Similarities with Tabaliban and Macbeth

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The Taliban is a group of Islamic extremists that go to very intense measures to gain power, Macbeth is a man that is greedy to be king and is willing to do anything to get the power he wants including murder. Both Macbeth and the Taliban make radical decisions that most would find unethical. The similarities between the two of them shows that they both have an obsession of control and have an ambition to be the most powerful out of everyone around them. Unlike most people Macbeth and the Taliban do not care about playing fair or making ethical decisions.

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“Similarities with Tabaliban and Macbeth”

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They both will do anything from hiding information from their people to killing anyone they feel is a threat or can be a threat. This is clearly not the proper way to gain the power of a country’s land and people but to the Taliban and Macbeth it is. They feel what they are doing is for the greater good but, they are ruining people’s lives. Due to the extreme measures taken by both Macbeth and the Taliban, it can be inferred that they both seek power and control and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The Taliban’s leader Osama bin Laden is very greedy for power. Him and all his people will do anything to gain more power and land. The Taliban first started as a group that wanted to turn Afghanistan into a pure Islamic country. Osama is a well-educated man that many people respected and looked up to. Everyone thought of him as a hero but that soon began to change. He began to start plotting against the United States of America. He began to start making radical choices. Many people started to notice that Osama bin Laden was more extreme than anyone in the middle east and wanted to take control of the world.

Afghanistan started to notice that he wanted to take full control he was “soon regarded as a radical threat” (“Osama bin Laden”). People began to realize that Osama bin Laden did not care about making a pure Islamic country but rather he wanted full control of the country which put many people’s lives at stake. Osama bin Laden made many people worry for their lives after he started to plot against the United States, seeking to gain power. Osama was willing to kill for the power and control he wanted which shows his ambition for power.

He used extreme punishments to make sure everyone followed his rules and made sure that everyone knew what he wanted which made him dangerous to everyone. Osama bin Laden knew many people would worry about their own lives and their family’s lives so he hid everything from the people of Afghanistan. Osama banned T.V., education for women, and did not allow older men to learn. By doing this all the people of Afghanistan would not know what is going on outside of their country and would not be able to understand any writing on newspapers or any source of media regarding to the rising tensions between the U.S. and Osama bin Laden.

Him hiding all information from the people of Afghanistan shows that he never wanted to take the country for religious reasons he only wanted to gain the country so he could start his main goal of “remaking the world” (“Address to a joint session…”). The U.S. made efforts to try and find peace but Osama bin Laden was not interested in making peace because he felt the U.S. was stealing from Afghanistan. The fact that the U.S. did not want to fight and Osama bin Laden did not care if they went to war shows that the Taliban only want to take over the world and make it their own form of Islam. The Taliban don’t want to make peace because they feel that when they have all the power in the world, they will not need to make peace with anyone. The Taliban will do anything to take over the world and become the most powerful regime in the world.

Osama bin Laden and the Taliban are obsessed with the thought of have having all the power in the world much like in the story Macbeth, when the main character Macbeth has obsession with having the throne to himself. Macbeth is a character in a story wrote by William Shakespeare and has many traits that coincide with Osama bin Laden. Macbeth was once a hero and looked up to like a royal figure. At the beginning of the story Macbeth and his friend Banquo meet witches, they go on to tell them both what the future has in store for them.

Macbeth was told that he would become king but never was told how he would achieve such royalty. He and his wife also known as Lady Macbeth were very intrigued by the royal life. Macbeth’s wife pushed him to the point of insanity, she is the one who initially introduced the idea of killing to take the throne from King Duncan. At first, he did not want to take the throne because he felt that there was no need to commit such a crime. However, his wife began to belittle him, she constantly told him he was not strong enough to take the throne from King Duncan and asked if he was a man. Macbeth was pushed to the breaking point and killed King Duncan after he finished murdering the king in his sleep he came out of his room and told Lady Macbeth: “I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?” (Macbeth 2.2.19).

Macbeth wanted to make sure no one hear d him kill the king so he would not get in any trouble for the crime he committed. Macbeth began to suspect that his friend Banquo knew about the crime so he hired murderers to take care of his issue. Macbeth told the killers “Both of you know Banquo was your enemy” (Macbeth 3.1.130). Macbeth’s goal was to try and make the killers feel all their issues are because of Banquo which eliminates all of Macbeth’s suspicion of Banquo knowing anything about King Duncan’s murder. Macbeth’s obsession for power made him kill his best friend and an innocent king that everyone liked. As time passed and Macbeth was still the king, people began to not like the way he ruled the land.

Macbeth their opinion on how he should rule without a severe punishment. Everyone is scared of Macbeth and keeps to their selves to stay out of trouble and pain. Macbeth And the Taliban both took power from other people by using various methods of violence, crimes, and threats. Macbeth and the Taliban both use various methods to get the power and control they feel that they must have. Macbeth and Osama bin Laden have made many similar choices and have similar ideas.

Macbeth and Osama bin Laden have both killed innocent people to gain the power that their greed longs for. They have both made sure that no one knows exactly what is going on around them so they will not get into any trouble or deal with people trying to get revenge against them. The “Taliban did anything and everything they possibly could to win any war they were involved in” (“Mapping Militants”). The Taliban are willing to use anything that they have to gain the power that they want. For example, the Taliban bomb cities to take over areas of land which increases their power since they now have taken more land from other people.

They will kill anyone they feel is necessary so they can take what they want whether its land, people, or just because they want to kill. The Taliban act like they want Afghanistan to make it a holy place for its people but in reality, it is not for a good cause. The Taliban always attack when they are least expected which is also how Macbeth gained his power. Macbeth acts like a friend of King Duncan’s then kills him when he least expects it. (Macbeth 2.2 ) Macbeth acts kind to King Duncan so he can get closer to him and not be suspected by his guards. While Duncan is asleep Macbeth and his wife plot against him and devise a plan to take him out. Macbeth then kills Duncan which turns the throne over to Macbeth which satisfies his greed. Osama bin Laden’s extreme Islamic ideals are not approved by Muslim educators much like Macbeth’s rule is not approved by any of the people he has power over.

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