An Extremist Christ

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In 2001, the US experienced the worst terrorist attack ever recorded on its land. A total of 2,977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC and outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania2. Economical losses were also tremendous as $123 billion -estimated economic loss during the first 2-4 weeks after the World Trade Center towers collapsed in New York City. Two years earlier, the movie fight club came out in theaters and stood as one of the most successful and controversial plots established. Fight club defends strong voire extremist worldviews against ways society is established economically and socially. Fight club underline religious analogies, to promote an idea of salvation from identity problem, and contrast barbarism and masculinity, and finally enlighten the liabilities of economical system.

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“ An Extremist Christ”

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Jack is a man who lives in. He is single, has a decent job, owns his own apartment and has an average economical social status. He lives for what he has more than living for But like man people Jack has an identity Jack is not

Fight Club use religious analogies to address salvation and identity problem. John the Baptist baptized people for them to repent and be prepared for the arrival of a man who is the son of God and will deliver them from their sins. Jesus means salvation for those who were waiting for him to come. Religion is an important theme that is carried throughout Fight Club and it sides along with people social insecurities. Tyler is created by the narrator out of necessity, encompassing everything that the narrator lacks and offering ‘salvation.’ In a sense, Tyler could be comparable to Christ. The narrator and others look up to him for guidance and salvation. He offers this salvation; however, you need put your full trust in Tyler. Tyler preaches that, “Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”(70). In essence, Tyler is offering them a type of rebirth but only until they are willing to give of themselves . In Luke 14:25-35, Jesus gives us an idea of why He asks us to give everything up for Him. Here he basically says, “Here. This is what it costs to follow me. Everything. You can may lose your possessions. You may lose your family. You may lose everything. And if you’re ready and willing to do that, you can follow me.” This parallels the religious ideals of such as Christianity. Christ gave his life upon the Cross to save humanity. But even on the upon the Cross Jesus maintain trust in his father and did not redeem from his mission. One has to love GOD and let him into ones life; fully trusting him, in order to be a ‘good Christian.’ Similarly in fight club, “…Tyler said if I loved him, I’d trust him” (89). There are rules of fight club that everyone must obey, similar to the Ten Comandments that Christians must follow. If it were to parallel it to religion, Fight club in a sense would represent a church. The men go there and from that experience gain clairity and a type of peace, Tyler is a representative of Christ, whom the men respect and follow. Project Mayhem; therefore, would be in a sense missionaries, spreading Tyler’s word.

Graphic violence and ultraviolence have been the axis of numerous popular American movies since the 1960s. The idea that a man should demonstrate his strength is still dominant nowadays. Refusing to fight is a sign a “weakness” because real men fight.

Fight Club encourages masculinity and barbarism. No one expects Jesus to come out of heaven and says “Be a man!” Yet Tyler is not as soft as Christ. Jesus demonstrates through his ministry that love and humbleness surpass everything. That we must live by love and demonstrate it to each other. Jesus never promoted violence in his preaching. He says that only by peace and love would a man find salvation even if he dies for his beliefs. By love, Christ bears the scars upon the cross where he gave his life and his flesh. On the other hand, Tyler believes a man finds salvation in the grief of his flesh. For this he organizes bloody fights between members of his club. He preaches “I don’t want to die without any scars.” In sense, Tyler depicts a more masculine Christ. The narrator and the members of the club find joy fighting each other. It These scenes support the contemporary idea that “real” man are not afraid of pain. For a masculine audience, it is more intimidating cause if they do not compel with the reasoning of the movie, they are not man.


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