A Story about Child’s Missing

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My child is missing, is something no parents wants to say, but in the cases of Asha Degree, Erica Parsons, and Zahra Baker it was believed to be the parents of the children. All of these little girls have had a past of domestic violence in their past.

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“A Story about Child’s Missing”

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Asha Degree went missing on February 14, 2000. She was 9 years old at the time She was last seen at 2:30 that morning by her parents, but was spotted walking down highway 18 in Shelby, NC only 90 minutes after being seen by her parents. Her parents reported her missing at 6:30 that morning. A year after her disappearance Asha’s backpack was found buried 20 miles from her home. In 2016 police got a tip that she was picked up in a green early 1970’s thunderbird that someone said they say someone in the description of Asha getting into around the time of her disappearance. In some articles I read there was child abuse history in others it doesn’t say anything about it.

Erica Parsons went missing in 2011, but wasn’t reported until two years after by her brother. Erica was found in 2016 with the help of her father and all that was left was her skeletal remains. Erica had a history of being abused by her adopted parents from 2000 and 2011, she was 11 when she was said to have went missing. Later in the case they found that Erica’s body was discarded in Pageland SC on family property. Both foster parents remain in prison for thee murder of her. As results come back after an autopsy come back showing years of abuse and malnourishment

Zarah Baker, a young disabled girl who lived with her dad and step mom in Hickory, NC. She was reported missing on October 9th, 2010. This case reached worldwide as Zarah Baker was originally born in Australia. It wa October 10th when police said that the search dogs detected the scent of human remains in the vehicle of both of the parents vehicles, on October 12, 2010 police call that her case is now a homicidal case. On October 24, the stepmom of Zarah tell police that Zarah is dead and scattered over various counties. A day later she shows investigators sites of where her remains were dumped although there weren’t any remains found until November 30th of that year. Zarah’s stepmother was sentenced to 15-18 years of prison September 15th a year later.

In two of these cases it is proven that domestic abuse has been used in the case and even in Zarah’s case there were social workers involved only 4 months before her murder, could this have been prevented?

Possibly, but the social worker assigned to Zarah Baker dismissed after 4 visits with her and the parents. Domestic violence against spouses and children is something that never ends. Social workers work with the whole family, the victim, the perpetrator, and any children involved to make the family understand that it doesn’t have to be this way. Social workers need to keep up with domestic violence and abuse laws.

In the year 2012 in New York City two out of three murder cases were consisted of domestic violence and were women. That means that 68% of the murder cases were women and that of the year before that it was 54% of cases were women in domestic violence situations. Ways to help prevent Domestic violence is to bring it more to light to start discussing it, letting women and children know that they can get help with getting out of their situation.

The social problem addressed in this article is that of domestic abuse, either it being children or adult women, what needs to happen is that people need to start being able to see the signs, let children know what to do and how to get help for their mom if they are in need of help. There should be posters out for help with domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a worldwide problem, so it would be considered a macro problem. But it can also be considered a micro problem. Why? Domestic violence is a macro problem because it is going on in all places of the world. It is something that needs to be addressed and it is micro because it is in just the family that is involved.

A program that should be in place is to have a social worker do evaluations on every couple planning to get married or move in together. There should be more posters about domestic violence at places like women’s bathroom in places like Walmart where people are constantly at. There should then be secret homes where women can be directed to. I say that because a lot of men can find the shelters and they can be murdered or even beaten and harassed.

Then the women can relocate after a week in one place and not have to worry about being found and killed. After a social worker does the evaluations of couples they should do three to five home visits to ensure everything is going smoothly and that the women or even very rarely the men aren’t becoming victims.After the visits from social workers the couple should be given a magnet for the fridge for easy access to the contact help if help is needed.

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