A Literary Analysis of Hurricane by Bob Dylan

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The track "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan tells the story of a man who was implicated of murder and also invested years behind bars for a criminal offense he did not dedicate. The song is disturbing in its tale of lies and also racism that placed Rubin Carter behind bars. This story is an example of society labeling someone a deviant, which "deviant" battling to get rid of that stigma. The song reflects on how individuals's standing can make them credible without a real reasoning of their private personality. For some like Rubin Carter, stopping working to look beyond a person's status can have awful repercussions. "Hurricane" might have a positive effect on anybody in culture who realizes there are injustices that border us daily. Although we can not give Rubin Carter back those years of his life he invested in prison, we can work to make certain it does not take place again.

The outright oppressions shown in this track, and the fact that it is a real tale, made me realize just exactly how unreasonable life can be. When I initially heard the track at seventeen, I had an extra optimistic view of the world. I assumed poor people went to prison, and good individuals were found innocent at test. The reality that the jury convicted Rubin Carter without a murder tool and also without the target's favorable recognition is not the most disturbing part of the song. The reality that policemen and other individuals lied to place this guy behind bars is appalling, and also to top everything off, they only did it to him because he was black. I did not learn until much later on that Rubin Carter was released from jail. It made me satisfied to recognize that he obtained his life back, however all the years he lost in jail can not be replaced. I'm certain there are some people who still think he is guilty. Once again, the unfairness of the entire circumstance is frustrating. It is disturbing to thik this happens to individuals that may never ever have a song or movie concerning them to tell their tale. They sit in a prison cell day in day out recognizing they do not belong there, and also nobody thinks them.

Standing is the placement that an individual keeps in life. Standing is an essential problem in this song. The condition of the law enforcement officer is what put Rubin Carter in jail. Society is much more inclined to believe what people coming from certain statuses state. No one anticipates a court, a policeman, or a doctor to exist. On the other hand, Rubin Carter's status as black boxer assisted put him behind bars. Since of it, people anticipated him to exist. Being a boxer most likely made the jury believe he was fierce sufficient to have eliminated 3 individuals.

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