Analysis of the Affordable Care Act

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This paper explores four published articles that explain the Affordable Care Act. Research done on the Affordable Care Act differs slightly from my online (Internet) research. This paper will examine the benefits and drawbacks of The Affordable Care Act.

Keywords: The Affordable Care Act, insurance

The Affordable Care Act

One of the main reasons why I chose to write about the Affordable Care Act it directly affects me and my family. I am a single mother of 4 children and a monthly premium for private insurance for a family of 5 is outrageous. When I first heard about the Affordable Care Act before doing any research to see what kinds of benefits it would give us it sounded like a great plan. It would help those that lived with a lower income to finally be able to afford private insurance and not have it be such a huge expense or take half your paycheck. However, upon further reading and getting to the facts of the Affordable Care Act that was clearly not the case.(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2018)

The premiums were incredibly higher than if you had private insurance so the cost they spoke about being low was in fact not but even higher. If by the end of the year you do not have private insurance or the Affordable Care Act, you will be fined as such each year after that the fine increases even more for each member of your household. If you can't afford the insurance, it's seems to be cheaper than paying the fine each year to not be insured. To help pay for the Affordable Care Act the 1% are paying for it through additional taxes each year. A huge impact many did not see coming was the response of the employers. They are cutting hours of employees to avoid paying for this new insurance.( Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions, 2018) That one alone impacted me greatly. I was reduced from a full-time employee with benefits.

Some of the benefits are that it would slow down the rise of health care costs in time helping more people without insurance. A huge benefit for those affected by pre-existing conditions is that they would be covered under the Affordable Care Act. The middle class that were earning at what is considered poverty level could receive tax credits on those premiums that they paid. It helps young adults that would normally be coming off their parent's insurance when they hit a certain age but in turn allows them to stay on that insurance longer. The pros and cons effect all sides no matter if you are rich or poor this Affordable Care Act will somehow impact you.( Bihari, M. (n.d.). What You Should Know About the Affordable Care Act) I see the biggest part of the impact if for those that don't want to have to be insured being penalized for that decision. That is their choice to remain off insurance for whatever the reasons may be whether it be cost or just a personal choice but now being punished for that choice by having to pay the penalties. A family that couldn't afford private insurance now could possibly afford it. However, me and my family it's still not cost effective to be on the Affordable Care Act. Just easier to pay for visits when I need them for my children.

Politics have played a huge role there were a lot of mixed information being put other there after during and even now regarding the Affordable Care Act. Republicans against it and Democrats for it. Makes it so you must side with one or the other. There's really no middle ground regarding the Affordable Care Act. In hoping with the new president that we will have a better healthcare or a reform to the Affordable Care Act. It shouldn't be something that's forced upon us Americans but rather an option that we have when choosing healthcare for our self and our families.


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