Women and Gender Roles

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"Nelson Mandela once said 'Freedom cannot be achieved unless Women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression''. For Generations Women have had to fight for their rights to be allowed to work in the workplace. Women have come along way in a short period of time, but there is still work to be done. Today, In America there are still parts in the World were Women are not given equal opportunities as Men. Furthermore, even though Women still had the opportunity to work they were never offered the same chances that Men were given. The fight for Equal opportunity in the Workplace is far from over.

In my 17 years of life, I have been told to stick to what I know. Basically, being told to never go outside the box. There is always someone in the background saying 'Be in the Medical Field, Be an Operator, Be a Secretary'' and many more. Throughout my entire life these are things that I have been told was to stick to jobs that Women are known to have. But the harsh reality of it all Women should feel eager to explore different opportunities in the World instead of being subjected into the statistics that are given to them. In the men we carry in our mind it states ''By Comparison, with the narrow, ironclad days of fathers, there was an expansiveness, I thought, in the days of mothers. They went to see neighbors, to shop in town, to run errands at school, at the library, at church''. This shows that, Women should not be looked at as if they were a maid, because Women can do so much more than what Society presumes of them. To be a Woman is hard enough, because we do the things that seem easy to the average male. People expect Women to be scared when it comes to speaking their mind and that is just not the case. The favorable life decisions we make come with taking responsibility and making choices that will forever impact a Woman's life. For Instance, when Women compete for the same jobs as Men it Can be quite intimidating because men feel like Women are incapable of doing the impossible. When Women have changed history over the past few decades. In Emma Watson's United Nations: He for She: Gender Equality is your issue, too'' speech states, 'You might be thinking Who is this Harry Potter Girl? And what is she doing up on the stage at the Un. It's a good question and trust me I have been asking Myself the Same thing''. This Exemplifies that, Even Women today question themselves in why they hold a Superior Title in their line of Field.

In Summation, I believe that over the course of Many years that Gender Roles have changed tremendously. From Women not being able to Work in certain fields and now allowed to work in any field of their choosing is astonishing.

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