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In The CNN Article Trump says he wants a Comprehensive Investigation on Kavanaugh- but decries Trauma Judge has gone through it states that Trump wants the FBI to do a comprehensive investigation but a quick investigation. Trump says the Senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority. I want them to do. Whatever that means. Trump also says It's not fair to Kavanaugh for the accusations to linger. Trump says Kavanaugh's life was good until the accusations happened. The trauma for a man who has never had any accusations, Trump says (CNN October 1st, 2018).

This quote shows that the reporter who wrote this story didn't really know much or at all about this case. And they just wrote whatever they wanted without getting facts on the Kavanaugh case. The reporter didn't have a clear enough story or knowledge to this case so the reporter just wrote whatever came to mind. In the New York Times Article The White House Tells F.B.I. to Interview Anyone Necessary for Kavanaugh Inquiry Trumps wants the FBI to interview the 3 accusers. But only one of the 3 accusers remembers what happened to them the day they say Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them. The other 2 accusers doesn't remember what happened to them that night. The third accuser doesn't have enough credibility. Trump says I want them to do the Comprehensive Investigation. Trump also says the senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority. Whatever that means. Trump says  I think so, It's fine if they do, I don't know. That's up to them.

This article talks about background checks. Christine Blasey Ford is the first person who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. But Christine Blasey Ford told her husband she was a victim of sexual assault, then later in the years told The Post that she told her husband she was a victim of physical abuse. She clearly lied about really lied. This article also talked about that the people who were friends with Kavanaugh back in high school that was also in the house at the party when Christine Blasey Ford was sexually assaulted said they didn't remember Kavanaugh mistreating any women at the party. This article also said that Trump says He will not take in any considerations of the democrats in this investigation because it would be hypocritical that he knows some democrats who abuse drinking alcohol. In this article is seems like the author who wrote this article knows a little more about the Kavanaugh case then the other article. But in this article it focuses more on what trump has to say about the situation then what the Kavanaugh case is really about. Reading this article i got a little more understanding on what the Kavanaugh case was about and what happened, but i still feel like i don't know the whole story.

This reminds me of what i learned in my American Government class about how social media and news cast portrays what goes on in the world online, that social media allows people even the news cast to add things to a news story or take out information to a news story to alternate to what they want people to know about. I feel like in this article the author who wrote this article liked Donald Trump and made this story to show that Trump was a good guy and added facts to make trump look like a good guy and anyone who was against trump and against Kavanaugh was the bad guy. When a news reporter is bias when writing their news article it makes the readers turn to that reporters side and makes the readers only see one side of the story instead of seeing both side of the story.

News reporters only tell part of the story and by the readers not knowing the whole story they tend to take the little bit of information they have and start telling the public their opinions and that isn't good. In the ABC News Article Trump calls for Comprehensive but quick FBI Investigation: We don't want to go on a Witch hunt, do we? However, the president said he does think Kavanaugh should be interviewed by the FBI. "I think so," the president said. "It's fine if they do. I don't know. That's up to them(Dwyer Faulders Fishel Karson Santucci Smith October 1st, 2018).

Trump also said that was confusing was "My White House is doing whatever the Senate wants. ... It is up to me, but I'm instructing them as per what I feel what the Senate wants."( Dwyer Faulders Fishel Karson Santucci Smith October 1st, 2018. In the article is said that Trump defended his nominee, saying that many high schoolers drink beer and go crazy( if you ask me yeah many high schoolers might drink beer and go crazy but not all of them get accused of sexual assault). The article also talks about the 3 accusers having an interview with the FBI and they was questioned on what happened to them that night they claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them. The way a news reporter tells a story can tell the readers how little information they know about the topic or how much they know about the topic and choose to not put too much information in the story.

In the CNN Article it seemed that whoever wrote the article didn't know enough of the Kavanaugh case and decided to write about whatever came to mind. With the little information about what the author had to say about the case told me the author knew nothing about the case. In the ABC Article it was different than the CNN Article because it had more details then the CNN Article. But in this article it shows us what Trump's response to some of the questions being asked and it seemed that he didn't really know what he was saying or how to answer the questions. He just used some big words to sound smart and he also contradicted himself at the same time. In the New York Times Article the difference was that it talks less about the trauma that Kavanaugh maybe facing and more about the FBI Investigation. Sometimes news reporters say somethings the same in their articles. Like in the CNN Article and the New York Times and the ABC Article some things they said the same in each news article was  trump said he wants a comprehensive investigation but quick investigation. Another thing that each of the news article said the same was I think so.It's fine if they do. I don't know. That's up to them. And the last thing they said the same was  the senators and the Republicans and the Republicans majority.

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