About 40 Percent of Land Area is Used for Farming

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About 40 percent of the U.S. land area is used for farming, with 2.1 million farm operations generating nearly $400 billion in sales (55 percent from crops and 45 percent from livestock) and more than $100 billion in net farm income in 2013 (ERS, 2014i; USDA, 2014b). The livestock and poultry account for over half of U S. agricultural cash exceed $100 billion per year (USDA), the beef industry also exported in 2011 was 2, 788 billion pounds, $5,042 billion or 10.6% of that year’s total production (USDA).

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“About 40 Percent of Land Area is Used for Farming”

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The livestock sector is socially and politically significant, it accounts for 40 percent of agricultural gross domestic product, they employs 1.3 billion people and creates livelihoods for one billion of the worlds poor.(USDA) For instance, pigs, pigs can be call pork and is used for Fresh pork. Fresh hams, bacon and also sausage. In the U S A chicken is the most common meat that consumers eat.

Chicken can be used as a chicken broth, soup, chicken breast, chicken petit, fry chicken and baked chicken also eggs can be derived from chicken. Another acceptable factory farming product is the Turkey which is used for Thanksgiving. Socially, factory farming is very important they are always use for parties, eating in a social gathering, but there is a controversy; most consumers has stop consuming because of the medicine use for curing these animals when contracted disease. The food or meat we eat influence the state of our health, the CDC researched that food related diseases have killed most Americans each year, in 2011 597,689 people died from heart disease, 574,743 died from cancer, 138,080 died from chronic lower respiratory diseases, 129,476 died from stroke(CDC)

Gastrointestinal anthrax can occur after eating undercooked meat from infected animals, avian influenza is cause by the virus and it affect poultry, just to name few, for these reasons’ consumers prefer to stay a vegetarian. They also prefer to stay vegetarian because of various reasons to lose weight. Also, vegetarian vegan diet lower the risk of the above diseases. According to an article ‘’ Factory farms produce huge volumes of manure and droppings that are recycled into manure and spread on crops as fertilizer. However, the waste is collected in open lagoons and left to runoff into waterbodies, contaminating drinking water and killing aquatic life’’.

Legally and politically, animals should be protected like humans not to be killed every minute or hour. Animals has the right to leave. According to thoughtco an article written ‘’Animal rights activists oppose any killing of an animal for meat, whether it’s done in a slaughterhouse or a forest, but there are arguments specifically against hunting that are important to understand, like hunting for resale. The sociologist is against the domestic abuse of and the abuse of humans. A boy or a girl may abuse animals for perverse pleasure, retribution, or as a means of acting out. They also acknowledge the impact of legal killing of animals and has advice farmers to get a license to kill factory farming animal. Animals has the right to leave because they have similar levels of biological complexity, are conscious and aware that they exist, know what is happening to them, prefer some things and dislike others, make conscious choices, live in such a way as to give themselves the best quality of life, plan their lives to some extent and have a quality and length of their life matters to them. It is so sad how all animals including factory farm animals go through a stress and depreciation moment in their lives. This movement supports the idea that all animals are to be treated humanely and spared from pain, suffering or murder, animals also suffer and die for fur.

In Frederick County Maryland the mission of the animal control is to prevent cruelty, abuse and neglect of animals. They also shelter homeless animals and place them in a safe and loving home environment. They actually educate the public on all animal issues like animal abuse (animal control). Some people are also against the fighting for animal right they argue that animals don’t think, are not really conscious, were put on earth to serve human beings, don’t have souls, don’t behave morally, lack the capacity for free moral judgment and don’t think because of these reasons they still abuse them like the way that satisfied them. In conclusion factory farming benefit Americans in so many ways but consumers should realize the political issues when abusing those animals. The government should pass a law regarding abusing of animals including factory farm animals in all the 50 states and there should be an advocate to educate people on the topic.

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