A Study on College Stress Management

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These days, a great many people encounter stress worldwide and they are building up a noteworthy life trouble and experiencing mental and physical medical issues due to the most difficult way possible to express their needs. Stress could be characterized as in a pharmaceutic or average setting weight is an ecological, mental, or enthusiastic factor that produces genuine or mental strain. Stresses are basically external like from social communications or something like that or inside, for example, sustain routes, or from a restorative approach. Stress can begin off the “fight or flight” backfire, a showed reaction of mental structure. Talking about the source of stress, this expression was acknowledged from the scope of physics by a specific father of stress explorer known as Hans Selye. In physics, stress portrays a power that is creating a strain on the physical body or at the end of the day, winding a touch of combination until the point when the moment that it breaks all of a sudden happens because of the quality, or stress, upheld on it (Copper, 2017). In the beginning of the year 2018, many people saw high stress rate as they did not anticipate this expansion. This sensational increment of individuals experiencing stress was because of a reason known as significant life changing. The solution is to not enabling everything to get you candidly or feeling frustrated. Be that as it may, stress is not a positive thing for people to confront, in any case, there is dependably an answer for stress which is for people to change their state of mind and expressing their needs.

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“A Study on College Stress Management”

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Life Changes are huge occasions which require a considerable measure of alteration too somebody’s life. These occasions cause stress. Cases of these future Marriage, Childbirth or a difference in work. According to Mathew, he quoted the following ‘It is a complete and utterly uncomfortable sensation to experience” (Mathew, 2013). Therefore, such stressors are reasons of numerous individuals confronting stress. Right off the bat, weight of work is one of the main causes of stress, as indicated by studies. An individual could be stressed for some situation since he or she could have worked for a drawn out stretch of time with high work weight or stall out at work or illuminate a ton of work. In addition, a person’s sadness depends on his/her activity as it could be dull and tiring Moreover, life stresses can likewise have a major effect, particularly weight from the family is additionally a typical reason for stress. What’s more, in some cases the stress originates from inside, as opposed to outside.

One can simply stress him/herself out just by agonizing over things, for example, stress, fear, change, negative and tired. Supporting the previous statement, Taylor mentioned that it is an uncomfortable and irritability feeling an individual could experience while dealing with stress (Taylor, 2012). These above reasons can prompt stress. On the other hand, to seize stress from society, individuals must seek professional help or the advice of loved ones. In order to be able to deal with stress, an individual could talk to his/her loved one about issues that lead to being stress regarding their workplace or specific people a certain person faces daily causing high level of stress. Discussing such problems with a trustworthy person would help build a plan to try and eliminate stress once and for all. Therefore, it will allow the stressed person be able to know exactly certain elements he/she stresses him/her the most or it is also known as stressors and deal with them on the long run and a detailed plan on how to deal with it. According to Williams, he quoted the following “Try to defeat this disease with natural resources and only the human brain.” (Williams, 2011). As Williams stated, he means without taking any medication, stress could be solved by applying a great routine and this supports the solution mentioned earlier. Not to mention the fact that after identification of the stressors, a stressed individual must follow up and track each stressor step by step with the intention to see whether or not there has been progress on eliminating such awful stressors that makes a person miserable. To be able to seek for better solutions, many people must be able to research more about stress regarding solutions.

The reduction of stress helps many individuals live their lives freely without boundaries or not worrying about anything to ruin their day. Moreover, allowing the individual to reach a state of mind where he or she can reach the ability of not allowing the stress to overtake their mind or make them feel overwhelmed. If such thing occurs, it will lead to individuals to become happier, as well as be more effective in terms of work for instance. Speaking of happiness, many people tend to forget such thing as stress robs a lot from a person and what it steals is happiness first. Due to stress, they forget how exciting it was to watch movies, or enjoying a fancy meal in a luxurious restaurant. With the lack of stress, it will help us as human beings to get the feeling of how good “good” feels and it is what keeps many people motivated to go on with their day (Perry, 2012). In terms of change, if an individual is willing to invest new traits in themselves, such as optimism, will affect their health and well-being in a great way. As being optimistic allows a person to think positive and help them strive to what he/she desires instead of thinking negatively, thus, an effective way to relieve stress and focus on accomplishing daily tasks (Perry, 2012).

Even though with all the solutions, given a crack could appear because of changes due to time and the way the world changes. Reducing stress is very important, nevertheless, if it completely removed it will remove a good memory booster and a motivational form of the brain. According to Charleston, he stated a point concerning motivation that it allows people to stop being motivated as stress allows an individual to improve him/herself. Moreover, he also stated if a person loses a crucial part of a part does not help many people in tough conditions such as dodging a moving car on a highway (Charleston, 2006).

