A Financial Report on Al Tayer Motors

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Introduction: Al Tayer Motors is a well-known company established and recognized in 1982. The company comprises of 5million subscribers at the end of March 2012. It is recorded that the company launched mobile phone telecommunication service across the UAE at the ending of February 2007 and it had added about 1.90 million mobile consumers in between 1 year. In the previous year the revenue of $1.10 billion was 158% up and about. Identical with superiority, elevated standards of service and international foremost brands, the 2,200-sturdy Al Tayer Motors team glance following transaction and service for Lincoln, Spyker, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati, Land Rover and Jaguar.Though the company has achieved abundant sales and service rewards that are evidence to the devotion and performance of its team of expertize. Al Tayer Motors has been well-known for the profession fairs all the way through the UAE to confine the concentration of youthful Emiratis. The company has been mixed up in numerous corporate governance programmes in the Middle East, UAE and the USA; endorsing most excellent custom through sponsorships , workshops and many other projects (altayer, 2015). 1. In 2012 the company attained the Top International Dealer for the company. The company provides major American and European automobile producer such as Lincoln, Ford, Land Rover, Maserati, Ferrari , Spyker and Jaguar inside Dubai., Al Tayer Motors also offers carrier services andoperates most important, quality-focused commerce’s in automobile deal and service, lavishness and lifestyle sell, perfumes and make-up distribution, manufacturing as well as interiors constricting.Additionally, the company provides its merchandise and services at 3500 authorise than traders in the UAEand throughout its shops. The Ford Otosan is one of the biggest competitors of AL Tayer Motord (roushperformance, 2015). 2. In 2013, Al Tayer Motors attained more than AED 14.16 billion of revenue at an raise of 13.16% on 2012. The company obtained 1,241,551 net recent mobile consumers and they approximate taken as a whole market share as 46.8% and worth share as 31.6% in their Secure Financial Statements for 2013. Financial Results’ Al Tayer Motors annual report 2013 in AED millions is:
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
8,339 10,074 11,855 (Gross); 11,539 (Net) 13,157 (Gross); 10,842 (Net) 14,160 (Gross); 11,810 (Net)
The financial experts quoted that Al Tayer Motors fulfils their objectives to provide a constantly superb services to their consumers and offera secure and healthy environment for their employees and add to the expansion of the UAE’s financial system. Financial experts mentioned that the company will gain huge profits in the upcoming year. In the next 12 months with an increase in revenue of 15%. As per the source of journals and many other business sources, it is claimed that the company will rise its business in the upcoming years, as their products are very well-known and their services are excellent to the customers, wheras they provides an superb environments for their staff members for work (GulfBase, 2012). 3. The company is built on basics that are prosperous in history and convention. It is a predicting culture, which think about its future at the similar time it is similarly clear to its heritage and customs. AlTayerMotorsisA¢â‚¬A©completelyA¢â‚¬A©committedA¢â‚¬A©toA¢â‚¬A©theA¢â‚¬A©utmostA¢â‚¬A©principlesA¢â‚¬A©ofA¢â‚¬A©ethicalA¢â‚¬A©behaviourA¢â‚¬A©inA¢â‚¬A©on the trotA¢â‚¬A©of itsA¢â‚¬A©trade and in the special performance of its employees, associates of the Management Group and associates of Board of Directors and has concerned this Code to offer supervision as an employee to maintain this principles. The company observed huge increase of revenue in the consequent years, which expands the business as well as productions. Yes the Al Tayer Motors is highly ethical company. As the company is highly ethical, with most important players being mainly government possessed. There is minute real competition, with the alternative of supplier generally strong-minded by geographic place. Al Tayer Motors characteristically has a domination on freezones. Though, the company received a wide range of publicity from media and social media as, it is a wide-ranging and highly contemporary impression of present developments all through the region. Each and every media of UAE, recognized Al Tayer Motors as a leading Motor Company. Al Tayer Motors is in good position to guide awareness structure, between pertinent stakeholders on the significance of dipping green house gas release. They proclaimed themselves to be the superior service provider through UAE, and stakeholder’s opinions have estimated significant designed for the company to address are represented in the formation of a materiality atmosphere, which direct their policy and precedences of their resulting performance (zawya, 2014). 4. The company position is well-known for its success over the years on environmental issues. Its employees are satisfied with the company’ behaviour. The company is in good position to guide awareness structure, between pertinent stakeholders on the significance of dipping green house gas release. The company received a wide range of publicity due to its actions over the release of green house gas. No the company is not been criticized by the public for its environmental efforts (Jones, 2012). 5. No, there are no significant events that might affect the overall value of the company. As there are price competition exist in the market. No, the company I registered company, and don’t have a trouble with the government, as the company is fully certified by the government and maintain all types of litigation with the government. No, Al Tayer Motors doesnot obstruct any rules of the government and follows all rules and regulation. Therefore, no fines for bad business has been recorded. 6. Though, Al Tayer Motors is well-known company located in UAE. Its standards of business is very good, as it doesnot cheat any employees or customers. It maintain its company’s rule and regulation and provide superior quality products to the customers and attain customer satisfaction. Moreover, the employees are happy to work in a healthy environment (altayer, 2015).


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