A Research Study into the Salary Levels of a Common Employee in Dubai

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Contents Introduction BACKGROUND Research question and objectives Justification Method Evaluation of methodology CONCLUTION


Research basically is all about search for knowledge. Research is any methodical procedure by which new information is produced from available information. This information can come in many different types, such as new information that were formerly unidentified, concepts about how information are connected, or discovering new concerns that have yet to be answered. According to Clifford Woody (Kothari, 1988), research comprises “defining and redefining problems, formulating hypotheses or suggested solutions; collecting, organizing and evaluating data; making deductions and reaching conclusions; and finally, carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulated hypotheses”. What creates individuals to perform research? This is a query of essential significance. The Possible purposes for doing analysis may be either one or more of the following: 1. Wish to get a analysis level along with its resulting benefits; 2. Wish to deal with the task in fixing the unresolved issues, i.e., issue over practical Problems triggers research; 3. Wish to get perceptive joy of doing some innovative work; 4. Wish to be of assistance to society; However, this is not a comprehensive list of aspects encouraging individuals to execute experiments. Many more aspects such as directives of government, career circumstances, fascination about new things, wish to understand causal connections, social thinking and awareness, and the like may as well encourage (or at times compel) individuals to execute analysis functions.


The report designed to find out whether the Salary level of a common employee in Dubai is adequate for survival and do a little preserving for contingency period. My research will also focus on the suicide rate in Dubai due to incompetent incomes and the incapability of people to fulfill their debt. A research starts by developing research study summarize requirements leading to acknowledge the factors that give rise to process of choosing a research requirements. A critical research is dome of the gathered information whether it is a primary or secondary source of information. A research study requirements will be produced and the strategy and research style will be decided including the type of research, review date, question or concepts, stability methodology etc. The second learning outcome must ensure that the resources efficiently match the specified research style and methodology. While analyzing a deep research is done of the mathematical information, variables and other factors. The third studying result specializes in using appropriate assessment techniques and to what extent it suits the research requirements considering its success, failing, benefits and restrictions. Finally it must be presented to an audience through a proper format. In this Assignment I will try to investigate that is the average salary of an employer’s working is adequate to survive in Dubai the most costly city in the world? or is it the mounting debts which people take from the bank and then couldn’t not repay it is the main reason of the increase suicide cases in Dubai or weather there are other factors which encourage people to end their life. Dubai is a city situated within the emirate. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It has the biggest inhabitants in the UAE (2,106,177) and Expatriates was standing at nearly 7.316 million, bookkeeping for around 88.5 per cent of the nation's people in this country, revealed the numbers by the National Institution of Research, which considerably improved up the UAE’s inhabitants. Today, Dubai has appeared as a sophisticated city that has expanded continuously to become an international city and a business and social hub of the Middle East. The town has become representational for its tall structures and high-rise structures, such as the highest Burj Khalifa, in addition to committed development tasks such as man-made isles, resorts, and some of the biggest shopping centers in the area and the globe. This improved attention has also outlined work and human privileges issues concerning the town's mostly South Asia employees. As of 2012, Dubai is the 22 most costly cities on the globe, and the most costly city in the Center Eastern. Dubai has also been ranked as one of the best places to reside in the Center Eastern. Salaries differ broadly in Dubai, based on your experience and discussion abilities. Dubai has no lowest salary rates or constant salaries. Wage offers are mostly reliant on your negotiation skills. The UAE Government Labor Law and the Emirate of Dubai does not have the supply for lowest income, and your basic salary are what is a discussed rate predetermined in your labour agreement. Salary range for a variety of sectors.
Job category Average Monthly Salary
Administration/Secretarial Dh.7,992
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers Dh.2550
Food/Tourism/Hospitality/Catering Dh.8750
Purchasing and Inventory Dh.10,800
Accounting and Finance Dh.14,251
Sales Retail and Wholesale Dh.14,438
Teaching / Education Dh.14,671
Airlines / Aviation / Defense Dh.23,700
Apart from salary, the high quality of lifestyle that you would have in Dubai relies on several aspects like: Nature of life style Cost of accommodation Food and Transportation cost Purchasing power and etc