From examining various points of view, the sensation of people feeling experiencing stress is due to significant life changing, Be that as it may, to solve such a crucial element is changing their state of mind and expressing their needs to trustworthy people with the intention to come up with an effective plan to deal with stressors. Moreover, the reasons on solving or eliminating stress is to reach to a state of happiness and become more effective in daily tasks by being more optimistic. However, some individuals believe that if stress is completely gone in our lives, like Charleston, mentioned that it will reduce our performance and not think properly, as well as, reduce motivation within individual.

Going to college for the first time is an exciting experience for most. College students have opportunities that weren’t so easily accessible before going to campus, and they have the freedom to find themselves. While mom and dad aren’t there to hold their child’s hand anymore, the student is more likely to face new challenges or similar challenges to those faced before. According to the 2015 National College Health Assessment, 30% of students reported that stress had had a negative impact on their academic performance. College stress can be caused by poor time management skills, pressure to excel, and a lack of creating new relationships with peers.

According to Coccia and Darling, common stress inducers could be caused simply by personal characteristics, social interactions and personal behaviors. Personal characteristics such as gender and age have proven to be predictors of stress. For example, females tend to have higher stress levels than males. Females have been reported to have greater concern with social and romantic relationships and have greater rates of social anxiety and depression than men of the same age (Catherine Coccia & Carol A. Darling, 2014). In college, one of the first problems a student will typically face is learning how to manage their time in the most efficient way possible. Different class schedules and deciding the best way to spend their time outside of class is a very difficult tasks. Due to living by a set schedule for most of one’s life, the ability to have control over their schedule is a new experience for a student.

Dr. Gregory Jantz, psychologist and author of “How to De-Stress Your Life”, says, “We actually create more stress from not being good time stewards.” Time management has proven to be a cause of severe stress in college students due to the inability to accurately factor in all aspects of the student’s schedule such as classes, breaks between classes, study and homework time, and even the time the student should plan to eat meals throughout the day. While at college, students feel a higher pressure to excel in all aspects of their lives, especially academically. This pressure can be put on the student by his or her parents or another close family constantly telling the student that they need to keep their grades up, go to every class, or hover. The student may also feel pressured to excel because they may be a first-generation college student and feel they must prove they deserve the ability to go to college and make their family proud. While the signs of this excess pressure to succeed can be beneficial to the student, it may also overstress the student.

Dr. Turner from The Mayo Clinic suggests reaching out to others such as friends or family for help. Stress can lead to severe depression and if not treated properly, the symptoms may get too far out of control for the student to be able to handle the depression on their own. Symptoms of depression include appetite changes, defensive and quick mood changes, irritability, and altered sleep patterns. appetite changes, defensive and quick mood changes, irritability, and altered sleep patterns.

Depression can be caused by stress and is a serious mental illness that can be avoided and helped if done properly. Dr. Turner recommends seeking help from a psychiatrist if the situation becomes too difficult to handle. This disease can become detrimental to one’s health if help is not sought out and the situation is not handled properly. As each person has his or her own way of taking care of depression, if the cause is not identified to its full extent, the illness may worsen.

Relationships in college are a vital part of each student’s experience. As a student, one may feel detached and soon become depressed if social interaction is not a key part of his or her daily routine. “Something I hear repeatedly is students are impatient in college to form the friend network that they had at home in their communities,” says Dr. Nancy Stockton, director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Indiana University. The distance from peers may cause students to feel as though they are not worthy of friendship or romantic relationships, making them either shut themselves off from other students more or making them feel the need to reach out to their peers for help and acceptance. Elizabeth Scott from stress. Sandra starts by discussing that many factors are present in the cause of stress and the way each student copes. With many other studies feeding the research that Sandra takes on, she was able to put together a well-rounded study.

One of the first coping styles that Lenz speaks about is task-oriented coping. She refers to homework being a probable cause of stress in college students. The task-oriented coping means that a student is more likely to get the homework done before he or she takes a moment to consider how the stress is affecting them. The student will directly confront the source of his or her stress without beating around the bush. The second form of coping that Lenz described is called emotion-oriented coping, meaning there is a specific cause of the stress the student is facing. Instead of focusing his or her energy on completing the task, say it is back to the homework analogy, the student will focus harder on understanding and controlling their emotional state towards the situation and completely forget about completing the homework. Lenz says that the third and final form of coping is avoidance coping.

Avoidance coping is when the student has decided to avoid the cause of the stress they are a student will avoid the homework completely and this is how the student will handle their stress. Lenz’s study shows that while emotion-oriented coping is the most used tactic for dealing with stress in college, the other two forms she wrote about are not unused, just not as regularly used by the students as emotion-oriented. The results of the study that Lenz conducted show that students have different needs and how each student deals with his or her stress varies immensely. There are many causes of stress and college students have a higher rate of stress than middle-aged workers. Learning to handle stress on one’s own time is a challenge, but there are endless ways to learn to help oneself. Exercise, yoga, taking time to pamper yourself, and deciding in one’s mind how to handle stress are only a few of the options available for coping with this burden, but there are many more tactics to be considered.

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