A Process of Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal

First of all lets talk about Tattoos! What are Tattoos? Tattoo is a form of art which you paint your body with by ink, dyes and pigments. Tattoos are divided into two types, the first one is a Temporary Tattoo that disappears by the times passes and the second and more common one is a indelible Tattoo. Indelible Tattoos are the type that will stay on your body for ever! At least everyone thought that way until few years ago! Well we all make mistakes in life which are sometimes reparable and sometimes irreparable. As you can guess we are going to talk about indelible Tattoos which were impossible to remove until last few years so you never had a freedom to make mistake in choosing the Tattoo but these days it is possible to make mistakes! Yes you can clean your Tattoos out!

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“A Process of Tattoo Removal”

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Ways of removing Tattoos

Well there are a lot of ways to remove a Tattoo from your body these days but we are going to suggest you Laser Tattoo Removal Method which is much more effective and it almost has no side effects! You get a chance to clean the ink from your body for almost 0% Risk. What could be a better news than this!

How does Laser Tattoo Removal works?

Our body knows the ink as a foreign objects and keeps trying to get rid of it by sending WBCs (White Blood Cells) but ink is too strong for them! But as a result of getting several attacks by WBCs, Tattoos will fade over time. As you can see it is really hard to get the ink under your skin removed. The Ink is very tough and that is the reason of using a very strong technology like Laser Technology to have your Tattoo removed. There are different types of Lasers which different strength level. For example Lasers used for hair removal are too weak for removing a Tattoo ink so using that on a Tattoo is just a big mistake which will waste your time. To remove Tattoos you’ll need a specialized type of Lasers called Ultra-Short Pulse. This Laser type is designed to emit very hard blast in short and small areas at each try to destroy the ink. The pigment of it also matters. There are different kinds of Ink used in Tattooing which makes it even harder to remove them. To be able to remove the Tattoos made by different ink types you will need to set the Laser to a different wavelength. The procedure is not ending here! Once the Laser turns ink to small pieces, the WBC will attack and take those small parts away so the liver can flush them out of your body.

How effective is it (The Laser Tattoo Removal)?

It is 99% effective. Almost all of those who have undergone it will be able to get rid of their Tattoos completely. Just like hair removal, Removing a Tattoo is not going to end in only one session. After each session you need a break to give your body few weeks to heal, as we said WBCs need time to carry the Ink away plus your body needs to heal any harm from Laser to your skin.

How many sessions you will need?

Well as we already talked about different kinds of ink its easy to guess that it depends on the type of the Ink your Tattoo artist used but if we are telling an average, the average is to say something between Six to Twelve sessions. Now we are going to talk about few factors which will make it easier to estimate number of the sessions you will need:

Color of the Tattoo

A Tattoo’s color is very very effective factor in estimating number of your sessions. You may think dark colored inks are harder than light ones to get rid of but surprisingly light colored Tattoos are going to take more effort than dark ones! Laser is a light anyway, different kind of it but it is a light. As we all know dark colors will absorb more light and heat into themselves so according to this, the darker a Tattoos ink is, the more light and heat (Laser) they will Absorb! On the other hand, light color Tattoos are more reflective that means they will reflect lights (including Laser light) and obviously take more sessions and time. Yellow and Purple inks are the hardest ones to get rid of.

Location of the Tattoo

The next factor is where your tattoo is. The more blood circulates under your skin the sooner your Tattoo gets disappeared! If your Tattoo is for example somewhere on your chest the Tattoo Removal will work in your favor but if its on your wrists or ankles it will be harder to get rid of them so it will need more time and session.

Age of your Tattoo

Tattoos are not disappearing over time but as we explained they get faded. The older your Tattoo is the fewer sessions it takes to be removed.

Few more points about the Ultra-Short Pulse Laser

Lets explain how the Laser destroys the Ink! Imagine we have a Radiation machine and we shine radiation energy on one side of the ink particle. What’s going to happen is that it will heat up that side and then the heat transfer System of molecules is going to cause the entire ink particle to heat up. Well what if we had a really really really hot hitting lamb which was very very fast! Obviously the side of the ink which is getting the heat will get hot so quick that the other side wont be able to catch up with it so it will cause a huge internal stress that will rip apart the particle. This is where the Laser differences are important, the faster you can heat a part of the ink the better you can rip apart the ink! Then White Blood Cells are going to get those little ink particles and take them to liver, the ink parts are going to mix up with other poisons in the liver and then they will all be gone by the time you visit John!

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