Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed by the former president of the United States of America in 2010, and its provisions were majorly favoring the U.S. citizens. It was anticipated that this act would tighten the healthcare system. Some of the provisions of that act include; health prevention and promotion, reductions of care cost, fairness in the treatment of patients, expanded coverage, the establishment of new care models, and Medicare preservation (Rak & Janis, 317). However, the Affordable Care Act has so many disadvantages as compared to the advantages which mean that it should be killed. President Donald Trump should do all he can to put a stop to the affordable care act. ACA was built on conservative principles, healthcare spending in the United States of America is out of reach, the act did not provide mechanisms for controlling drug cost, it has no requirement to cover long-term care, and it does not provide coverage for eye r dental care. For those reasons, the affordable care act should be done with away with. The affordable care act was built on conservative principles where the profit health insurance corporations are kept at the center of health insurance. This system is very inefficient in that; it has high administrative costs and high sales costs or else high marketing costs (Squires et al., 10). The profit health insurance corporations need to shoe continued profit growth, therefore, increasing the costs of healthcare to very high costs so that they can continue making more profits. That is why most people prefer paying the tax than using insurance covers because they feel that the insurance companies are simply exploiting people. It would be much better if the Medicare for all would be more focused on reducing expenses on healthcare. The healthcare system in the United States is very expensive and cannot be compared to any other healthcare system in any other major country. The costs charged by hospitals, doctors for consultations and other healthcare service providers are very high. Despite the high costs charged in the healthcare systems, the services provided are very poor and do not match the health care expenses. Health insurance providers have so much greed that all they care about is the profit but not the wellbeing of its customers. The health of the people should be given the first priority if at all the affordable care act is meant to improve the healthcare systems as it claims. Obamacare should be killed because all it is doing is just exploiting the citizens of the United States. A Medicare for all systems should help to control the costs in healthcare by ensuring that servic3s are provided at reasonable fees. The affordable care act does not provide a mechanism to control the cost of drugs. Drugs are a very important requirement in healthcare. Once someone has been diagnosed with a certain illness, they need drugs to help in healing. However, Obamacare does not provide a mechanism that can be used to control the cost of drugs. The drugs are so expensive for Medicare patients hence making the system very inefficient (Squires et al., 13). People are finding it very costly to buy drugs. Obamacare does not have a requirement to cover long-term care. Long-term care is highly needed by elderly people. Their segment of the elderly people in the U.S. is growing and they need a long-term care because mostly old age comes with long-term illnesses which need long-term attention. The affordable care act neglects those who might need long-term health care. It is therefore not efficient for all. It should care for all people regardless of their illness. Long-term illnesses are very costly to cure and therefore the system should treat such an issue as a priority. That is why the affordable care act should just be abolished because it does not care for all. Another reason why the affordable care act should just be killed is that it does not provide cover for eye and dental care. Most of the people in the United States feel that the costs for dental and eye care are very high and such illnesses can be very serious. Dental and eye issues should be addressed with urgency whenever they occur because they are very serious and painful but people do not receive good care for the same because the costs are very high and they are not covered by the insurance. Obamacare should not assume dental and eye care because people suffer a lot when paying for dental and eye care. Generally, the affordable care act benefits the health insurance providers and not the citizens of the United States of America as it is supposed to be. The insurance providers are just aimed at making more profits without looking at the welfare of their customers. It is so unfortunate that the affordable care act is proving hard to kill because of the small benefits it has but it would better if it is eliminated.
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