An Introduction to the Story of a Hurricane by Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan writes about a true story in Hurricane. This is the story of Rubin Hurricane Carter. He was a middleweight boxer who was wrongfully convicted of three murders. He spent 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Three people were shot in a barroom. Carter and a young boy were driving around on the other side of town. The cops pulled him over just because he was black. As Dylan states in his song, If youre black you might as well not show up on the street, less you wanna draw the heat. Carter was arrested for the murder even though the last dying witness told the police, Carter was not the one. He was taken to jail where he protested the unjust conviction by refusing to wear prison clothes and eat prison food. He was guilty before the trial even began. He was tried and convicted twice and then with the help of the Canadian Commune, his case was taken to the Federal Court where he was given freedom.

One of Bob Dylans strongest protest songs is Hurricane. Rubin Carter wrote a book called 16th Round while he was in prison. He sent a copy of his book to Bob Dylan. Dylan was so impressed, he went to visit Carter in prison. Dylan took notes while interviewing Carter and was inspired to write the song Hurricane. The song went into every detail about the murders and Dylan says, Rubin Carter was falsely tried. Dylan continues his story and adds his own commentary. He felt like the trial was a pig circus and he never had a chance. He also adds the newspaper was in it for the story. Dylan being very outspoken was way ahead of his time as shown in his songs.

In 1997, Bob Dylan was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Award. He was the first rock and roll singer to ever receive this award. Gregory Peck who also received the award in 1991 gave the award. Peck described Dylan as the Heart of Americans, the Rock of Ages, a Man of Music, and a Poet Teller of Tales. Dylan was a 1960s folk singer who led anti-war lyrics. His social relevant lyrics into rock influenced the Beetles. He is described as the most influenced songwriter of the 20th century. Dylan was the only rock and roll singer to be invited to the Vatican. The Pope stated Dylan is the most spiritual of any rock and roll singer. He also used parts of Dylans song Blowin in the wind in his sermon. His songs will last lyrically forever as shown in this writing.

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