatl the god of knowledge, creation, priesthood, and wind, Tezcatlipoca the god of magic, war and death, and Tezcatlipoca the god of speech and language. Lastly, Tlaloc the god of rain, Tloque Nahuaque the god of everywhere, the one supreme force, both male and female, Xipe Totec the god of spring and new life, god of suffering, and Xochipilli the prince of flowers, god of dawn, dance and love. They worshipped 4 goddesses and 10 gods. They believed that Hernan Cortes was their pale-faced, bearded god Quetzalcoatl, returning to claim the land, well half of that was correct he did want to claim the land.


Most of the foods that we thought the aztecs made they just showed it to the world. For example, chocolate, gum, or even popcorn. They made chocolate with cocoa beans that they also used for money. They showed popcorn to Hernan Cortes and he was confused but amazed then Hernan Cortes spread the news. The mayans really made gum but Aztecs made it popular,

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