Montezuma: King of the Aztecs

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Montezuma was born in cintra 1466, at the time the Aztec empire spread to present-day Honduras and Nicaragua. Motezuma II became the ninth emperor of the Aztecs he ruled from 1502 to 1520. During this time period Montezuma II increased the taxes and asked for more human sacrifices. When Spanish conquistador Hern?- n Cortes came to the Americas many Of of His People turned against him. Cortes later captured. The Aztec King and ruled the aztecs through hiim some time after he was killed and the Aztec empire fell, it would later be known as present-day Mexico

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“Montezuma: King of the Aztecs”

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Montezuma II king of the Aztecs MontezumaII gained control over the aztec empire from his father in 1502 A.D. Montezuma lead the empire through a golden age until the fall of be the empire. He created provinces that paid taxes to the capital tenochtitlan.Montezuma was also a big believer in human sacrifices this was also a form of paying taxes by sending people as sacrifices.Under Montezuma’s rule the Aztecs created the modern calendar. They created the system for the days months and leap-years, this is one of the longest lasting inventions of all time. Aztecs also devoted themselves to beauty, poetry, and music an example of this is Montezuma’s crown Moctezuma’s headdress was probably worn when he met Cortes.

Originally a helmet of gold topped with 400 feathers. No one is really sure of how he died. He could have been killed by Cortes and his men when they felt as if he was no longer useful to them. Other sources say he was killed by his own people, who felt as If he had lost them the empire. He probably died disgraced in June 15 after His Death He was succeeded by his brother Cuitl- huac, then by his nephew Cuauhtemoc, the last of the Aztec emperors.


In reality the Spanish may have just provided the excuse needed for an inevitable civil war. The Europeans didn’t conquer the empire alone, they were only a part of the force that changed the order of thingsb in Mexico. The belief that the Aztecs took the Spanish as gods is coming into question. The Aztecs were religious, but they were not uneducated. It is questionable whether it was the superstition of Montezuma that was the cause of his downfall.

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