5 Career Paths in Film

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Film director: ""The task that a film director does are coordinating creative activities throughout the course of developing, filming, and completing and marketing."" To become a film director you need a bachelor's degree in fine arts, film or just a field related. This will take about four years you will gain skills such as casting, rehearsal procedures, text analysis, acting techniques, and camera application. You have to have a lot of experience, therefore, you start at the bottom and have to work your way up.

Some skills you need to become a film director are communication, leadership management, business, and finally creativity. As a film director, you get an annual salary of $105,550. Did you know that in 2016 there were about 104,650 producers directors in the country according to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics)?

Location manager: As a location manager your task would be to manage the location and to select the right location for each scene. Also taking photos of locations and reporting back to the manager. Another thing you have to do is do research on each location. To be a location manager you will need some pre-experience. Such as small production companies, or large organizations. You can also go through offered years at BBC Work Experience l. Skills and important qualities that you will need to be a location manager are excellent communication skills, being able to persuade people in situations. The outlook is neutral. You will need a bachelor's degree. Location managers average salary is about $49,531 per year. Which is lower than United States salary average rate.

Sound Technician: To become a sound technician there are some things you need to know. A sound technicians salary is about $56,110 per year. That is about the average salary in the U.S. As a sound technician you have to record or reproduce sound using the equipment. You will need good hearing and knowledge of electronics. Sound technician last will need an associates degree. However, some get hired with just a high school diploma. The outlook has grown about 8 percent and expected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026. So far the projected growth of a sound technician is going on the right track.

Television camera operator: Television camera operators operate a variety of technical equipment. As a television camera operator, you get paid a fair amount about $66,930 to $100,617 per year. ""The employment of a camera operator is expected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026."" That is 13 percent faster than expected. Television camera operators need a bachelor's degree. Some important qualities that you will need to become a camera operator are communication skills, computer skills, creativity, detail oriented, hand and eye coordination, physical stamina, and visual skills. The projected growth is going really well for camera operators. For camera operators, you may need to do a little more work but it is worth the amount you are getting paid.

Product designer: As a product designer you make almost 2 times the average salary in the United States. Product designers get paid from $93,302 to $125,426 every year. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement you need to become a product designer although some places may require you to take a basic art or designer course. Product designers use their design skills and technical knowledge to make products that are already made better. They also may design new products. Some skills you need is a high degree of technical knowledge, visual commercial awareness, you will also need knowledge of industrial processes, techniques, and standards. The task of a product designer is meeting with clients, performance and production criteria, and developing a design concept using CAD. Production designers have a lot of different projects. From 2016 to 2026 the outlook of a product designer is 4 percent lower than average. Product designers make a good amount of money but have loads of work to take on.

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