Research question and objectives

The first objective is to find out if the average salary of an individual in Dubai is enough to survive, as well as to maintain, reasonable amount of savings while they fight the rising costs of the emirate. Another issue that will be tackled in the research is to find out why there is a rise in suicide cases in the city, as well as what measures can be taken to help bring down this rate of suicide. The objective will be to find out why the high level of suicide exists and what the main issues causing it might be. The research objectives that I have set for myself are: to find out if people are satisfied with their salaries, to find the best sample of people and get the most relevant data, as well as to find a way to solve the issue. One of the most important aspects of research, and finding out information, is about asking the right questions. Some of the questions that will be asked to the individuals that are being targeted in the research will be: ‘Is the salary you are gaining enough to survive in Dubai with a normal lifestyle?’, ‘In your opinion, what are the main factors that have contributed to the high suicidal rate in the emirate?’ and ‘Is taking loans from banks necessary to maintain a certain lifestyle in Dubai?’


The past years in Dubai have seen a steady growth in the amount of suicide cases in the emirate. The research that will be conducted will aim to find the main reason for why this factor is increasing in the area. According to articles found on Gulf News, the highest suicidal rate is found in the expatriate population of the country, which makes up 92% of UAE’s population. To be specific, the highest suicide rate is found in the Indian community of the country. An astonishing statistic is that in every week, at least two Indians claim their own lives in Dubai. Through expert opinion, maintenance of high lifestyles in UAE, is the main contribution to the high suicide rate of the people residing there. The research conducted by these experts show that these people fall into debt as they take loans and they find themselves having a hard time paying them back.


This element of the research project is one the crucial aspect, as it identifies how is the specialist going to get the research goals and will also inform people about how the information (data) has been gathered. These two is designed can be further separated into two parts in this area, research design and data collection. In research design part I will describe which industry I will be focusing on, my analysis population, how gathering information (primary or secondary) and etc. in information selection aspect I will be describing about how I’m going to gather my information, how will I evaluate it and etc. Research design: the industry which I will be focusing on the most in my analysis study will be the tertiary sector; the purpose for this is that most of the individuals operating in Dubai are in the tertiary industry as opposed to other areas. The purpose for most individuals being engaged in the tertiary industry is because Dubai as in comparison to other places in the UAE is more designed and comes in the western region of the country. Apart from that I will be using both the main and the additional resource for details selection, which will also include both qualitative and quantitative details, in other terms I will be using mixture details selection methods. Using a mixture for details selection is a bit difficult but will give more precise and up up to now outcomes, by using just one technique of details selection may be shorter period intensive but the outcomes won’t be as precise as using the mixture strategy for details selection. Using the mixture of different details selection strategy allows the specialist to comprehend the unique circumstances more accurately more precise and more up up to now details, this in a way also encourages the specialist he/she will feel assured about their work as they have not only used additional details but have also used the primary data My combination of data collection technique will involve elements like: Information collected from internet, books, journals and etc Will design a questionnaire (close handed questions) Will try to conduct interviews and etc. Data collection: as mentioned above about my different techniques which I will be using to collect data, let us go into more detail about how will I use these techniques and how will I implement them to get my final results. My target population, will be people from the tertiary and the secondary sectors, and my sample size will be around 10-15 people as I’m not doing this research on a very large scale. I will be conducting small interviews from people working in these two sectors, and will try to ask them some small questions like: Which sector in the industry u belongs to? Are you satisfied with your job? Are you happy or satisfied with your current lifestyle? Are you able to fulfill all your needs and wants? If not then what are some of the possible reasons behind that? I will also design some close handed questionnaire with some open handed questions which I will distribute in some people and even try to send my questionnaire through emails to different people working in the tertiary sector. The reason for asking questions from different people is to get an idea what they think about this issue, and what are their opinions regarding this issue. I will then try to analyze all the answers, will also try to compare with my secondary data that I have collected via internet, journals, article and etc and then try to find out what are the reasons behind people committing suicides and are they satisfied from their salaries which they receive, according to the interviewees point of view and is the loan paying issue the main cause of suicides.

