A Complicated Life of Jesus Christ

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The story of Jesus Christ continues to be inspiring in the current time. Most individuals know Jesus to be our heavenly father and great protector. There have been many individuals that have questioned the birth and death of Jesus. The life, death, and teachings of Jesus continue to guide and provide Christians with information about Jesus and how every individual can better themselves by becoming Christians. To be ultimate in life, one must live for Jesus Christ and carry out their life as he did for everyone.

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“A Complicated Life of Jesus Christ”

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Throughout the years, Jesus Christ has been known to have many names. Even though Jesus is known by several names, his passion still lives on through the lives of Christians. Uncovering the life, death, and resurrection has been a great attraction to many individuals around the world. Many individuals seek to learn as much history as they can about Jesus. The worshipping of Jesus Christ varies between the different parts of the world. In each religion, individuals viewed Jesus and other deities differently. The life of Jesus Christ was also based on controversy and some of which, opposed evolution. Today, after many years since his crucifixion and ending to his life, Jesus Christ continues to bring a positive reflection and meaning to our lives today.

Jesus was born on December 25 around two thousand years ago to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Since the birth of Jesus, December 25th has been known as Christmas. The Gospels Matthew, Luke, and other Christian doctrines believed that Mary was a virgin when she was found to be pregnant with Jesus and considered Jesus to be conceived by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus became older, he became a Christian and a Jewish preacher.
Jesus was also a very faithful religious leader, who was the center to the religion of Christianity. It is believed that Jesus was born around three to six BCE. Even though no one knew the real date and age of Jesus, it is believed that he was in his early thirties when he passed. Jesus was not known to be Jesus Christ until after his death. During the life of Jesus, he was a great and satisfactory attraction to many individuals around him.

According to Borg, Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Jesus is the light in the darkness and Jesus is the one who allows us to see. The metaphorical language in the gospels allows us to view the character of Jesus Christ from the gospel of John. Borg also outlines that Jesus Christ is the bread of life, as well as describing Jesus as the gate and the way. The meanings of Borg’s decryptions are rational.
Jesus Christ was considered to be the bread of life because he wanted people have food and not suffer from hunger. Even though Jesus is not an actual gate as Borg states, Jesus does want all individuals to know that he is the way that ought to be follow. Every Christian should continue to follow the path that Jesus once did. Christians and other denominations should value what Jesus Christ sacrificed for all and should want his life to shine through them.

The glory of Jesus pours from some individuals more than others but all Christians value everything about Jesus Christ. The ethics of Christians are of moral good and this is what Jesus wants us to be a part of. The morality of Jesus is based on how Christians should live their life while using the guidance and inspiration from Jesus Christ. The primary ethics of Jesus were a great part of the New Testament and formed a high understanding of the historical ethical teachings.

The character and characteristics of Jesus are like no other. He is the creation of all. Jesus is the reason for not only the season, but for all of everything created beyond the galaxy. Without his sacrifice, no human, animal, or material items would exist. Jesus blesses all his creations with such passion, love, and serves peace and tranquility for all. The love that Jesus has given is greater than any sin ever committed. The blessings he has provided may not always be seen in our time but will occur when it is right in his time.

From the love of Jesus, to the styles of his proselytization, both still shines and plays a great role on individual Christian lives today. As the centuries pass, the love for Jesus has become stronger by Christian all around the world. Jesus is omnipotent and has all strength and is the most powerful figure of all time.
Jesus traveled the world and taught for a little around three years. When he taught, he would teach in parables. During his time preaching, Jesus had upset the Romans. Jesus was also feared by several Jewish leaders. This was because of the challenges that he had brought up against traditional authorities.

The baptism of Jesus marked the beginning of his preaching and teachings to the public. Many people chose to follow him after the baptism. There were always large groups of individuals following Jesus. The followers were attracted to Jesus because he was different. He showed compassion and healed many from sickness and sin.
Jesus also sent out followers to prepare the cities and towns for his trips and visits that he would be taking.
When Jesus traveled to Jerusalem, he warned many that his death was near. It was at this time that Jesus had shared a last supper with his twelve disciples and was later deceived by one of his followers. The disciple and follower would later be known as Judas. After deceiving Jesus, Judas was condemned by the highest Jewish priest.
It was at this time that Jesus was brought to the authorities. During the time of his arrest, the disciples of Jesus went into hiding, some of which denied knowing who Jesus was. The Roman authorities charged Jesus with treason and decided to punish him by execution him. Jesus was then nailed to a cross and was left hanging there until after Sabbath.

Today, the he crucifixion and passing of Jesus Christ are now honored on good Friday. Good Friday is the celebrated Friday before Easter Sunday and has undergone many changes throughout the years. On this day, many Christians observe the say with grief and penance, while others fast.

On good Friday, Christians come together and read about the Gospels and take part in the admiration of the crucifix. They often eat bread and drink wine. Various regions throughout the world, individuals are worshipping and respect Jesus in a variety of ways.

His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Sunday. This is known as the commemoration of Jesus. This memorial is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Also, in the early Middle Ages, the Holy communion took place.
After the body of Jesus was removed from the cross, he was put inside of a tomb.

Even though the life of Jesus Christ ended abruptly and at a young age, his legacy continues through the lives of Christians today. The encouragement and inspiration of the life of Jesus Christ lives on through Christians today. When the end of time comes, all who live the life as Jesus has wanted them to, will get the opportunity to meet him in the great heavens above. Until then, we as Christians should enable positivity through the hearts and minds of others.

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