Evaluation of methodology

After two weeks of conducting my primary and secondary research, it has given me good knowledge of the living conditions of people in Dubai, in regards to how their salary affects the way they live in a society that is big on spending. For my primary research, I interviewed 15 people in the tertiary sector and the response I got from them was that 10 out of 15 were happy with the current salary they were earning. According to the lifestyle factors, their response was that they had to tailor their lifestyle according to their salary, which meant that most of them never spent beyond their means which is why they were stable, even during the recession period. Their opinion on what is contributing to the high suicide rate in Dubai, is that people have access to loans and they are taken on regular basis for unwanted reasons. These people then find themselves in a pool of debt that they cannot get out of. For my secondary research, I focused mainly on getting my information through local newspapers which have good broadsheets and a library of good information on their websites online. The rising costs of living in Dubai, and it relating to the suicide rate in the area, caused a lot of concern in the society which meant that it was a highly discussed issue in the newspapers. This meant that I had a large access to good in-depth research conducted by news agencies, such as Gulf News, who had articles which took an in-depth look on this issue. They have linked the high suicidal rate to the pressure taken on by people themselves, who have taken large loans for unnecessary expenses, in order to maintain a high standard lifestyle in Dubai. They also go on to say that with the rising costs of living in the area, the salaries given to people are not adequate enough to cope with the rising expenses. According to the local news organization (emirates247) did a research in the year 2011 and found out that there is an huge increase in the suicidal cases and the nationality which was the most among these cases were the “Indians” , they were the nationality which commits suicide more often than any other nationality living in Dubai, and not very surprisingly the reason for most of the Indians that were committing suicides were because of the debt factor, many of them have taken loans from different banks and their different friends, college and etc. the Indian government is still working on to overcome this situation by giving some financial benefits and etc.


After I had conducted my research, I am able to come to the conclusion that the salaries earned by people is enough to live in Dubai, as long as they are sensible when it comes to their spending. The people who are falling victim to suicide, are the ones who are not being smart when it comes to handling their personal accounts and they put undue pressure on themselves, by taking loans for unnecessary expenses, as in one case: just to buy an HD tv. The people that are smart enough to control their money are not having the hardest time to live in Dubai but they do admit it is a challenge and you have to be smart in making decisions. The country of UAE, as a whole, is affected by varying inflation rates which play a major part in the raising of the cost of living in Dubai, which in certain cases, have made it impossible for people to live in the country. This is an area where the government needs to step in and set a minimum wage rate, as there is not one present in the current set up of the country. Another factor that the government should look at, is to make sure that salaries are in line with the inflation rate, to make sure that no un due pressure is put upon the population. Strict regulations have to be implemented when it comes to taking loans from banks. https://www.guide2dubai.com/living/salary-in-dubai.asp https://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/dubai-internet-city-suicide-desperate-in-debt-62-yr-old-dad-jumps-from-hotel-s-4th-floor-2012-11-28-1.485017 debt https://www.khaleejtimes.com/darticlen.asp?xfile=data/theuae/2009/September/theuae_September181.xml&section=theuae debt https://www.arabianbusiness.com/financial-problems-main-cause-of-dubai-suicides-364382.html debt https://pravasibandhu.blogspot.ae/2009/08/indians-in-gulf-debt-trap-commit.html debt https://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/over-1-200-indians-in-uae-jails-2012-07-08-1.466188 debt https://www.crlsresearchguide.org/10_Brainstorming_Questions.asp https://public.wsu.edu/~taflinge/research.html https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/happiness-in-world/201004/the-six-reasons-people-attempt-suicide
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